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    Richard Mille Sponsors The First Zunsheng Shenghui Elegant Classic Car Show Selection Event

    From October 18th to 20th, 21 charming and legendary antique cars were parked on the large lawn of Shanghai Bundyuan 1 (former British Consulate). This is Zunchi Shenghui The grand event of the first elegant classic car show, and the top tourbillon watch brand Richard Mille, as the main sponsor of the classic Le Mans racing event, strongly supported this event and exhibited Richard Mill for the first time in China.

    As an event that attracted the attention of collectors and enthusiasts of antique cars around the world, it was held in China for the first time, and a large number of classic cars with great historical significance and collection value were introduced from all over the world for public display and selection. This classic car show is of international standards. The models displayed include a number of classic models, including a 1925 Renault luxury custom convertible, a Cadillac limousine in 1929, and a Bentley Mark VI soft in 1951. A convertible top, a Ferrari 308 GTB produced in 1975, and a model of domestic luxury cars, the Hongqi CA773 sedan produced in 1972, and many other elegant classic cars. A special Porsche 917KH sports car was also exhibited this time. This legendary sports car won the World Automobile Championship for two consecutive years in 1970 and 1971. In the same year, it also set the fastest record in the Le Mans 24 Hours Endurance Race, and continues to this day. Still valid.

     Richard Mille launched the first watch in 2001, with its inherently impressive extraordinary temperament and the courage to break the tradition, destined to lead a new direction in the field of fine watchmaking. Since its inception, this young brand has been committed to showing its innovation to the world, constantly applying the most cutting-edge technology materials and the most innovative designs, and even affecting the development of the entire high-end watch industry. Various technical materials and top technology in the racing world are important sources of inspiration for Richard Mille. Therefore, Richard Mille will of course become the main sponsor of Le Mans classics, the first elegant classic car show of the world-famous classic luxury car, and the next year’s Chantilly Art and Elegant Richard Mille.

    Mr. Iain Tyrell, founder of Tyrell Engineering, a classic car repair expert from the racing family, also highly praised the event: ‘I would like to express my sincere thanks to the event organizer and all staff members and congratulate the success of the event. They are so outstanding! Zunchi Shenghui will surely develop into one of the classic vintage car events on the world stage. I am very glad to participate in it. ‘

     In the morning of October 19, nearly 12 classic cars held a grand parade around the landmark of the Bund in Shanghai. The classic car brands participating in the parade include Porsche, Ferrari, Ford, Lincoln, and Rolls Royce. As the team slowly marched along the Huangpu River, overlooking the landmark of Shanghai, Lujiazui, accompanied by the classic European architecture on the Bund, it was portrayed to the public. A rare spectacle.

     On the last day of the event, the award ceremony of classic car elegance was held, and the event of the first elegant classic car show of Zunchi Shenghui really entered a climax. The 1925 Renault luxury custom convertible won the best vintage car award at the show.

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    The Watch Pursues The Details And Rejects The ‘ya Allergy’

    In addition to the old and the new year, everyone is saying that how to come up with new ideas is a difficult problem. Feng Xiaogang’s ‘Elegant Allergy’ in the film ‘Private Custom’ tells us that the pursuit of personality and elegance is everyone’s aesthetic appeal. The more details, the more true.

    Watch for detail


    BHUBLOT Big Bang Black Watch

    RADO DiaMaster Series

    PATEK PHILIPPE Ref. 5200 Gondolo Eight Days Power Reserve Day and Date Display Watch

    CARTIER Tank MC watch

    JAEGER-LECOULTRE Grande Reverso Ultra Thin Duoface Blue

    Men’s decorations are not many in the first place. Watches are a highlight. If you can only buy a watch and not wear a watch, you can simply buy a watch in RMB. Want low-key luxury with meaning? Monday will give you tips to resist local tyrants and reject ‘ya allergies’.

    If you are not a master, choose black and white. Classic black and white is always the safest color, and it is enough for every occasion you attend. You said that the black and white on the dial is too ordinary? NONONO, here is a watch that allows you to wear a black and white body. Visually, it is definitely stronger than the dial. It adds points to your fashion sense and is easy to match. The brand-new Swiss Radar DiaMaster series watch is really loved by men for its simple high-tech ceramics. The large open dial makes the reading more clear and convenient. The all-black matt brings a visual experience different from the metallic color, and the black is black. Different from the others, it is definitely stylish and worn on the wrist; the Hublot Big Bang all black series has a natural matte texture from the case to the dial and the multi-layered black with different materials, all relying on exquisite and superb Watchmaking technology and features. At the same time, the concept of all black also contains the zen meaning of ‘invisible and visible’. It is invisible and inconspicuous; it also has a special recommendation for elegant women-Chanel J12, J12 pushes Chanel towards With a combination of fashion and fine watchmaking, the landmark model is definitely worth possessing by intellectual and tasteful women. The whole body is white and simple.

    As we all know, the round dial is the most classic. After hundreds of years of washing, round is undoubtedly the mainstream. However, the square dial is unique with its straight, tough and thin, and has also gained a lot of fanatical fans. However, you have to know that the square dial is not easy to wear when you pick people, but once you meet your ‘dish’, don’t hesitate. The square dial is definitely an excellent weapon for advanced table friends. Here are a few good-looking square watches to recommend: Patek Philippe Ref. 5200 Gondolo eight-day power reserve day and date display watch, fresh and elegant design, coupled with excellent performance, it seems to be a model of square watches . In 1964, the Beatles enthusiastically spoke about the magic of eight days in their title single ‘Eight days a week.’ Today, Patek Philippe shows the world the ultimate temptation of an eight-day power reserve; and the Cartier Tank MC self-winding watch reinterprets the famous rectangular shape of the Tank series, creating a square-like visual illusion on the wide dial. At the same time, this watch still continues the classic aesthetic elements of the Tank series: guilloché dial, minute track, Roman numerals, etc .; how can I recommend a square watch without mentioning Reverso? Jaeger-LeCoultre Grande Reverso Ultra Thin Duoface Blue, with a total thickness of less than 9.15 mm, and its outstanding blue lacquered dial reproduces the subtle color variations of the prototype model, with stick hour markers and Rhodium-plated sword-shaped hands. The second dial is decorated with a guilloche clous de Paris.

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    The New Season Watch With Time Flowing To Famous Brands

    Exquisite sense, simple shape, clear large dial, appropriate decoration style, this is the popular keyword of this season’s watch. Although the watch is one of the most outdated accessories in the fashion industry, every year, major watches compete at the beginning of the Basel or Geneva watch fairs, and are then scattered around the world. Fashion editors open their magnifying glasses. Ordinary eyes dig out round and round of trends-exquisiteness, simple shapes, clear large dials, and appropriate decorative styles, which are the key words of this season’s watches.
    The inner pursuit of precise mechanical watch movement, the appearance of the design to match their own temperament, fashion men and women demand the same for watches. However, there are so many watch brands, and savvy people must know how to catch each brand’s star-shaped watch series, combined with the popular points of the season, even if there is only a little bit of novelty, they will collide with classics. Birth of the most intriguing style on the wrist.
      Cartier: retro and elegant
    The round dial is the most classic design in the beginning. It is low-key and calm in today’s dazzling personalised oval, square or irregular geometric models. Objectively speaking, the round dial can best highlight the atmosphere and clarity of the hands and chronograph figures, and it is easy to look slender and handsome on the wrist. In the history of the production of Catier in France for more than 100 years, the simple design of the round dial and the beautiful strap have raised the worship of the fashion industry several times. In 1922, Cartier’s ‘Cachet’ pendant watch came out. The gold case, enamel trim, coral top cover, and the bracelet set with 117 diamonds and a precious pearl set off the simple round dial. Noble and extraordinary; 1936 The ‘Ronde et carree’ is inlaid with a square bezel in a round dial, and the blue-steel apple-shaped hands and leather strap look elegant. The ‘Trompette’ produced in 1944, the ‘Montre Breacelet Dame’ in 1958, and the ‘V endome’ in 1978 are all representative of the elegance of round watches.
    Recently, Cartier once again paid tribute to the classics. The newly launched RondeLouis round Cartier watch is neutral and restrained. It is always a black leather strap. There is no trace of noise, and all the details in the round dial are restored to classic and simple. Temperament, which is quite rare in Cartier’s many luxury watch designs. And this calm design just guides the key for business people to buy round watches, that is: the dial decoration is as simple as possible to give the clearest visual effects to the numbers and hands; the strap of the female watch can be transformed into various materials And styling, but all the carving ends in the center round dial.
    Patek Philippe: classic and fashionable

    趋势 The trend of watches under the control of the watch group is sometimes a little vulgar, and some classics of the most independent watchmakers have become more precious and proud. Patek Philippe is synonymous with the classics. It takes ‘you never really own a Patek Philippe, you just treasure it for future generations’ as an interpretation of its eternal value, suggesting that a watch can not only be used daily Wearing, can also be a heirloom. And even ancient watch brands with a sense of history and profound heritage, like heirloom, will also do some fashionable tricks under the influence of the new season trend. This season, Patek Philippe’s men’s and women’s watches have amazing decoration, especially a Gondolo Gemma women’s watch suitable for summer sun and a playful Golden Ellipse men’s watch.
    OndoGondolo Gemma debuted at this year’s Basel Watch & Jewellery Show. The case design follows a style from Patek Philippe in the 1930s and is a very modern interpretation of the Art Deco style. The narrow barrel-shaped case with sapphire crystal, natural white mother-of-pearl dial, and the center of the dial is also decorated with a Newseau pattern, which is very elegant and elegant. Gemma watches are comfortable to wear, the surface width is greater than the length, and the time scale is clear at a glance, especially suitable for women who drive.
    Golden Ellipse men’s watch is a bold, passionate watch with color. 18K yellow or white gold case, brown strap and blue gold dial contrast. Not only that, the scales and hands in the dial are also rich in color. The understanding Patek Philippe also specially designed a cufflink that matches the style of the watch, which combines the masculinity with the fashionable fancy.
    Hamilton: Full of adventure

    Surprised by the dignity and calmness of Swiss watches, the Hamilton watch is full of American adventure style. Hamilton’s two well-known product lines, ‘American Classics’ and ‘Khaki Sports’, are usually good for young, energetic men. Khaki ‘Khaki’ originates from the Indian word, meaning earth or dust, and has been used for military uniforms for a long time. Khaki watches have four types of watches: aviation, combat, field and nautical. Strong, known as ‘the must-have accessory for wild muscular men’.
    Hamilton’s new Khaki AviationQNE watch is a classic flight watch, transforming the aviation theme into design aesthetics, and under the rugged case are heavy-duty high-tech functions, enough for men to explore it: pressure and height Gauges, etched complete Zylu flight alphabet, 100-meter water resistance and 42-hour power reserve with automatic movement. The watch is available with beige, black or silver dials, and brown or black leather straps also maintain the sense of stability that men’s watches should have.
    Panerai: Best Water Sports

    The ‘big and stupid’ Panerai watch is really respected because it contains too much content, just like a reliable and comprehensive man. It was born out of the need for war. At that time, the Royal Italian Navy needed a timer that could cope with the harsh environment of the deep sea and be absolutely accurate. Panerai has won the favor of the former with its excellent waterproof design, winding faucet lock device that greatly reduces the penetration of water vapor into the case, and the simple and easy-to-read dial design. Although the waterproof function is now a basic function of watch products, the origin of Panerai and deep water and water sports has always been in a leading position.
    Every year, when the world’s most famous sailing boat gathers in the Mediterranean, the new “Luminor1950Flyback” regatta watch from Panerai will jump into the sight of men. The special edition of Luminor 1950Flyback is limited to 500 pieces. The dial is decorated with exquisite Clous de Paris pattern. The small dial is embossed. The chronograph dial is smooth and flat. To form a harmonious structure.
    的 A major feature of this watch is the cursive font ‘Flyback’ on the dial. Flyback is a horological term that refers to a special timing function inside the Panerai calibre OP XIX automatic movement controlled by the column wheel system-the zero return function, which facilitates the timing operation during water sports.
    Fame: the most accurate quaint remake

    Baume & Mercier, famous for its quaint origins, originated from the Jurassic Mountains in Switzerland. When it was founded in 1830, it represented the partnership between founder William Baume and the Tsar aristocrat PaulMercier. Low-key royal temperament. Recently, in order to commemorate the 175th anniversary of the creation of Baume & Mercier watch, the designer launched the Classima Executives large-scale replica watch, adding new elements at the same time retro, is the most nostalgic men’s classic investment watch.
    Classima Executives replica watches are a fusion of sophisticated craftsmanship and stylish appearance. The mechanical movement is equipped with a complex three-hand and one-line display function-this design that separates the hours, minutes and seconds hands first appeared in the seventeenth century and is regarded as the most accurate clock design. The oversized crown and the domed crystal are also popular in the 1950s. The outer edge of the creamy dial is polished with a bevel. All these details reveal a strong retro atmosphere.

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    Longines Presents The Royal Ascot Jockey Club Pioneer Series To Accompany Lin Zhiling To Experience The British Racing Event

    In June, a British horse racing event with a history of more than 300 years, the Royal Ascot was once again gracefully staged. The famous Swiss watchmaker Longines is the official partner, official timekeeper and designated watch of the event. On June 19th, Long Chin’s elegant image ambassador Lin Zhiling made his debut for the first time to experience the glamour of horse racing with the audience. On this occasion, Longines elegantly presented the Pioneer series of watches as the designated watch for the event. This series combines classic design and precision performance. The entire series is certified by the Swiss Observatory, praising the elegant attitude and chivalry in equestrian sports.

    Longines Global Vice President Richard Strohmeier and Longines Elegant Ambassador Lin Zhiling presented prizes to Queen’s Vase champion riders, horse owners and trainers, and awarded them Longines timepieces

    On June 19th, Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall presented prizes to champion riders, horse owners and trainers of the Prince of Wales’s Skates

       In mid-summer June, the Royal Ascot Jockey Club performed elegantly. Longines once again became the official partner of the race, the official timekeeping and designated watches, and carefully presented the Pioneer series of watches as the designated watch for the race. Elegant design, praise the elegant attitude and chivalry in equestrian sport.

    On June 19th, Longines Ambassador of Elegant Image Lin Zhiling visited the Royal Ascot Jockey Club to appreciate the elegant charm of equestrian sports

    Longines Ambassador Lin Zhiling visits Royal Ascot Jockey Club 2019

       The Royal Ascot Jockey Club is a grand social event in the UK in summer. With its long history and strong equestrian cultural atmosphere, it attracts countless celebrities. On June 19, Longines Elegant Ambassador Lin Zhiling chose to wear a Pioneer series watch with elegant dress, appeared at the Royal Ascot Jockey Club, and experience the glamour of horse racing. In the Queen’s Vase race that day, rider Oisin Murphy led the horse racing DashingWilloughby to the championship. Longines Vice President Richard Strohmeier and elegant ambassador Lin Zhiling presented Longines timepieces to horse owners, trainers and champion riders. In the Prince of Wales Championship (PrinceOfWales’sStakes) that day, rider FrankieDettori won the championship by riding CrystalOcean, and the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall presented awards to horse owners, trainers and champion riders.

    Jockey Oisin Murphy rides DashingWilloughby to win the Queen’s Vase

    Jockey FrankieDettori rides CrystalOcean to win the Prince of Wales Championship (PrinceOfWales’sStakes)

       Taking advantage of the event, Longines presented a pioneer series stainless steel rose gold watch as the official watch of the event. The collection combines classic elegance with superior quality, and aims to be the iconic masterpiece of Longines. With precise performance, the Pioneer series became the first Longines watch series to be certified by the Swiss Astronomical Observatory (COSC). This series uses a single crystal silicon hairspring in the movement to avoid the effects of standard temperature fluctuations, magnetic fields and atmospheric pressure, and ensure accurate travel time performance.

    Famous Swiss watchmaker Longines is named official partner, official timekeeper and designated watch of the Royal Ascot Jockey Club 2019

    The scene of the Royal Ascot Jockey Club

    On the day of the race, the rider galloped on the horse for an instant.

       The history of Longines and equestrian sports can be traced back to 1869. At that time, Longines created a pocket watch engraved with horses, which opened a deep relationship with equestrian sports for 150 years. In 1878, Longines A chronograph was born with the rider and his mount engraved on the back. In 1881, this chronograph accurate to the second was widely used in timing of equestrian events and was favored by riders and equestrian lovers. Today, Longines has been widely involved in equestrian events such as obstacle course, flat horse race, endurance race, etc., and has served as the title partner, official timekeeper and designated watch.

    Longines Pioneer series watch watch number: L2.821.5.72.7 suggested retail price: RMB28,300
       The Longines Pioneer series has a diameter of 40 mm and its silver sun-dial dial is decorated with 12 bar-shaped hour markers. Equipped with L888.4 self-winding mechanical movement, which contains a single crystal silicon hairspring, which cooperates with the balance wheel to ensure stable running performance. All models of the Longines Pioneer series have been awarded the ‘Precision Chronometer’ certification by the Swiss Observatory.

    Longines Pioneer series watch watch number: L2.320.5.87.7 suggested retail price: 24,500 RMB
       The Longines Pioneer series has a diameter of 26 mm, the case is set with diamonds, and the white mother-of-pearl dial is decorated with 12 diamond hour markers. Equipped with L592.4 self-winding mechanical movement, which contains a single crystal silicon spring, which cooperates with the balance wheel to ensure stable running performance. All models of the Longines Pioneer series have been awarded the ‘Precision Chronometer’ certification by the Swiss Observatory.

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    After 3 Minutes, This Blancpain Fifty Aunt Is So Beautiful

    In 2008, Benjamin Clymer registered the domain name Hodinkee.com. The name is inspired by the Czech word ‘hodinky’, which means ‘small watch’, and reflects Benjamin’s desire to talk about watches in a casual way, which is comfortable for readers of all levels. In addition to brand advertising and promotion costs, Hodinkee has generated many profit channels. In 2011, Hodinkee launched Pop-Up Flea in New York to start selling antique watches and straps. In 2013, Hodinkee launched Hodinkee Shop, an e-commerce platform that offers a variety of watches and men’s accessories. These profit channels also allow them to maintain their independence as media as much as possible without having to be completely constrained by the brand. In 2015, Vacheron Constantin will celebrate its 260th anniversary and present the Ref. 57260, the most complicated pocket watch in the history of brand watchmaking. It has been devoted to the development of 8 years with up to 57 functions. After being invited to participate in the official invitation of Vacheron Constantin, Hodinkee did a physical evaluation of this watch with up to 57 functions. Firstly, he introduced it in a snap, and finally released the conclusion with the official account: this is a very big and bad watch. In 2015, Hodinkee received an investment led by Digg co-founder Kevin Rose. Established 10 years ago, Hodinkee has become the world’s most influential watch media, none of them. In addition to selling antique watches, Hodinkee has also become the official authorized dealer of some brands for online sales. What is more different is that they and the brand have launched joint-branded works and have achieved great success. Today, Hodinkee and watch brand Blancpain launch a limited edition Fifty Fathoms, based on the production of Bathyscaphe. The more obvious change is that the dial has removed the calendar and replaced it with a 3-6-9 scale, supplemented by the old luminous filling. With a 38mm steel case and a penetrating design, you can see the movement of the self-produced Cal.1153 movement. The 18K gold autotop is embossed with the logos of Blancpain and Hodinkee at the same time, and the case is etched with a limited amount of 100 words. It is available in a limited edition of 100 pieces, priced at $ 9,900, and is priced at approximately RMB 68,000. It went on sale on July 18th at 10am EST, and sold out in less than 3 minutes. Undiscounted online sales, which shocked many offline dealers. The reason why Hodinkee is so successful is not only that they use their own aesthetics and experience to help table friends to effectively screen and streamline in advance. The selected watch itself is attractive enough. What’s more, after buying Hodinkee’s watches, consumers can join a cousin club, which is small and enthusiastic. You can make watch friends and discuss watches here, instead of just buying a watch and wearing it. For example, in this cooperation with Blancpain, Hodinkee held a small cocktail party that night for table friends to discuss and exchange. —END —

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    Those Haute Couture Watches In The History Of Watchmaking

    Speaking of the era of true watch customization, the time can be traced back several centuries. Under the technological conditions at that time, mass production of watches and clocks can be said to be an impossible task. Watches and clocks are considered unique and have a strong personal character.
    Breguet Queen Naples mechanical watch

       This is a story that has been around for a long time: as early as the end of the 18th century, the legendary giant of the watchmaking industry, Mr. Breguet, received an order from the Guardian of Queen Marie Antoinette of France: Customize all the details Wherever possible, it was made of gold, a pocket watch with all the complexities of the time. Because there was no requirement for the time of making this watch, and the technology of the watch was too strict, the watch was not completed until 1827, and at this time, both Queen Mary and Master Breguet had already told others It must be said that it is a bit of regret left in history.

       In addition to this legendary work, the birth of the world’s first watch was also born of customization: In 1810, Mr. Breguet was invited by Carol ine Murat, Napoleon’s sister and Queen Naples. In accordance with her requirements, she designed a female clock with a bracelet as the basic shape, which has both the decorative effect of the bracelet and the timekeeping function of the clock. It is such a very individual creative idea, which has made a broader path for the development of the watch industry, and has brought tremendous influence. To commemorate this event, Breguet named its most famous women’s watch series-Reinede Naples with ‘Queen of Naples’. Until now, this series of watches is still leading Breguet’s women’s watches, occupying a large share of Breguet’s product sales.

       Today, Breguet watches are also known for their simplicity and elegance. In addition to Queen Mary, there are other world history celebrities such as King Louis XVI, Queen Victoria, British Prime Minister Churchill, William I of Prussia, and even US Secretary of State Dulles. Although they are not in the same period, they all have one Contact, that is, the love of Breguet watches.
    Blancpain Ladies Watch

       In addition to the Naples series, time has passed to the 1950s. The new women’s watch series launched by Blancpain Customi has once again sparked women’s pursuit of customized services. At that time, small watches were popular all over the world, and Blancpain’s watchmaking artisans exerted their own skill level, and in 1956 produced the world’s lightest and most compact round watch-Lady Bird series (Lady Bird series). ), As soon as this bird was born, its crisp sounds attracted the attention of a lot of magnesium lamps, and since 1957, we can find this watch in Blancpain’s custom-made products for ladies from all over the world. Trail.

       Also in 1957, after a specially designed ladybird watch, it also flew on the wrist of a generation of legendary film-GretaGarbo, although these watches are exquisitely crafted and decorated with a lot of precious stones. The case also reflects the superb level of production. But the watch’s temperament did not give people a little sense of kitsch. It fits into Garbo’s ethereal and thin mind, and even today, although the ladybird series has slowly been sealed in the historical archives However, it is still good for Blancpain to provide customers with customized services of various watches: as big as the well-known Spring Palace Minute Repeater Watch, as small as the engraving or signature on the movement frame, the complicated design is enough to make every Blancpain Customers can become the source of creativity for designers.

       When it comes to the variety of watch customization services, each brand has its proud killer, and among them, Jaeger-LeCoultre’s most famous Reverso series of carved backs, or Dior’s advanced customization services are unique With a single manifestation, it is also more popular.

       From the moment the Reverso series’ iconic reversible case was designed in 1931, the advantage of this watch in custom service seems to have been laid. Why do ordinary watches have such advantages, the pattern text on the case back can be easily displayed in front of others. The thoughts that everyone wants to convey, the relationships they desire to express, and even their own perception of aesthetics, can be vividly expressed through the patterns engraved on the back of the Reverso series. Regardless of whether the customized service required by the customer is cumbersome or concise; portrait or text, Jaeger-LeCoultre can translate these requirements into reality and make this individualistic pattern full of artistic sense.

       Generally speaking, the grain patterns of watches designed for individuals are usually simply carved on the back of the watch. Jaeger-LeCoultre, who is determined to expand custom services, is now more innovative. The colored patterns and even the enamel patterns can show the back of Reverso. More eye-catching charm. In addition, Jaeger-LeCoultre’s inlaying workshop is more able to satisfy women’s passion for jewelry. The enviable patterns made by dazzling jewellery, whether it is the first letter of the last name, the symbol, or the lucky number Imprints can make your Reverso watch a precious souvenir.

       Today, the advanced customization functions of watches are often fresh items that most watch fans have never heard of. In the customization service, customers need to participate in a series of previous selections of customized watches: from color to material, from function to Every additional choice in style signifies the increasing unusualness of this custom watch.

       From the words of Dior Watch President Laurence Nicolas, we can read her beautiful feelings about Dior’s haute couture: ‘Dior watches can be described as the perfect combination of elegant Parisians and precise Swiss watchmakers, Dior’s haute couture watch is the crystallization of the innovative spirit of Paris haute couture work and the expertise of Swiss watchmaking. ‘Dior’s haute couture art began in the distant 1947 with the first haute couture in the West. Its skill proves the significance of its existence. And following the haute couture’s grasp of details, Dior also implemented this concept when designing and manufacturing watches.

       In line with Dior’s high-level custom watches, Piaget has also launched gorgeous ultra-thin fingerprint watches. The pattern on the dial can even be similar to the wearer’s fingerprint. At this year’s Geneva watch fair, the RM026 tourbillon watch launched by Richard Mille has a barrel-shaped case that is extremely difficult to manufacture, and the wonderful gemstone snake foot wrapped around the tourbillon movement has been praised. And the manufacturers are based on these two snakes winding on the dial as a model to provide customers with a variety of customized services, no matter what requirements you have for the gems embedded in the snake, Richard Mille watchmakers will turn them into reality.
       In this era of showing individuality and not following the trend, uniqueness represents absolute value status, and this uniqueness is the ultimate goal of every watch fan.

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    Concise And Retro Beauty Tasting Piaget Traditional Series Ultra-thin Watch

    Over the years, Piaget has continuously perfected its manufacturing equipment while inheriting traditional craftsmanship and watchmaking secrets. These are the essence of Piaget watches. In Piaget’s R & D workshop, watchmaking engineers, watchmakers and designers continue to research and carefully design all the appearance parts of the watch. The case of the Piaget watch is meticulously crafted to echo the perfect movement that is contained within it. Making the case requires more than sixty surface finishing and decoration procedures, each of which is carried out with great care and meticulousness.

      When it comes to Piaget, people often think of Piaget’s watches and jewellery. Never before has a brand merged these two industries so perfectly. Piaget’s traditional series of watches, timeless round shape, coupled with stunning slim style, through the infinite time and space without changing the classic. Today, the Watch House brings you a Piaget traditional series watch, the official model is: G0A34150.

      This watch is 25 mm in diameter. 18K rose gold case set with 36 round diamonds (approx. 0.7 carats). The dial is lined with 131 round diamonds (approximately 0.5 carats) with 12 brown garnet hour markers (approximately 0.1 carats). The lines are concise and retro, equipped with Piaget’s thinnest mechanical movement, and the 18k rose gold bracelet is more delicate, soft and comfortable. Piaget regains traditional craftsmanship to make this watch, which is famous for its cable decoration welded to the links.

      The thickness of the case is 4.8 millimeters, which is more slender from the side. Most women do n’t like a thick case, and it feels bulky and uncontrollable. This ultra-thin case just meets their pursuit of lightness. . The crown is also made of 18k rose gold, and the edges are geared for a comfortable feel. The satin-finished crown is engraved with the letter ‘P’ to represent its noble brand identity.

      The 18k rose gold bracelet of Piaget watches is like a fine piece of art. Each chain link must be polished and sanded alternately by hand, showing elegance and refinement. Any structure of the bracelet is carefully crafted to achieve a soft and smooth, comfortable wearing effect. Each bracelet seems to be ‘tailored’ to fit the lines of the wrist perfectly.

      The minimalist silhouette of the watch reflects the classic luxury charm, and the gorgeous diamonds set on the bezel exude a bright light, demonstrating luxury style. Piaget’s diamonds meet the highest standards in color, weight and purity.

      The integrated buckle is simple and convenient, safe and reliable. The buckle is engraved with the letter ‘P’ as a decoration, and the subtleties show the meticulousness and exquisiteness of the brand’s watchmaking.

      The dial is the most gorgeous part of the watch. It is lined with 131 round diamonds and weighs about 0.5 carats. Diamond setting is a delicate and rigorous work, which has high requirements on technology, and the design of gem setting is a very important link, which can highlight the lines of the work and make it rich in layers. The drill disc is like a honeycomb, compact and regular. The hour scale is displayed in brown garnet, contrasting in color, revealing elegance in luxury.

      The watch features a compact design and brushed metal. It is equipped with a Piaget 430P ultra-thin manual winding mechanical movement, which is derived from the legendary Piaget 9P movement. It is only 2.1 mm thick and has a power reserve of about 43 hours. This movement offers a variety of possibilities for different shapes and is the blueprint for the world’s thinnest 600P rectangular tourbillon movement. The movement is extremely slim, with hour and center hands, the movement is decorated with a traditional circular Geneva wave pattern, the main splint is decorated with a ring-shaped corrugated finish, the bridge is chamfered, and the blue steel screws on the bridge reflect Piaget watchmaking brand strives for perfection.

      Summary: The first impression of the design of this Piaget watch is elegance and luxury. The ultra-thin case with superb ultra-thin movement, in general, this is a watch with excellent appearance and practicality. It is a very good choice for women who seek both beauty and comfort. . This watch is currently discontinued, and interested friends can consult the local Piaget watch store. The current domestic price of this watch is 440,800 yuan.

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    Female Charm Andering Time

    Omega Celebrity Ambassador Zhang Ziyi and Supermodel Cuckoo are wearing Omega classic women’s watches at the scene, showing unique feminine charm

     Omega ‘montre agrafe’ pin watch, showing Art Deco design style

     Omega ‘Tubogas’ Gas Pipe Watch, 18K Red Gold

    Omega ‘Flower’ flower concealed dial female watch, made of 18K yellow gold, designed by the famous designer Jean Haux of Artbijoux in Geneva

     Omega ‘Tank’ Tank Stealth Dial Watch, 18K Yellow Gold Bracelet Resembles Tank Tracks

    Breguet’s ‘Naples’, Omega’s ‘Constellation’, Cartier’s ‘Tank’ … whenever we speak of these famous classic women’s watches, they can often be clearly distinguished with only one glance. These classic women’s watches, just like the pearl in the long river of time, are still beautiful after years of baptism.

    A few days ago, with the grand opening of Omega’s southwestern flagship store in Vientiane City, Chengdu, Omega brought more than 130 museum watch collections, bringing a classic women’s watch exhibition “female charm through time” to Southwest consumers The unique female watch style that Omega has led since the end of the 19th century.

    This year is the 118th year that Omega has entered the Chinese market. As the brand’s most well-known and well-known classic women’s watch styles, the new Omega Constellation series models have appeared in Chengdu at the same time. Omega brand celebrity ambassador Zhang Ziyi and supermodel Cuckoo also came to the scene to cut ribbons for new stores and new products with Omega Global President Okehua and Omega China Vice President Yang Ye.

    Omega exhibited several classic women’s watches in its century-old watchmaking history: the ‘Montre agrafe’ pin watch in the Art Deco style in 1929, the female watch with the concealed dial in 1955, and the ‘Tank’ invisible watch in 1957 Watches … A series of works not only tell the evolution of Omega Women’s Watches from pocket watches, wall charts, and pendants to watches, but also show Omega’s innovative design and spark collisions with jewelry masters and artists.

    However, no matter what the trend, simplicity and practicality has always been a good idea for ordinary consumers. As Okehua, the global president of Omega, said, simple, classic design and more emphasis on durability are important elements of a female watch. Omega’s constellation series, which has been selling well for more than 60 years, precisely uses this simple and classic design and good quality assurance to fully meet the needs of modern women for watches.

    Constellation Series



    米 Omega added a golden star-flare logo to its Centenary Centenary dial, and equipped with an automatic chronometer movement, the first constellation watch was launched.


    米 Omega released the Constellation Manhattan Watch. In order to ensure the water resistance of the watch, the dial shape was added with four ‘claw’ designs for the first time.

    the year 1995

    米 Omega began working with celebrity ambassadors, and the joining of Cindy Crawford made the constellation series a well-known ‘Cindy Crawford’s choice’.

    Year 2009

    米 Omega upgraded the entire Constellation watch series. Improve the design of ‘claw support’, place the constellation star emblem at 6 o’clock on the dial, the dial has more colors and materials to choose from, and all models are waterproof to 100 meters.

    year 2013

    全新 Omega Constellation series new models released, ‘Claw’ using 18K gold, women’s watches are available in two sizes of 27 mm and 31 mm. This model measures 31 mm. The ‘paw’ of the watch and the hour, minute and second hands are made of the same precious metal, which perfectly echoes the design.

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    Hubo Launched 12 Male Boxer Watches

    Hublot began its partnership with the World Boxing Council (WBC) with a series of 12 unique watches, each dedicated to one of the world’s greatest boxers: Lennox Lewis (Lenox-Lewis), Julio Cesar Chavez, Mike Tyson, Sugar Ray Leonard, George Foreman Herman), Marvelous Marvin Hagler, Tommy Harns, Roberto Duran, Oscar de la Hoya, Oscar de la Hoya Asia), Evander Holyfield (Evand-Hollyfield), Jeff Fenech (Jeff Fenech) and Larry Holmes (Larry Holmes).
        The watches were auctioned before a special event planned from June to September this year, which will bring together these legendary boxers to compete in the same stage and raise funds for the charity work of the federation.
    Hublot and WBC launch 12 boxer watches
        The proceeds of the watch auction will be donated to the charity work of the World Boxing Council, and the winner of the auction will attend the September event with the boxers represented by the watches they photographed. Hublot and WBC launch 12 boxer watches
        Hublot was born in 1980. It is the first Swiss top watch brand to combine precious metals and natural rubber as raw materials. Its birth, whether in terms of watchmaking materials or the unique aesthetic concepts interpreted by watches, is in the watch industry. All have set off a revolution. In 2004, Jean-Claude Beaver, one of the few legendary figures who could engrave the name in the history of Swiss watchmaking, took over Hublot, and used the Big Bang series that subverted the watchmaking industry to make Hublot sing all the way, at the same time Also announced the arrival of the revival era of Hublot.

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    Yu Wenle, Please Don’t Bring Any More Goods!

    I don’t know how much people are paying attention to sneakers. In the shoe ring, there is a sentence ‘Yu Wenle and Edison Chen pass through, that’s too confusing’. The ‘paste’ here does not mean that the dishes are mashed, but that they will be ‘fried’ at high prices, and most of the shoes they wear will (definitely) rise in price. Among them, ‘Uncle Watch’ Yu Wenle’s ability to take goods can not be ignored. Watches, sneakers and laces are already common. Milk tea, afternoon tea, sandwiches, ice cream … Even the tea restaurants and tea shops he eats often will be taken. fiery. Yu Wenle, please don’t bring any more goods! Leave some ‘living paths’ to us ordinary people!

    Yu Wenle ins sharing private photos

     Yu Wenle likes antique labor, which is an open secret. In the picture above, Yu Wenle on vacation wore a Rolex antique submarine series watch. Yu Wenle replaced the strap with a NATO strap more suitable for summer wear, wearing a pair of sunglasses and sitting next to a coffee shop by the road Smiling at the camera.

    Yu Wenle ins sharing private photos

     After forming a family, Yu Wenle often traveled between Taiwan and Hong Kong because of his wife’s relationship. Yu Wenle has many friends. In the picture above, Yu Wenle’s friend’s tea shop in Taiwan.

     Do n’t forget to expose the strap while you are drinking tea. Guess which Rolex is this?

    Yu Wenle ins tanned antique Rolex 5513

     The Rolex Submariner 5513 watch, because of the Rolex’s iconic water ghost dial design, making time easier to identify
    . Earlier models have a nocturnal luminous dot mark without a platinum outer ring, so people also call it plaster face
    . The Oyster waterproof case is 40mm in diameter and features a bi-directional rotating black aluminum bezel. The Arabic numerals on the bezel are also relatively thick. The strong antique water ghost smell on this watch is probably one of the great reasons to attract Yu Wenle.

    Yu Wenle ins antique Rolex Submariner watch

     Obviously, each Rolex is Yu Wenle’s heart, he loves Rolex culture, and has a nearly obsessive like the design and craftsmanship of Rolex submariner watches. On social networking sites, Yu Wenle also shared the story of the famous ‘Paul Newman’.

    Shawn Yue wears antique Rolex Paul Newman Daytona
     As can be seen from the picture, this is an antique Rolex Daytona made of a gold case and bracelet. The design of the dial in the dial is reminiscent of ‘Paul Newman’, the iconic block timescale. The condition is so excellent, which shows that Yu Wenle is very precious to this watch. So he said ‘one of my favorite’-the one I like the most.

    Yu Wenle ins private photos

     This antique Rolex Submariner series is also one that Yu Wenle often tans. The red double-knife logo on the dial is the national emblem on the flag of the Sultanate of Oman. This watch was specially presented to the SAS army by King Sultan Qaboos at that time in recognition of the British Military SAS stationed in the Dhofar campaign. No wonder Yu Wenle expressed his love for Ins more than once. But I’m afraid that Yu Wenle’s favorite is not an antique Rolex, but a seemingly ‘ordinary’ Casio G-shock series small black watch.

    Yu Wenle ins blueprint

    Yu Wenle ins blueprint

     This Casio not only exposed on the ins is actually a joint model of the cooperation between Yu Wenle Chao Chao brand madness and Casio. In early June, Yu Wenle exposed this watch on social networking sites, which attracted a lot of attention. On June 25, the official officially sold the lot to the public by phone, and the price was of course not informed until the lottery was won. However, this watch has begun to frantic in the market. On a certain treasure, we see a lot of high-priced collection information.

    Bao searched for this co-branded model, and a page with a high price appeared

    Yu Wenle wears MADNESS and CASIO watches

    MADNESS and CASIO jointly G-shock watch

    The color is low-key and versatile, the tough guy feels full, and the back is engraved with ‘MADNESS’

    The watch case of the joint model is also full of personality, and the design of the ammunition box is also one of the reasons that attracts many people

     The brand names of MADNESS and CASIO can be seen on the surface to indicate the joint identity, and MADNESS mesh diamonds are used for design. The ordinary G-shock series can be started for only about one thousand yuan. I don’t know how high the price of this watch will eventually be in the market. The ability to bring goods is not only that. In addition to this watch, Yu Wenle recently drank yezzy500 on ins, and the price also broke the 3,000 yuan mark from around 2,000 yuan.

    Yu Wenle sun yezzy500

     When the Yezzy500 was first listed, the offer price was less than 2,000 yuan. The speculation price of a certain treasure is only around 2500, but after Yu Wenle tanned a pair of shoes, these shoes in my shopping cart went up by a thousand yuan. So buying shoes and watches are the same, start before you get fired, or you have to ‘remorse for life.’

    Yu Wenle wears yezzy700
     Yeezy 700 has also become a shoe that Yu Wenle will really wear when traveling to Italy. The market price of this pair of women’s models is 37.5 yards (key points, does anyone buy it for me) around RMB3500.

     Off-White x RIMOWA transparent travel case is also the latest equipment for Yu Wenle’s recent travels. Under the transparent shell, various madness items are neatly stacked, simple and neat, and the market price has already exceeded 20,000. Real King of Goods, Yu Wenle. If you say the above, you can buy it if you have the money. It is also difficult for you to imitate the money that Yu Wenle has exposed.

     After marriage, Yu Wenle, in addition to drying his watch and shoes, drank the most of his wife and children. The Chinese name of the child is ‘Yu Chujian’ and the English name is Cody. Little Cody is still young, but has made multiple exits on Dad’s ins. In the picture above, Yu Wenle took Cody out for a walk and chose “NB” for 990 shoes. Cody’s stroller also caught my attention. It turned out to be AstonMartin, a luxury convertible baby stroller with a limit of 800 cars worldwide, priced at nearly 20,000 yuan.

    Yu Wenle drying Cody’s little hands on ins
     Cody’s little hands and feet should not be too cute, okay! Yu Wenle, the first father, enjoyed his father’s role and carefully recorded the growth of this Cody.

    Yu Wenle and Cody

     I think many people see this, and they have to say that Yu Wenle is not ‘goods’, but his attitude towards life. Be content, pursue what you like, and keep a passion for life. In such a life, I have to say, ‘I admit that I am jealous’!