Admiral Kunlun Cup Warrior Tourbillon Gmt

Kunlun brings a new masterpiece—the admiral’s Cup Seafender 47 Tourbillon GMT, an upstart Admiral’s Cup Seafender 47 Tourbillon GMT.
Technical Parameters

Reference number 397.101.55 / 0001 AK10

Movement Automatic winding CO397 Frequency: 4 28,800 times per hour
    28 rubies, unique effect processing of Kunlun watch, ‘turbine’ decoration on the bottom plate, skeletonized automatic rotor 50 hours power reserve

Functions: Hour, minute, date, dual time, day / night display, tourbillon

Case Diameter 47 mm 12-sided case
     18K 5N Red Gold

Surface Carbonized surface with Paris studs date display at 3 o’clock
     The second time zone display is set at 6 o’clock. The day / night display window is set at 7:30. Luminescent cut-out faceted hour and minute hands with superluminova dial indicator

12-sided arched sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating

Strap Black alligator leather strap

Buckle 8K 5N red gold with Kunlun logo engraved

Water resistant to 50 meters (165 feet / 5 bar)

Elegant And Elegant Like A Starry Sky Tasting The Parmigiani Kalparisma Nova Galaxy Watch

In 2008, the first women’s mechanical watch Kalparisma series of Swiss high-end watch brand Parmigiani came out, integrating the brand’s ambitions, with exquisite water drop lugs and elegant barrel-shaped appearance And arched silhouettes explain the feminine and elegant side of women, leaving a deep impression. 2018 marks the 10th anniversary of this series. Parmigiani infused fresh blood into the Kalparisma series in the Haute Horlogerie in Geneva, that is, the Kalparisma Nova Galaxy watch, which incorporates sandstone material into the design of the dial to create a beautiful ‘Wheel on the wrist’ Elegant and profound, it shows unprecedented femininity and charming charm. It is also a celebration of the 10th anniversary of the series. This time, a total of 18k rose gold (50 pieces) and 18k white gold (8 pieces) are available in this watch. Below, let’s take a look at 18k rose gold as an example.

Dazzling from classics

   The Parmigiani Kalparisma Nova Galaxy watch, which combines function and decoration, is inspired by the Maurice-Yves Sandoz collection model restored by Parmigioni Studio. Stars are adorned on the back of this model. When the minute repeater is activated, the stars will dance and rotate with the sound. The watchmaker of the brand was attracted by this mechanism to integrate its design into the new women’s watch. The ‘Nova’ in the name of the watch, in astronomy, means the star that suddenly became very bright.

   The 37.5 x 31.2 mm 18k rose gold case, after polishing, presents a full arc and smooth lines, which is very beautiful. Set with 46 top Wesselton diamonds on the side, weighing approximately 0.84 carats, it glows brilliantly.

   The brand’s recognizable design features waterdrop-shaped lugs, which are set with five top Wesselton diamonds, which are integrated with the diamond-set case to show a unique look.

   The main highlight of this watch is the small star-shaped second hand at 6 o’clock, which rotates once a minute to make it interesting. The new product shows glittering starlight through sandstone material, showing a starry sky, telling romantic time. The triangular hour and minute hands are hollowed out to enhance the subtle femininity of the watch. It contrasts with unique Arabic numerals and triangles. The time indication is clear and intuitive, which is convenient for viewing time.

   It is equipped with the brand’s first self-winding mechanical movement PF332. The back cover is designed through the back-through process. You can take a look at the movement and experience the magic of the machine. 22K gold automatic top with machine-engraved barley grain motif. The middle part is decorated with the brand LOGO, which is very beautiful. This movement is unique in its dual barrels mounted in series. This design helps maintain the stability of energy distribution and ensures that energy is delivered to the regulator at a constant level.

   Equipped with an indigo crocodile leather strap, the texture is soft and comfortable to wear, and the delicate rose gold folding buckle is convenient to wear and quick to operate.

Kalparisma Nova Galaxy Watch
Summary: Against the backdrop of mild rose gold and bright diamonds, Parmigiani has created another world of wrists for us, integrating the boundless and magnificent Galaxy into the watch, giving each elegant wearer a point Luxury and moving beauty on your wrist. This watch is limited to 50 pieces, with a unique number engraved on the back cover to show the wearer’s distinguished identity. If you like this watch, you may click the details page below to learn more about the watch.

Ian Poulter Visits The Jurassic Valley In Switzerland And Visits The Audemars Piguet Factory

Blassus, January 28, 2015 – Ian Poulter, an Audemars Piguet golf ambassador who loves mechanics, went to Brassus, Switzerland, to visit the Swiss Advanced System earlier this month. The birthplace of watch brand Audemars Piguet.

  The heavy snowfall that day reminded us of the severe cold environment that the founder of Audemars Piguet faced when he founded the watch factory in the Jurassic Valley 140 years ago. Ian Pault visited the brand for the first time to understand the long history of the brand. During his visits to private museums and restoration workshops, he was amazed by the world’s first masterpieces of complex timepieces, and the archives and materials have been preserved for centuries.

  Ian Poulter is known for his attention to detail and the pursuit of perfection. He is amazed by the passion and dedication of the watchmaker when preparing tools for polishing fine parts. He also tried on a new watch that was launched during the Haute Horlogerie show in Geneva last week, and was deeply interested in the assembly process of the movement that required great attention and persistence.

  Audemars Piguet is proud to invite Ian Pault to join the Audemars Piguet Golf Ambassador ‘Dream Team’, which perfectly embodies the value of Audemars Piguet’s ‘Tobreaktherules, you first master them’. Ian Pault’s spirit of freedom and independence is more elegant and unforgettable. During his stay in Switzerland, he wore a Royal OakOffshore Royal Oak Offshore 44mm chronograph with a forged carbon case.

Sunlight Journey At A Touch Tissot’s World’s First Solar Touchscreen Watch National Tour Exhibition Appears In Beijing Wangfujing

Light opens up all life; light and shadow, feel the flow of time in an instant; Tissot uses the power of light to start an exploration journey … climbing, crossing, measuring the height of the mountain, Perceive the speed of the wind. In the wildest mountains, find your original self. The meaning of travel is not only a taste of the unknown, but also the freedom and freedom of embracing nature, which is fascinating and infinitely reverie! I believe that everyone who is keen to travel can’t do without the companionship of his watch. It is like a time traveler. It accurately records the unforgettable moments of each journey, inspiring those who are adventurous to continue to push the limits and go forward.
   Recently, the first stop of the national tour of the famous Swiss watchmaking brand Tissot “Sunshine Journey • Touching Off” was unveiled in Beijing. It showcases Tissot’s long history in the field of watchmaking, while at the same time bringing sports and time. The story started. The tour of Beijing Station will be open to the public from June 18 to June 23 in Beijing Wangfujing Department Store, adding a touch of glory to Beijing’s fashion frontier. It is reported that the national tour exhibition will cover 4 key cities in Beijing, Chengdu, Shanghai, and Kunming. Tissot is bringing its annual flagship product Tengzhi series solar-powered touch-screen watches, and is willing to start the sun journey with watch lovers. Media colleagues and many watch enthusiasts traveled together for a century-long relationship between the Tissot brand and watchmaking, and witnessed the style and charm of Tissot watches in the time shuttle.
Tissot National Tour Blooming Beijing
   With a 182-year history of exquisite watchmaking, Swiss Tissot watches have been dedicated to the manufacture of precise and perfect watches since 1853. The watches produced in LeLocle’s factory in Switzerland are rich in creativity, excellent quality and It is famous for its clever watchmaking technology. Over the years, Tissot has become the world’s highest-selling Swiss traditional watchmaking brand, with operations in more than 160 countries on five continents. Time and history never stop, but Tissot’s innovative spirit never stops. Tissot has always been committed to the innovation of watches in the field of sports. As early as 1999, the famous Swiss watchmaker Tissot launched the first T-Touch touchscreen watch with cutting-edge technology, becoming the industry of high-tech touchscreen watches. pioneer. Since then, Tissot has continued to innovate with energy as its inspiration, and has finally created the world’s first solar-powered touch-screen watch for travel enthusiasts around the world. The futuristic design is subtlely integrated, whether it is a holiday or a challenge, the time is always guaranteed. ‘Sunshine Journey Triggers’ Swiss Tissot’s world’s first solar-powered touch-screen watch toured the country, presenting a brilliant brand story with creative ingenuity; the Tengzhi series of solar-powered touch-screen watches praised by the brand at the Basel Watch Fair , Colorful show in the tour. The national tour will cover four fashion capitals: Beijing, Chengdu, Shanghai, and Kunming, bringing the most cutting-edge products of Tissot and the latest touch-screen high-tech Swiss watches to consumers.

Sunshine Tour “Take a Touch”, Swiss Tissot World’s First Solar Touchscreen Watch National Tour Exhibition
The journey of sunshine
   In 1999, Tissot first introduced the T-Touch series touch-screen watch. Since then, Tissot has led the trend with an extraordinary posture, staged a scene of evergreen myth of touch-screen series. Today, Tissot has the courage to explore and innovate, and for the first time to capture the inspiration of nature, and launched the world’s first solar-powered touch-screen watch-the new Tissot Tengzhi series solar models, which use the inexhaustible light as energy and convert it into electricity. , Giving eternal power to timepieces in the wrist, and bringing a new experience of environmental protection and avant-garde, just touch the watch glass to play light energy to the wrist, a never-ending precise time journey is about to start !!
Annual weathervane for outdoor travelers
   For the enthusiasts who are keen to travel or vacation, looking at the globe itself is full of unknowns and novelties. In the blood of the famous Swiss watchmaking brand Tissot, there is also an endless stream of innovation and exploration spirit, so Tissot Tengzhi series solar models came into being.
   This solar-powered watch is specially launched for those who love to travel. It continuously draws the kinetic energy of the sun during the day and continuously runs continuously to ensure accurate travel without stopping. At night, the Super-LumiNova environmental protection coating on the hands and graduations can The daytime energy is converted into kinetic energy to charge the watch, and it has a unique night vision function, which can glow even in the dark, and enjoy time in the pitch. Whether sailing, sailing or breaking the wind, or climbing the peak and reaching the top, even in all parties or in any extreme environment, the Tissot Solar Series can continuously accumulate energy and switch day and night freely from the wrist. The opening of the compass function indicates the direction for outdoor adventures. Even in deep mountains or deep jungles, it can accurately locate; real-time indication and survey of altimeters and azimuths help mountaineering enthusiasts master the entire journey, and it is an indispensable weapon for climbing peaks. ; The settings of the northern and southern hemispheres include polar, temperate, desert, tropical and Mediterranean climates, allowing the adventure to be fully integrated into the local area. Whether you experience the shock of the aurora or the grandeur of the galloping desert, you can quickly adapt to it and enjoy the breakthrough of your own limits. Fun; the tide and sailing boat countdown function is specially designed for sailing enthusiasts. Whether it is leisure voyage or participating in professional events, Tissot will accompany you, making every voyage full of excitement and freshness.

New Tissot Solar Series-Front View
   In addition, Tissot has specially created a powerful function system, everything is escorted by travel enthusiasts: watching the weather before travel is a necessary preparation before departure. Tissot adds the weather forecast function to it, and records the changes in atmospheric pressure in the past 6 hours. To foretell future weather trends, whether you are simply traveling or hiking outdoors, you can change your work or travel schedule at any time without having to worry about the weather disrupting your plan; two sets of alarms help you easily set different alarm times at one time, and work weekends are perfectly balanced ; The intimate design of dual time zones, fearless of jet lag, synchronized switching in various places … The wearer can enjoy the accurate experience brought by a full range of data with a light touch. The Tissot Tengzhi series solar watch is more like a loyal and close friend around. It accompanies the minutes and seconds of the journey, letting the brave know the world in the embrace of nature, enjoying the magnificent beauty of thousands of miles, and wanting freedom to be ready at any time. heart of!

New Tissot Solar Series-Front View
Leading the trend, elegance and purity

Tissot Women’s Solar Series-Front View

Tissot Women’s Solar Series-Front View

   Putting aside the busy traffic in the city and the thriving material world, forgetting the stressful work pressure and the annoying trivial and confusing, once you have the Tissot Tengzhi series solar energy model, you can banish yourself completely and have the whole body of freedom. The solar watch destined to lead the fashion trend is not only the best time companion, but also a heart to bravely explore and look forward to the unknown. If you are fashionable and avant-garde, this perfect choice will make you a great work and life The most dazzling one.
   The Tissot Tengzhi series solar watches for women are rigid and flexible, simple and avant-garde. The mother-of-pearl dial shows feminine tenderness in addition to the rhythmic design. It is set with 12 natural luxury Weselton diamonds, making modern The charm of women blooms. In addition, Tissot adheres to the design concept of ‘all-round protection of the earth’s future’, making solar models the first choice for energy-saving and environmentally-friendly women! I believe that the woman who chooses the Tengzhi series of solar models must be independent, fashionable, lively and elegant. Because she has a heart ready to go, life is full of possibilities!
   Tissot hopes that everyone who loves to travel can enjoy the infinite reverie brought by this time weapon, act now, and start an exciting time journey!
Technical Parameters:
-Made in Switzerland
-Quartz movement with low battery indicator (EOL)
-Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal touchscreen mirror
-Titanium case with black PVD coating
-Water-resistant to withstand pressures equivalent to 10 bar (100 meters / 330 feet)
-Titanium strap with push-button folding clasp
-Leather strap with push-button butterfly clasp
-Black rubber strap with push-button folding clasp
-Orange silicone strap with push-button folding clasp
-Size: 45mm * 45mm
Suggested retail price: RMB 7,700-8,550 for men
          Women’s RMB 6,700-10,050

The First Tourbillon In The Series Tasting Vacheron Constantin Brand New Watch

Vacheron Constantin has a unique position in the watchmaking industry and is one of the oldest and earliest watch manufacturers in the world. In watchmaking technology, Vacheron Constantin inherited the essence of Swiss traditional watchmaking, and also innovated many watchmaking technologies, which has made great contributions to the watchmaking industry. The Vacheron Constantin Overseas series is a representative of the brand’s innovation. From the birth of the prototype ‘222’ watch in the 1970s, it has continuously developed and evolved. This year, Vacheron Constantin has added another masterpiece to this series, creating a tourbillon with complex functions and once again interpreting the charm of watchmaking. (Watch model: 6000V / 110A-B544)

  This is the first tourbillon watch from the Vacheron Constantin Overseas Series. Its appearance fits perfectly with the ‘escape from the hustle and bustle’ life concept advocated by Overseas and China, and also proves the watchmaking strength of Vacheron Constantin.

Watch real shot

  This watch has a diameter of 42.5 mm and a thickness of 10.39 mm. The case is made of stainless steel. After careful polishing and modification, the surface is full and lustrous, which enhances the watch’s exquisiteness. The six-and-a-half Maltese cross-shaped three-dimensional bezel is one of the iconic designs of the Overseas Vertical and Horizontal series, which has a high degree of recognition.

  The crown is engraved with the Vacheron Constantin Malta logo pattern, which is polished and has a non-slip texture design around it, which is easy to operate the watch and not easy to slip.

  The blue dial is decorated with a sunburst, which can show different gradient effects under different light rays, which is very beautiful; in contrast to the velvet-like minute scale circle; 18K white gold indexes and hands are covered with white luminous coating The small second hand is on the tourbillon frame.

  At 6 o’clock, the frame crossbar is chamfered by hand polishing. This process takes about 12 hours. The delicate and elegant tourbillon device presents a unique mechanical beauty.

  This watch retains Vacheron Constantin’s quick-change strap system. It can be easily replaced without any tools, and you can change the strap for a more suitable style. At the same time, the watch also offers three different models to choose from: stainless steel bracelet, blue leather strap or rubber strap, switching between different styles is more convenient.

  The watch’s 2160 ultra-thin movement was officially launched last year. It is only 5.65 mm thick and is equipped with a 22K gold edge rotor. Through the transparent case back we can appreciate the appearance of the movement, and witness the magical charm of the machine in the passage of time.

Summary: The new Vacheron Constantin Tourbillon watch can be said to be the crowning work of this series. It has a series of unique shape designs, and has the blessing of the tourbillon complex functions. It has achieved a kind of elegance and leisure. The beauty of harmony. If you are interested in this watch, you can pay more attention. (Picture / text watch home Wu Fengqi)

Meitu Watches The New Bruner Men’s Watch

In 2008, Mido launched a revolutionary new series-Bruner series watches. The perfect combination of fashion and quality, the classic interpretation of professional Swiss watchmaking culture, and the outstanding example of timeless design. The Bruner series is inspired by the architectural shape full of modern art and applies the most cutting-edge technical quality to make fashionable white-collar men. Put it down.
As a new member of the Mido product family, the Bruner series is loyal to Mido’s renowned watchmaking philosophy in the Swiss watch industry-simple and bold shapes, professional and exquisite mechanical technology, and carefully selected appearance materials. This spirit has been fully demonstrated in the past product series, and the birth of the Bruner series now makes this essence sublime again.
Based on the New York landmark Chrysler skyscraper, the Bruner series watch perfectly combines artistic elements with the watch again. Another masterpiece in the history of architecture, the steel structure of the Chrysler Building’s iron-clad exterior, streamlined contours, and towering spire design all give it shocking power, making it a wonder of the world’s architecture in the past century Admiration. The Mido Bruner series is based on this inspiration, artistically combining elegance with power.
Bruner’s shape reproduces the distinctive features of this architectural pearl. The stainless steel case restores the low-profile geometric building structure that has been talked about since the 1930s. The simple shape makes it more architectural tension visually. The bezel curve is harmonious and soft, while the toughness and right-angle design of the dial scale lines contrast with it, which is interesting. The hollow moon shape at 3 and 9 o’clock implies the shape of the arched top of the Chrysler Building. The pointer imitates the spire of the building and plunges into the sky.
The bold design in imagination makes this prestigious architectural monument elegantly reproduced, and the Bruner series will surely be sought after by male customers who are pursuing outstanding value. The spiral-shaped transparent back cover and crown, with a water depth of 100 meters, are equipped with a COSC-certified automatic observatory movement, which allows Mido to go further in the field of observatory-certified watches and provide consumers with more accurate time guarantee. The leather strap is equipped with two-piece snaps to make the watch more elegant and graceful, making classic watch lovers love it.
Movement A 2836-2 is a COSC-certified observatory mechanical movement, diameter 11½ ” ‘, Ø25.60 mm, thickness: 5.05mm, 25 diamonds, swing 28,800 times / hour, INCABLOC and NIVACOURBE anti-vibration system, NIVAFLEX NM Bar, ANACHRON balance spring, GLUCYDUR balance wheel. The engraved movement is decorated with blue screws and the rotor is engraved with the Mido logo. Hours, minutes and seconds calendar week display. Five different orientation tests verify the accuracy of its travel time and a 40-hour power reserve.
Bezel 16L stainless steel (DIN X2CrNiMo 17 14 3), 3 parts, anti-dazzling sapphire mirror, spiral crown and back cover, transparent back, observable, finely carved movement engraved with 8-digit serial number, waterproof The depth reaches 100 meters.
Strap calfskin leather strap with rolled crocodile leather pattern and stainless steel folding buckle.
Dial circle at 9 o’clock, week circle at 3 o’clock, cutting radian scale is displayed independently.
Pointer diamond cut and polished.

It’s Still Cold In The Cold. The Autumn And Winter Colors That A Man Should Have

Unconsciously, winter has come quietly. Although it is cold and cold, only some people prefer this season. The cold weather needs some warmth to embellish, both comfortable and stylish. On cold days, everyone tends to look heavy in dressing. Many people ignore self-grooming, but usually a simple little detail can change the first impression of you. If wearing an excellent watch can also add a lot of looks, while also improving the dynamic and vitality, the editor below will share with you several watches suitable for winter wear.
Baume & Mercier Clifton Series MOA10054

Watch Series: Crichton
Movement type: automatic machinery
Gender: Men
Case material: Stainless steel
Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
Case diameter: 41 mm
Watch price: ¥ 20,900
Watch details:

Watch Series: Diamond Pa
Movement type: automatic machinery
Gender: Men
Case material: plasma-polished high-tech ceramics
Strap material: leather
Case diameter: 43 mm
Watch price: ¥ 22,400
Watch details: 15,000
Watch details: 2892A2 self-winding mechanical movement, providing sufficient power storage for the watch.
Summary: Although the winter is cold, its beauty is so different, simple and elegant, but not diminished, so it still needs delicate dress and life. The above three watches all have a stable feel, all with brown straps. Except for the radar model which uses special plasma high-tech ceramic material, the other two watches are made of classic stainless steel , It is a versatile and durable design, no pressure for daily or banquet.

Wanguo Celebrates The Launch Of The 2014 New Marine Diving Watch In Southeast Asia

It is understood that on March 20, 2014 Singapore time, the famous watch brand IWC from Switzerland hosted a grand Inside the Wave celebration dinner. This time, more than 150 guests were invited to attend. The venue design of this dinner has a very artistic atmosphere. Because it is compatible with the launch of the 2014 new marine diving watch, the background of the event venue also uses the feeling of ocean. In addition to fine and gourmet and new watches that night, the brand has not provided a special performance link.

   IWC’s prestigious Inside the Wave celebration dinner has been held for many years, and it is committed to inheriting the brand’s pursuit of excellence in timepiece production. When the guests came to Sudan Road 72:13, the feeling of the whole venue would make all visitors feel like being in the ocean.

 The soft blue light hits the background board and presents a realistic ocean feel. In addition, in order to increase the realistic visual experience, sharks and Mizuki are added to the background wall. This highly realistic design is almost Yu Zhen moved Inside the Wave to the bottom of the sea.

 As we all know, IWC recently launched the new 2014 Aquatimer diving watch, which includes three limited editions of Charles Darwin, Galapagos Islands and Bronze Aquatimer. Unlike the basic Chronograph, these three watches are equipped with special material dial The diving bezel has also been strengthened.

 After the wonderful opening speech by host Jimmy Taenaka that evening, Mr. Edouard d’ Arbaumont (Head of IWC Southeast Asia) brought everyone the latest marine series diving watch 2014. Along with the guests’ praise and sigh for the new product, Ms. Stacey Lee, a well-known local sand painting artist, brought you a wonderful performance. Along with her flowing sand, she presented a realistic underwater world to everyone in the world of light and shadow. At the same time, she also incorporated the new watch of IWC into her performance.

 After the performance, the guests who came to the venue lamented the uniqueness of this year’s new products. For the first time, the IWC Divers series introduces a horological complex: the perpetual calendar. The marine timepiece perpetual calendar digital date and month watch (model IW379401) shows its true nature from two aspects.

Jackson’s 80th Anniversary Exhibition In Hong Kong For Reverso Series

Jaeger-LeCoultre, the top Swiss watchmaker Jaeger-LeCoultre, held the 80th anniversary exhibition of the brand Reverso series in the underground lobby of Hong Kong Harbour City, and was divided into nine counters, including a movement treasure house that witnessed history , Brand antiques, women’s jewelry, new Ultra Thin watches, Squadra series watches, women’s Squadra watches, enamel micro-painting, ultra-high-precision complex structure, and inscribed personal memories of nine themes.

   Swiss watchmaker Jaeger-LeCoultre held the 80th anniversary exhibition of the brand’s Reverso series in the underground lobby of Hong Kong Harbour City. It was divided into nine counters, including a movement treasure house that witnessed history, brand antiques, women’s jewelry Boutique, new Ultra Thin watch, Squadra series watch, women’s Squadra watch, enamel micro-painting, ultra-high-precision complex structure, and inscribed nine themes of personal memory.

Zhang Yimou Appeared At The Beijing International Film Festival And Won The International Award

IWC is committed to promoting the development of the film industry is something that everyone has witnessed. The recent Beijing International Film Festival held in Beijing is also starry.

 IWC’s ‘For the Love of Cinema’ Filmmaker’s Night Banquet_Exterior View

 In April 2013, Beijing-Swiss watchmaker Schaffhausen IWC watch is not only famous worldwide for its top watchmaking technology, but also famous for its long-term enthusiasm for the global film industry. As the designated watch sponsor of the 3rd Beijing International Film Festival, IWC held a grand filmmaker dinner with the theme of ‘For the Love of Cinema’ during the Beijing International Film Festival. More than 200 filmmakers and celebrities from home and abroad came to the event. That night, Zhang Yimou, a famous Chinese director with international reputation, was awarded the ‘IWC Outstanding Filmmaker’ award. This is the first time IWC Schaffhausen has awarded this award in China.

 Chinese famous director Zhang Yimou was awarded the ‘IWC Outstanding Filmmaker’ Award
(From left) Mr. Benoit De Clerck, Managing Director of IWC Asia Pacific, Ms. Karoline Huber, Director of Global Marketing Communications of IWC, Zhang Yimou, Ms. Zhang Ye, General Manager of China Film Co-production Company, Mike Ellis, President of American Film Association Asia Pacific Mr

Film master, deservedly

   IWC has presented this prestigious award at important international film festivals such as Cannes, Tribeca, New York and Dubai. It is designed to recognize outstanding filmmakers who have made outstanding contributions to the film industry. . Zhang Yimou, the world-renowned master of the Chinese film industry, received warm applause from all guests from Mr. Benoit De Clerck, Managing Director of IWC Asia Pacific and Caroline Huber, Global Marketing Communications Director of IWC (Karoline Huber) received the ‘IWC Outstanding Filmmaker’ award. Caroline Huber said of the award: ‘Director Zhang Yimou is undoubtedly one of the greatest filmmakers in contemporary China. He has won numerous awards and honors at many film festivals at home and abroad. We are very honored to award At the same time, IWC also awarded director Zhang Yimou a unique IWC watch: the new Portuguese chronograph classic (model 3904), this stainless steel watch case is specially engraved ‘For the Love of Cinema ‘The word is unique worldwide. ‘Watchmaking and filmmaking have a lot in common,’ said Ms. Caroline Huber. ‘Both parties have a long tradition, with profound expertise, and the creation of timeless masterpieces with technological innovation.

 Famous Chinese director Zhang Yimou was awarded the ‘IWC Outstanding Filmmaker’ award and a new classic edition of Portuguese chronograph watch
(From left) Mr. Benoit De Clerck, Managing Director, IWC Asia Pacific, Ms. Karoline Huber, Global Marketing Communications Director, IWC

Extraordinary and elegant, classic masterpiece

 This time IWC awarded the classic edition of Portuguese chronograph (model 3904) directed by Zhang Yimou from its popular Portuguese series, and is loved by watch fans for its timeless and elegant design. The third chronograph in this Portuguese watch family inherits the characteristics of the iconic embedded Arabic numerals, the track-type minute ring and the slim leaf-shaped hands, inheriting the cultural traditions of the original Portuguese watch from the 1930s Features. The design of the arched edge mirror makes this 42 mm diameter watch not only small in appearance, but also its classic and harmonious shape due to the use of traditional glass mirrors, showing the beauty of clocks. The classic Portuguese chronograph watch is equipped with IWC-manufactured 89361 caliber. It is specially developed for measuring longer chronograph time, which can be up to 12 hours. The small dial displays the timekeeping record in time, which can be easily read. Through the transparent sapphire glass back, you can watch the 89361 movement and the rotor with Geneva stripes.

 Chinese filmmaker Zhang Yimou attends IWC’s ‘For the Love of Cinema’ filmmaker dinner

 Chinese director Zhang Yimou attends IWC’s ‘For the Love of Cinema’ filmmaker’s evening banquet

 Chinese director Zhang Yimou attends IWC’s ‘For the Love of Cinema’ filmmaker’s evening banquet

 The famous Chinese director Zhang Yimou was awarded the ‘IWC Outstanding Filmmaker’ award and was given a unique IWC watch: the new Portuguese Chronograph Classic (model 3904). This stainless steel watch is specially engraved with ‘For the Love’ ‘Cinema of Cinema’ is unique worldwide