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    Richard Mille Richard Mille And Tokyo Palace

    Following 2018 and the world’s leading contemporary art fair Frieze (including four active platforms: Frieze London, FriezeMasters, Frieze
    Los Angeles and Frieze New York), today’s RICHARD
    MILLE increasingly supports the creative cause. This investment is in the same vein as the brand’s previous cooperation projects, including the collaboration with choreographer Benjamin
    Millepied), Congolese street artists, and Éditions Cercle
    The acquisition of d’ Art-the publisher was founded with the support of Picasso and published his first albums in the late 1950s.

    • Strengthen the brand’s deep investment in contemporary art
    • Three-year partnership
    • Located in the heart of Paris, the largest contemporary art center in Europe

     The RICHARD MILLE brand was founded in 2001. It was born from a deep desire to break the old rules of luxury watchmaking. The most exquisite craftsmanship, unquestionable quality standards, at the same time, coupled with the almost minimalist modern design-RICHARD MILLE successfully broke the mainstream vision, creating a brand new watch aesthetics. One new watch after another broke through all the restrictions and constraints of the watchmaking industry and was born. This shocking enthusiasm coincides with its loyal customers, a group of wearers who strive for excellence, such as the top athletes and female athletes in the sports industry, each of whom is fascinated by its creation. The maverick concept goes hand-in-hand with the cutting-edge technology made in Switzerland and pushes the brand into the forefront of the high-end watch industry with a tendency to break through the bamboo and enters this noble and sophisticated world.

     Today, this three-year collaboration, this unprecedented collaboration for the Tokyo Palace, seems self-evident. RICHARD MILLE invested with all his heart and decided to support this highly prestigious and continuously innovative space for such a long period of time. Its intention is to contribute to the art, so that the fire of art will continue to flourish in the French capital.

     Inside Tokyo Palace, there is a long-standing consensus: ‘Subversion and creation do not distinguish each other, but it is strange that in terms of art, the two must be born with precision. In this dull world, the artist is doing his best Accurate explorations create new languages ​​and open new horizons. These new possibilities often go beyond the usual territory of their environment. ‘

     Tokyo Palace, unlike anywhere in Paris. It is not a museum because it does not display collections; in fact, it is a contemporary art center, a lively and constantly tasting platform that welcomes the latest creative works today, especially the masterpieces of French and European artists. Since the curtain began in 2002, the Tokyo Palace continues to seek breakthroughs. It not only has a completely different opening time from other cultural venues in Paris, but also accepts various art forms such as dance, film, and video … For 15 years, the Tokyo Palace The maverick philosophy, the careful listening to the voice of the general public (approximately 640,000 visitors per year), and the heavyweight and large-scale exhibitions it brings have earned this venue a worldwide reputation and status.

     Tokyo Palace has a large exhibition space of 22,000 square meters. This space is dedicated to the masters of famous history, so that their figures return to today’s stage-such as the 2012 Julio le Parc exhibition-at the same time, this space is also for such as Camille Henrot, Jean-Jacques Young artists such as Lebel, Kader Attia or Neil Beloufa offer opportunities to express themselves to a wide audience. As a result, Tokyo Palace has become a veritable booster and active role in the French cultural world.

     The forthcoming Sensible exhibition will feature the solo exhibitions of artists such as Theaster Gates, Franck Scurti, Julien Creuzet, Angelica Mesiti and Julius von Bismark. It will be the first exhibition of the collaboration between RICHARD MILLE and Tokyo Palace.

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    Roger Dubuis Series Automatic Winding Hollow Watches Are On Sale. In Addition, New Pirelli Cooperation Models At The 2017 Watch Exhibition Have Arrived In The Store. Hurry Up To An Appointment

    The unique and domineering shape, and the exquisite and extraordinary core design have created the noble charm of Swiss high-end watch brand Roger Dubuis. Recently, we visited the Roger Dolby store in Beijing’s SKP. An atmospheric and classic Roger Dubuis series automatic winding skeleton watch is on sale now. The recognizable self-winding skeleton design movement is perfectly integrated, showing avant-garde high-tech beauty. It is worth mentioning that during the 2017 SIHH watch exhibition, Roger Dubuis and Pirelli cooperation new products will also be sold in the store on August 4, don’t miss it if you like it.

       Wonderful and subtle three-dimensional visual effects, Roger Dubuis’ highly recognizable cutout, is a unique wrist-view created by the brand for the wearer. This design perfectly combines sophisticated machinery, practical functions and extraordinary aesthetics, showing the brand’s talents and creativity as ‘the pioneers of contemporary hollow-out techniques.’

    Carbon fiber SMC composite case

       The carbon-fiber SMC composite material—with a grooved bezel and three-pronged lugs—is a round case that is not only lightweight, but also more durable and reliable than traditional cases. The watch case, which has been carefully treated by the brand, is extremely visually striking and shows a bold and bold spirit on the wrist.

       This watch is the first self-winding skeletonized watch equipped with Roger Dubuis micro-rotor. It has a power reserve of 60 hours. In addition, the self-winding hollow-out movement design is unique in its transparency and ornamentality, which is breathtaking.

    Black Genuine Alligator Leather Strap with Black DLC Coated Titanium Folding Clasp

    2017 SIHH watch exhibition new Pirelli cooperation models

    Summary: In the conversation with the store staff, I learned that this Roger Dubuis series automatic winding skeleton watch is also a hot item in the store. Friends who like it may wish to take a look. In addition, this year’s new Roger Dubuis star model-the new Pirelli cooperation model has also met with everyone in the store, friends who are looking forward to seize this opportunity, classic look at the new product!
    More details:
       This quotation was collected on August 3, 2017. The watch price / spot is subject to change at any time. For the final price, please pay attention to the store details.
    [Dealer Name]: Roger Dubuis Beijing SKP Store
    [Dealer Address]: D1057-1, Watch and Clock District, 1st Floor, SKP, No. 87 Jianguo Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing
    [Contact]: 010-65307985 Please call us as a ‘watch home’ user