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    Revealing Secret Watch Repair Interview With Henry Henry, Master Repairer

    On August 2, 2013, Watch House was invited to visit Hengdeli Beijing Headquarters, and was fortunate to participate in the Hengdeli after-sales repair workshop. Watch House was the first interview to visit After-sales maintenance media, we also want to thank Hendry for their support and trust in us. Hengdeli is currently the largest watch brand agent in China. In addition to selling branded watches, Hendry also provides watch repairs and daily maintenance services to watch customers. It already has 9 maintenance centers in Beijing. Now, please follow the lens of the Watch House to explore the watch repair room of Hendry Company and unveil the secrets of watch maintenance and maintenance.

    The picture above shows Tang Weixin, Technical Manager of the Customer Service Department of Beijing Hengdeli Swiss Watch Co., Ltd.

    When I mention Hengdeli maintenance, many older people will be familiar with it. Indeed, Henderly has been a leader in the sales and maintenance of high-end watches in China for nearly a century. Its rise and development have many unique features. The staff here are equipped with internationally synchronized high-end watch repair tools, and watch repairmen have undergone foreign field training, and their professional quality is undoubted.

    The picture above shows the inspection and repair room of the Hendri watch.

    Since the founding of the People’s Republic of China, Hengdeli has a number of professional senior maintenance technicians. They have repaired clocks for many national leaders. Although the masters of ‘Hengdeli’ have changed generations, their skill in repairing clocks is still the same.


    The watch that accompanies you every day is repaired and inspected by the watchmaker in such a quiet and sophisticated atmosphere.

    The watch repairer has gone to Switzerland several times to attend training at the Jaeger-LeCoultre factory and has extensive experience in the maintenance of Jaeger-LeCoultre watches.

    In the past century, Hengdeli has experienced the ups and downs of different eras in the sales and maintenance of watches and clocks, but the business philosophy that has led the trend of watch consumption has not changed. Until today, Hengdeli not only sells the most fashionable , The most high-end watches, and in the process of sales and repair, cultivated a generation of skilled craftsmen repairing difficult watches. The current maintenance master is witnessing the development of Hendry and growing with her!

    仪器 This instrument is a watch washing machine. The process is to remove the watch parts, and then place the case in the machine to rinse. The cleaning solution contains alcohol and a professional watch cleaner.

    The instrument in front of me is a wristwatch detection instrument, which simulates the movement of a human wrist. Place the wristwatch to be tested on it every day, and then take it off for 4-5 hours to record the data. Then repeat the week to detect the wrist. Whether the watch movement is controlled within reasonable error.

    We are sure that this fan of Jaeger-LeCoultre will not be unfamiliar. It is Jaeger-LeCoultre’s famous air clock. In the repair workshop of Hendry, waiting for maintenance.

    After visiting the repair workshop, Watch House specially invited Mr. Tang, the famous watch repairman of Hendry, to tell us the story behind watch repair. Master Tang himself is currently the number 2M watch repairman in the domestic bureau. He has a deep understanding of watch maintenance, and of course he has an unusual understanding of the watch itself.

     Tang Weixin, high school culture, mass, is currently the technical manager (senior technician) of the customer service department of Beijing Hengdeli Swiss Watch Co., Ltd. He was awarded the title of ‘Beijing Patriotic and Meritorious Labor Contest in Beijing in 2000’ and ‘Beijing Model of Economic and Technological Innovation in 2001 and 2002’. In 2003, he was awarded the Capital Labor Medal and the National May 1st Labor Medal; in 2005, he was awarded the National Labor Model.

    Mr. Tang himself has a deep feeling for Hengli Company. He told us that the opening of Hengli Company Wangfujing Store even had a little-known diplomatic background. The main business model at the time of the reform and opening up was relatively simple. Such an international storefront is indeed more difficult. As a pioneer model in watch maintenance, Mr. Tang also showed us the Omega Seamaster watch that he has worn for many years. This watch was brought to Tang by a friend from abroad a long time ago. Now it has been for decades. . At that time, the price of RMB was more than 600 yuan, and now this watch has disappeared from the market.

     During the conversation, we also raised a lot of professional questions about watch maintenance and repair, and shared them with watch friends at the watch house.

    Watch House: Watches have been used for a long time. Can I oil them?

    Teacher Tang: You ca n’t oil it yourself, because professional disassembly procedures are needed, so my friends do n’t try to disassemble by themselves.

    Watch House: How can mechanical watches observe the potential problems of watches?

    Teacher Tang: In the process of using the watch, if the error of the mechanical watch cannot be controlled within a reasonable range, it may be necessary to go to a professional department for maintenance.

    Watch House: Can the watch crown be dismantled by itself?

    Teacher Tang: I don’t agree with disassembling the watch by yourself. There are many parts connected to the crown inside the case. Disassembly by yourself may cause problems, so try not to disassemble the crown by yourself.

    Watch House: How to maintain the leather belt:

    Teacher Tang: In addition to protecting the watch during daily wear, we can also use simple cleaning supplies for simple watch cleaning. In the maintenance of leather goods, many friends like to simply wipe with Bi Lizhu, I personally agree.

    Watch House: What is the normal error of a mechanical watch:

    Teacher Tang: The error of mechanical watches. Each country has its own standards. Our national standard is within 30 seconds of the error.

    Watch House: Does the quartz movement need maintenance?

    Teacher Tang: Of course, there are also mechanical devices inside the quartz movement. Of course, maintenance is required. After using two batteries, we can go to a professional maintenance agency to perform watch maintenance.

    Watch House: What should I pay attention to when I wear a watch with a calendar and a day of the week?

    Teacher Tang: Do not adjust the calendar between 21 am and 3 am. When the calendar is working, manual calendar adjustment may cause damage to the watch. Of course, the time period I refer to is the watch. Displayed time period. I once repaired the TAG Heuer 7750 watch, the calendar is five o’clock, and the ephemeris is eight o’clock. This is the customer’s failure to master the time of calendar adjustment. In addition, in such a repair of the watch, it is necessary to disassemble the watch for repair, which has a great impact on the watch.

    Watch House: In your long career, has any watch impressed you so much?

    Teacher Tang: Many, I have been very impressed with a watch recently. It is a Henry Moser watch from Switzerland. This watch has two balance springs on one balance wheel, one long and one short, one up and one down, very wonderful.

    Watch House: Would you like to talk about your own views and understanding of watch culture?

    Teacher Tang: Too much talk about this thing! Various media will make relevant reports, but in fact I can’t understand what culture is not cultural, because I never look at the watch itself from the perspective of a businessman or business. In my eyes it’s simple, what you need is the best.

    Watch House: It has nothing to do with the brand or price.

    Teacher Tang: Yes, the benevolent sees benevolence, the wise sees wisdom. Don’t do horizontal comparisons. Some people take Omega and stare at Rolex. I have such friends around me. The mountain looks at the high mountain. There is no end to this thing. Think about what you need most!

    Home of watches: At present, the ultra-complex functions that are relatively popular on the market, such as moon phases, tourbillons, etc. Is it very difficult to repair watches with such functions?

    Teacher Tang: No matter how complicated the function is, it is developed from the basic movement. From a maintenance perspective, these functions are added as society develops. It is indeed more complicated to repair than normal functions.

    Watch House: Why did you choose the profession of watch repair at the time?

    Teacher Tang: There was no choice that year. I just obeyed the assignment. After I graduated in 1974, I was assigned to the Beijing Department Store. There is a wholesale station of watches and clocks, planned economy! In the year of the Tangshan Earthquake, the watch company was established. I studied watch parts processing for 8 years, and then entered the maintenance department. This is such a process. The profession of watch repair is actually challenging human physiological limits. If you think about it, there are hundreds of parts in a small movement, and each part is extremely small. You do n’t know where to fly when you sneeze. I also have a colleague who lost it while repairing the watch A part, his wife found it on his eyelids when he came home. In the past, there was no air conditioner, and the fans could not be turned on in the summer.

    Watch House: It is indeed challenging the limit.

    Teacher Tang: This situation always happens. Sometimes when I enter the house and see everyone lying under the table, I understand that something must have been lost. But it doesn’t matter, all parts can be replaced with new ones.

    Watch House: What would you like to say to your juniors?

    Teacher Tang: I used to ask each of my apprentices to write on a piece of paper why you should learn to repair a watch. Good writing generally means that I want to support my family, and I want to learn a skill. Some students wrote that I think this is an art, and I think pragmatism is the most important in this industry. I’m almost ‘arrived’ and I will give them to them in the future.

    Happiness is that time is always short. We ended the interview with Mr. Tang in a very pleasant process. During the interview, we not only learned about Hendry’s long history and solid watch repair technology, but also some wrist watches. The daily maintenance skills of the watch, thank you again for the strong support of Hengdeli Watch & Clock Company for this event. If you have more questions about watch maintenance, you can leave a message at the bottom of our article, or you can go to Hengdeli after-sales service Service outlet consultation.

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    To The Simple Age Tasting Nomos Metro Series Watch

    NOMOS is a well-known German high-end watch brand. The overall design style of the brand bids farewell to the complicated craftsmanship, and it is extremely simple to do its best. ‘Not luxury, pursuing the essence of time art’ is the design tenet of NOMOS. Because of this, NOMOS is sought after and loved by many young people with modern artistic temperament.

    Simple times to pure

    的 The aesthetic design of this NOMOS METRO series watch is reminiscent of sophisticated measuring instruments. It shows the passage of time in the most modern way, elegant and delicate, and full of youthful vitality, with a very modern metropolis. The size is slightly larger than the multi-award winning regular version: the Metro 38 date watch. The improved dial is more refined and outstanding, and its charm is still extraordinary. (Model: 1102)

    Watch real shot

    This NOMOS METRO series watch will be simple to the end, with a diameter of 38.5 mm, a thickness of 7.8 mm, and a moderate size and thickness. The dial is made of white electroplated silver, and the hour markers at 3, 9 and 12 o’clock are blue. The retro classic design of the small three-handed, the hour and minute hands are oxidized black, a small second dial at 6 o’clock, and the hands are red.

    The NOMOS brand logo of the watch is set at 12 o’clock, and the representative font of NOMOS makes this minimalist watch reveal a unique look.

    In addition to the classic small seconds at 6 o’clock, there is also a date display window. The time is clearly displayed and the wearer will not miss any important dates.

    From the side of the watch, this NOMOS METRO series watch has smooth curves and exquisite workmanship. The crown is engraved with the NOMOS brand logo, which highlights the urban temperament.

    Lugs real shot

    The strap is black Holvin premium Cordova horse leather, smooth and thick, with the brand logo engraved on the inside, and with a quick release design.

    This NOMOS METRO series 1102 watch is equipped with DUW 4101 manual winding movement, equipped with NOMOS self-made escapement system, the maximum power reserve can reach 42 hours. Although it is a minimalist design, the details of the movement are extremely fine, with a lot of traditional decorative details, such as the Glashütte stripes on the surface of the rhodium-plated movement, the NOMOS fish scale large steel wheels and the winding gear Glashütte sunburst and so on.

    Summary: The simple dial and the elegant time-marked hands have created a non-simple watch. NOMOS will perfectly show the minimalist aesthetics. This watch is very suitable for young people to choose, if it happens to be your style, you can pay more attention. Reference price: ¥ 20900

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    Earl’s Family Creative Awards Honor Plus

    The authoritative “Watch of the Year” award ceremony, under the auspices of Montres Passion, a Swiss French magazine affiliated with the Ringier Group, presented the award to outstanding watch brands to reward them for their watches of the year Creativity and innovation, and brand image. Piaget shines at the award ceremony and wins the ‘Watchmaking Campaign of the Year’ film / digital category award with its Dragon & Phoenix series.

         In 2012, the year of the Chinese Dragon, the Dragon is undoubtedly the highlight that cannot be ignored. In order to show the noble style of the divine beast to the best of his ability, the earl conceived and designed a collection of more than 20 poetic and precious creations, and used this series to strengthen several rare craftsmanship techniques. In the Dragon and Phoenix series, Piaget mobilized more than 40 professionals with great fanfare to give the symbolic dragon and phoenix the vitality that spans myth and reality. Gold is delicately carved or engraved, and the use of champlevé, miniature enamel and grand feu enamel firing methods is more widely used, which reflects the elegant aesthetics of classical arts and crafts dedicated to watchmaking. In order to give this series the unique agility and vitality, the Piaget family and Le Truc conceived and created a new story representing the legend of the dragon and the phoenix. Coupled with the stringed dragons and phoenixes dancing lightly, the blurred animals in the mythological world have given life-like vitality to their watch creations with exhilarating exquisiteness and simplicity.
         The leadership of the Ringier Group pays tribute to the film’s ‘strong storytelling’ and ‘excellent creativity’. The Dragon and Phoenix series is a film worth watching with 3D stereo imaging technology, so that you can fully experience the artistic depth of Piaget’s wonderful world.

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    The New Upstart In Hublot’s Top Watches

    HUBLOT stands for ‘Porthole of a Ship’ in French. As the first brand in history to use natural rubber wristbands with precious metals as watchmaking materials, Hublot has pioneered the luxury watch industry. . Today, this second watch from the top of Geneva Lake in Switzerland in cooperation with Dalian Jinhua is about to open. This is also Hublot’s 58th store in the world. Hublot, a bold combination of Swiss traditional watchmaking and 21st century innovative watchmaking technology, and a low-key luxury Jinhua watch boutique, both convey the brand concept of ‘fused art’.

    Hublot “Art of fusion”
    Because of Hublot’s unique brand personality and comfortable wearing experience, it is widely sought after by members of the royal family around the world, especially in Europe, and is known as the ‘King’s Watch’. This can be seen on the wrists of Spanish King Juan Carlos and Crown Prince Albert II of Monaco. Brand ambassadors who have joined the Hublot family around the world are even more star-studded. They represent the true legends in their respective eras and fields-the ‘king of the ball’ in football, Maradona, and Jet Li in martial arts and film. Premier League giants Manchester United, basketball legend Wade, track and field ‘Lightning Trapeze’ Bolt, skiing Olympic champions Maria, Bird Miller and Dario Kologna, F1 have Egypt The Dalton Senna family, and Facundo Pierres of the polo world … they wrote the splendor of Hublot with their own legends. Adhering to the ‘fusion of heart and core’, each wearer is a unique source of energy for Hublot.
    In addition to the bold fusion and innovation of materials, Hublot has a significant impact on the independent research and development of the movement. The 330-unit UNICO movement is equipped with timing and flyback functions. Unlike any other chronograph movement, UNICO places parts on the front of the movement, so that you can enjoy the movement of the movement from the hollow dial. The escapement on the back of the movement is carried by a unique independent platform, the fixing screws can be easily removed, and the initials of the watch owner can be engraved on special requirements. At the same time, the patented double-adjustment balance wheel of the UNICO movement strengthens the precision performance of the watch, and the horizontal synchronous clutch chronograph seconds and minutes hands ensure stable vibration frequency.
    Top watches are also stylish
    Top watches not only represent luxury and status, they are also a symbol of fashion and cutting-edge. While Hublot inherits traditional craftsmanship, it also keeps pace with the times and continuously introduces outstanding watches that lead the fashion trend.
    Classic fusion ultra-thin hollow
    The classic fusion ultra-thin skeleton watch launched by Hublot this year is a stunning presentation of the fusion of traditional and modern concepts. It fully shows the iconic design of Hublot’s control of the classic ultra-thin appearance and maintains the brand’s dynamic and stylish characteristics. Perfect balance.

    Hublot Big Bang
    Rose Gold Fruit Rose
    Hublot Tutti Frutti fruit series, full of flavor and color. These Big Bang watches, including ‘Lemon’, ‘Apple’, ‘Rose’, ‘Purple’, ‘Orange’ and ‘Blue’, will be available this year and will feature a steel case with mother-of-pearl dial. Each comes with an exquisite and alligator alligator leather strap, which is lined with rubber to make it more supple and comfortable.
    经典 ‘Classic Fusion Jinlong’ limited edition watch
    The second exclusive store of Hublot is also the second exclusive store opened in cooperation with Dalian Jinhua. This year coincides with the 20th anniversary of the establishment of Dalian Jinhua Watch & Jewellery Co., Ltd. On this occasion, Hublot also launched the ‘Classic Fusion Jinlong’ limited edition watch for Jinhua’s 20th anniversary celebration.
    The new ‘Classic Fusion Jinlong’ has a diameter of 45 mm. In ancient China, there is a supremely venerated dragon-shaped relief leaping above the black dial of Hublot. The black ceramic bezel highlights low-key luxury. The back of 1992-2012 and the words Jinhua imply the 20th anniversary of Jinhua Watches. This is also the first time that Hublot has specially customized a limited edition watch for a Chinese partner, which perfectly reflects the sincere partnership between Hublot and Jinhua Watches. This watch is limited to 50 pieces and is only available in Dalian.

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    Buy Early And Enjoy The Practical Watches Recommended At A Public Price Of Less Than 40,000 Yuan

    If you want to say which functions are most useful in addition to the time display on the watch, the date and week are displayed. Sometimes people just pick up the phone to light up the screen. It is not just to confirm the time. On a watch with daily needs, life may become more convenient and flexible. Today, Watch House will recommend three practical watches for you to enjoy your time.

    Breitling Aviation Time Series A13314101B1X1

    Product model: A13314101B1X1
    Domestic public price: ¥ 36800
    Watch diameter: 43 mm
    Case thickness: 14.17 mm
    Movement type: automatic
    Movement model: Cal.13
    Case material: stainless steel, with hands, two-way rotation
    Water resistance: 100 meters
    Details of the watch: The watch under the 8 series adopts the new brand logo design, the case is made of stainless steel, the bezel uses the outer edge design of the Navitimer slide rule bezel, and the shape is designed as a new round tooth shape. The black dial is equipped with Super-LumiNova® luminescent digital hour markers and luminescent hour and minute hands for easy reading. At 3 o’clock, there are day and week display dials, and the dials are set at 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock respectively. Practical functions are more comprehensive.

    Montblanc Star Collection U0108736

    Product model: U0108736
    Domestic public price: ¥ 38100
    Watch diameter: 42 mm
    Case thickness: 12.17 mm
    Movement type: automatic
    Case material: Stainless steel
    Details of the model: movement 4810/912, fully equipped with date, week, month and moon phase display functions, with 25 ruby ​​bearings, the movement frequency reaches 28,800 times / hour, can provide about 42 hours of power reserve.
    IWC pilot series IW377709

    Product model: IW377709
    Domestic public price: ¥ 39200
    Watch diameter: 43 mm
    Case thickness: 15 mm
    Movement type: automatic
    Movement model: Cal.79320
    Case material: Stainless steel
    Water resistance: 60 meters
    Watch details: iwc / 43274 /
    Watch review: IWC pilots watch must have known to some friends, its cool appearance has always attracted the attention of men, the classic design with clear black and white dial, make the dial more intuitive, more clear when reading, 3 The date and day display at the 6 o’clock position, the 12-hour counter at 6 o’clock, the second hand at 9 o’clock, and the 12 o’clock timer are evenly distributed around the dial, adding more practical functions to the watch. The 79320 movement has a power reserve of 44 hours.

    Summary: The above three timepieces are designed with grand, stable and practical functions. The public price is less than 40,000 yuan, and the cost is high. Friends who like it may go to the counter to try it on. Convenient for your life.

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    Longines Concas 24-hour Watch

    Concas series is the most representative series of Longines sports watches. Concas watches symbolize an immortal spirit of ‘conquest’. Vision and the spirit and character of being a pioneer, this is exactly the spirit that Longines designs Concas watches. The design of each watch combines the perfect combination of performance and elegance, and contains top technology features. The new 24-hour watch from the Comcast series adds dual time zone functionality, a must-have for pilots when crossing different time zones. Because the sun as a time reference is not always visible, pilots need tools that can display the exact time in real time. An aviation watch with a 24-hour dial fully meets this need. The new Comcast 24-hour watch exudes an eye-catching elegance that attracts adventurous brave men to explore. The water resistance of this model reaches 300 meters. Whether in the air or in the water, the Comcast 24-hour watch is the most trusted partner.

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    Inspiring Details Panerai Luminor 1950 Series Selection Guide

    In the last episode, we mainly introduced the selection guide for Panerai’s Radiomi series watches, but I believe that 90% of the fans are still more interested in Luminor with crown protection. In the series, everyone agrees that only those who have a bridge are called Panerai. This feature has become Panerai’s DNA, so many people have not seen the watch, and they are already excited to see this bridge. Since the Luminor family is relatively large, in this episode, we will first introduce some accessible models in the Luminor 1950 series for you to choose from.

       As we all know, the two major families of Panerai are Radiomir and Luminor, but we only think that the difference between the two is only the difference between the crown and the bridge, which is very wrong. In fact, the evolution from Radiomir to Luminor has also gone through a very long time. a process. In fact, in 1950, Luminor completely completed the evolution from Radiomir. At that time, the Luminor model was unique because of its crown bridge. The linear lugs became straight ears and were integrally cast with the case, which improved the overall strength of the watch, and the appearance continued the Radiomir 1940 model. The cushion-shaped case and the flat, wide bezel, especially the back, the transition between the straight lugs and the pillow-shaped case makes the overall texture of the case very layered, which is why so many people are obsessed with 1950 This is the origin of the modern Luminor 1950 series.

    historic version

       Similarly, Panerai still divides the Luminor 1950 series into historical and modern versions. I will first talk about the historical version. The historical version has 44 mm and 47 mm diameters. To be honest, I do n’t recommend this series. The 47 mm size, because this series uses straight lugs, so if a friend with a thinner wrist wears it, the lugs will burst out of your wrist and look very abrupt (this is why I like Radiomir). Although the 44 mm size can fit a wider range of people, the 44 mm models of this series are all more complicated chronograph models, so from the approachable point of view, we still look for 47 mm models.
       This series of 47 mm watches has a total of 4 models are 372, 422, 423 and this year’s left-handed 557, all movements are Panerai’s own P3000 movement. I recommend 422 of these 4 models. The reason is very simple. In addition to the 1950 points for the Luminor family, there are also Base and Marina points. The difference between the two is that Marina’s 9 o’clock is the small second hand and Base is the number 9. I have always been inclined to Marina, because I think it is quite comfortable to see the beloved watch through the small second hand, and the 372 is only two large hands, but if some friends have a 372 resin sheet (resin watch (Mirror) I have a cold, so it’s okay to choose it. The important thing is that I like it, but what I want to remind is that the resin sheet is really not scratch resistant.

       The latest 557 is exactly the right-hand version of 372, which is also a resin table mirror. Although the left-handed watch has a personality, it is a niche. As for 422 and 423, we know from the naming that they are twin brothers. One can be displayed on the dial and the other is on the movement. Regarding where the can be displayed, I believe most people should like to be on the movement. In this way, it will not disturb the traditional style of Panerai dials, but it will also be low-key and restrained. You can also surprise you when you take off the watch. This red gold needle can not only make the huge box splint full instantly, but also It can also raise the level of sullenness of this watch to another level.

    Modern version
       Let’s take a look at the modern version. The biggest feature of the modern version is that the number 9 and the small second hand will be together, but I personally think it will be more elegant alone. All the watches in this version except the tape size are 47 mm, the rest are all 44mm, so if you ca n’t find a suitable watch in the historical version, you must come here to check it out. We still follow the principle of approachability. I recommend 3 watches in this version, which are 312, 351, and 392, which may be In order to echo the purpose of Hyundai, all versions of this version are automatic movements, of which the three models are all equipped with Panerai’s latest P9000 three-day power reserve movement.
       Since the movements are the same, let’s start with the appearance. Let’s look at the 312 and 351. The two watches are all 44 mm in size. The dial layout is also the most traditional classic combination of Panerai. The only difference is 312 is made of stainless steel and 351 is made of titanium alloy. Which kind of material is really a tangled thing to buy. The stainless steel material is very bright and very polished, but the quality is heavy and the material is very common. Titanium alloy is a new type of watchmaking material. It is light-weight and scratch-resistant and reflects Panerai’s latest technical strength. However, because the characteristics of titanium are not suitable for polishing, 351 looks very low-key and not very noticeable.
       Finally, after my careful consideration, I finally found a solution. If you buy 351, you can buy a 388 with it, because 388 is the Radiomir version of 312, so you have steel and titanium, and Luminor. There is Radiomir, if you are worried that these two 388 and 312 movements are the same, there is another solution, is to buy a 312, and then buy a 346, 346 belongs to the Radiomir family, not only titanium alloy material, but also It’s still the 8th chain, and the movement is the famous P2002. Although the price will be a lot more expensive, it will get more.
       After tangling 312 and 351, let’s take a look at 392 again. To be honest, the dial layout of 392 is my favorite. The small seconds dial and calendar without the interruption of the number 9 are simple and refreshing, but also very practical. However, the only disadvantage of this watch is that it is a bit small, only 42 mm. You should know that 42 mm was an authentic large watch a few years ago, and now the size of 42 mm has become the size of a female watch in Panerai. Every man who loves Panerai has noticed that Panerai is not only for you, but also for the majority of women. When you choose a watch for your wife and girlfriend, you must pay attention to this 392.
       In this episode, we mainly introduce the most fascinating Luminor 1950 series. In the next episode, we will introduce the last and most earthly Luminor series of Panerai, so stay tuned … (text / picture watch home Mao Zhuang)

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    Oris Flight Series Three Bc3 Watches Introduction

    The BC3 series watch launched ten years ago is a very popular product in the AVIATION category of ORIS. Today, this legendary series has added three new watches, namely Advanced, Sportsman and Limited edition of Air Racing.

    BC3 Sportsman watch
    The design of the BC3 Sportsman watch is based on the valuable opinions of Oris’s partner, aerobatic pilot Don Vito Wypr & autig Sportsman represents the first level of aerobatic pilots, as well as the courage of the newborn calves to fear the tiger. Don Vito, the test pilot of World Championship Hannes Arch, is a rising star who is passionate about aerobatics. The design of BC3 Sportsman presents practical, reliable and calm and restrained qualities. Screw-down crown, waterproof function 10 times the atmospheric pressure (100 meters), and you can choose elegant straps, tempered stainless steel straps, or dynamic rubber straps.

    BC3 Advanced Watch
    The BC3 Advanced watch is also inspired by the ideas of Oris flight partner Don Vito Wypr & auml; chtiger. And Advanced represents the advanced level in the super pilot. At the same time, this watch will perform a variety of amazing shows together with Vito. The case of the watch is plated with black DLC, with a dial made of black luminous material, and supplemented by a black rubber strap, conveying a visual impact of ALL BLACK. Of course, the watch can also choose a fine leather strap. In addition, the watch uses a special screw-fastened crown coupled with a shock-proof device to prevent the crown from being accidentally turned.

    BC3 Air Racing watch
    The design of Oris BC3 Air Racing is inspired by the Scarlet Screamer aircraft of its flight team. The case is made of titanium and weighs only 60% of steel. The second time zone is displayed with a 24-hour pointer function, which is practical and practical for the pilot. The red body pointer in the second time zone, combining the color and design of the Scarlet Screamer aircraft, has become the eye-catching focus of the watch. The watch has a screw-in crown and is water-resistant to 10 times the atmospheric pressure. The watch set is packaged in a special BC3 Air Racing watch box, which includes a replaceable rubber strap, a strap replacement tool, and a certificate of limited edition.

    Stunt pilot Don Vito Wypr & auml; chtiger with his plane

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    Rado Won The 2017 Red Dot Product Design Award

    RADO’s highly iconic Ceramica overall ceramic series won the 2017 Red Dot Product Design Award, which once again highlights the brand’s commitment to cutting-edge design and materials. Excellence.

       Swiss avant-garde watch brand RADO watch re-launched Ceramica overall ceramic watch last year. This iconic classic timepiece is reborn with glory, setting off a wave in the watchmaking industry. In collaboration with the famous industrial designer Konstantin Grcic, the brand reinterprets its outstanding geometric designs and gives them a more modern look, consistent with the aesthetic concept of the new era. With the affirmation of the Red Dot Product Design Award, Ceramica’s overall ceramic series is the icing on the cake of the award-winning RADO.
    Modern and cool
       The iconic radar ceramic watch designed by Constantine Goceki stands out with its velvety sandblasted surface and creative layout of the dial. The global limit is only 701. ‘In my opinion, the matte surface treatment can make the watch’s styling more powerful.’ Gecchich said, ‘the design of the watch dial is bold and time is clear and easy to read. I draw inspiration from pilot watches , I really like the simple, clear look of these watches. ‘

       As its name suggests, Ceramica’s overall ceramic watch series is made of high-tech ceramic materials, which are favored by many high-end watchmakers for their outstanding characteristics. Technological advancements, supplemented by Constantin Gucech’s design vision, have led to the glorious new life of this marvelous high-tech ceramic watch series, which is vividly reflected in Ceramica’s new 20 ceramic watch series. The new models of the Ceramica monolithic ceramic series are equipped with automatic mechanical movements for the first time, and are made of gray high-tech ceramics.

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    Master’s Craft Breguet Type Xxi Series Watch Recommendation

    Abraham Louis Breguet founded a watchmaking workshop in Paris in 1775 and has since opened a 239-year-old legend. In the lifetime of the legend of the master, he has made countless contributions to the development of the world’s mechanical watch industry, such as the tourbillon escapement and automatic winding system. Come together today to witness the masterpiece of Breguet with this 3810ST / 92 / 9ZU watch.
     The Breguet 3810ST / 92 / 9ZU is a men’s automatic mechanical watch. Its case diameter is 42 mm. The material of the case is stainless steel. The steel material exudes a slightly faint metallic atmosphere, highlighting the watch. The masculinity of the wearer. The color of the dial is dark brown. Although it is not as deep as the black dial, it also adds a mysterious element to the watch and adds a lot of mystery to the wearer of the watch. The day and night display dial, 12-hour cumulative chronograph dial and small seconds dial are located at the 3 o’clock, 6 o’clock, and 9 o’clock directions of the dial, which makes reasonable use of the dial space. The date display window is directly placed at the 6 o’clock scale. The 12 scales on the dial are very conspicuous on the dark brown dial, which increases the legibility of the watch. The silver dial also has a set of black Arabic numerals on the outer ring, which makes this sports watch more sporty and makes the watch less monotonous. From the appearance, it is a sports watch suitable for mature men. .

    The 3810ST / 92 / 9ZU is a watch of the Breguet brand with a very innovative spirit and many new technology development achievements. It is not only comprehensive but also powerful. Its time display is completed by the central hour, minute and small seconds hands, and its hands and digital scales are covered with a luminous coating, so that we can clearly see the time on the dark night. The day and night dial at the three o’clock position. It uses the horizontal line from 6 to 18 o’clock as the dividing line. The lower part is decorated with a linear pattern to distinguish between day and night. It can make donkey friends or professionals. When you are in a place where you don’t see the sun, get the day and night information in time. At six o’clock is a large calendar display window, with black text on white background, clearly showing the date of the day. And this sports watch is also equipped with a rotatable graduated bezel, which allows us to more conveniently calculate the elapsed time or remind the remaining time in some simple sports or daily life by rotating the dial. , Although it is a very simple design, it provides a very useful feature. The design of its chronograph function is slightly different from other chronograph watches. General chronographs use the central seconds and minutes and hours to complete the time. This watch is composed of the central seconds and minutes. Add a 12-hour counter to complete the timing function. This design allows us to easily read the quantiles, and its timing function also uses the flyback technology. When you press the zero reset button at the 4 o’clock position of an ordinary chronograph, all its timings will be cleared. Zero, and a chronograph with flyback. After pressing the zero reset button, the next round of timing will begin immediately after resetting to zero. Only when you first press the stop button at 2 o’clock and then press the reset button, its timing will stop completely. This design facilitates continuous timekeeping and reflects the unique creativity of Breguet watchmakers.

     The movement of the Breguet 3810ST / 92 / 9ZU is the Cal.584Q movement produced by Breguet’s factory, which is an automatic mechanical movement. This movement supports the flyback function, thus making the watch’s chronograph function more powerful. It has a vibration frequency of 28,800 times per hour, which is equivalent to the movement of the movement 8 times per second. In this way, even if there is an external shock and other events that affect the time of the watch, only eight minutes are affected. In a second, this greatly improves the accuracy of the watch. This movement can also provide a 48-hour power reserve, which can meet the needs of the daily life of most people.
     The Breguet 3810ST / 92 / 9ZU watch belongs to Breguet’s Type XXI series. This series is an improved series of the Type XX series specially developed for the French navy air combat forces in the 1950s. Therefore, it continues the stainless steel material and military watch style. As a men’s watch, the 3810ST / 92 / 9ZU not only highlights the masculinity of men, but also has some military style. In terms of functions, it has a clearer and easier-to-read chronograph function and a day and night display function than ordinary chronograph watches. This is a major feature of this watch, and it is also the embodiment of the ingenuity of Breguet watchmakers. The performance is supported by Breguet’s own superior movement, which can be reassuring. Its market reference price is 80,400 yuan. For a steel watch, its value is more reflected in its technical process, so this is a super high cost-effective watch.
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