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    Berrès Creates Unique Watches To Pay Tribute To The Glorious Past

    Bell & Ross has entered another new milestone, re-entering the first wristwatches that appeared during the First World War: PW1 (Pocket Watch 1) and watch version Vintage WW1 (Wrist Watch 1).
       An expert in military watchmaking, Bell & Ross is passionate about the mission of rejuvenating the essence of the earliest timepieces that influenced history and creating unique watches that pay tribute to the glory days of the past. PW1 & WW1 Argentium is the best example of combining aviation history and watchmaking technology.

    Revival of old materials
       PW1 & WW1 Argentium preserves the magic of early-generation watches and sublimates the design with innovative watchmaking techniques: the case is made of a new anti-oxidant alloy Argentium, and this forgotten material is newly developed. Unique colors, gorgeous luster, and unique depth: PW1 & WW1 Argentium reveals its silvery beauty.
       PW1 Repetition Minutes: Minute repeating watch: the complex and extraordinary craftsmanship and the tourbillon and perpetual calendar stand up to the complex watch craft, it is the minute repeating watch. Such a top-level specialized masterpiece requires mastery of sophisticated watchmaking techniques. The creation of the PW1 Repetition Minutes minute repeater is a poetic interpretation of a pocket watch by Bell & Ross.

       The PW1 Repetition Minutes minute repeater is like a wristwatch of the past. It does not rely on time to read, but to listen to it. It is also a symbol of Bell & Ross expertise. Resonating from the high-quality silver case, the pure tone of the time is a pure sensory enjoyment. This complex mechanical watch can respond to the need to tell the time with subtle rhymes, and issue a low-tone hourly every hour, followed by a series of low and high-pitched sounds every 5 minutes. This complication is activated by the button on the left side of the case, and under careful arrangement, the perfectly coordinated hammer components ring the bell with just the right strength. The vibrations of this intricate and delicate part made of thin iron wire produce a soft and wonderful rhyme. The PW1 Repetition Minutes repeats the traditional design features of the old watch: manual-winding mechanical movement, silver case bracelet, arched crystal watch and so on. Open the Barleycorn barley guilloché patterned caseback to see the delicate mechanics. Bell & Ross presents the PW1 Repetition Minutes minute repeater, and embarks on a timeless journey with connoisseurs and collectors.

    WW1 Argentium: a watch that changes from performing
       Created from a unique silver alloy, the WW1 Argentium perfectly reflects the charm of quality watches from the early years. Both new creations present a refined and refined aesthetic in the unique style of Bell & Ross.
    Two new titles retain the unique personality of the WW1 series:
       The hour hand and time mark treated with decals are timeless and elegant.
       The arched mirror creates a classic watch feel, replacing the original glass with a perfectly technical sapphire crystal.
       Built on the finest watchmaking traditions, the manual winding movement returns to the fundamental value of watchmaking. The lugs of the case are welded and the quaint alligator strap is comfortable and perfect.
       The new work is different from other WW1 models in that it has a 41 mm vintage appearance, unique silver gloss and treatment:
       The silver dial version of the radiation dial is shimmering with the milky white light refractions, subtly blending with the silver case, creating an amazing harmony. With the same color of hands, digital and time mark, noble and simple. The ruthenium version of the dark gray radioactive dial with the color of the strap contrasts subtly with the silver light of the case.
       Harmoniously presenting subtle changes in various gray levels, the WW1 Argentium watch series pays attention to every detail and is very attractive. The WW1 Argentium watch series reproduces silver light, and uses modified new metal to create unique and high-quality watch masterpieces, which become full of charm, dazzling and precious. Bell & Ross is inspired by classic masterpieces.

    DUBOIS DEPRAZ manual winding movement

    Movement: Dubois Depraz hand-wound movement (power reserve 56 hours).
    Case: 49 mm diameter case with bracelet, made of the antioxidant alloy Argentium. Open the Barleycorn barley guilloché case back to see the delicate mechanical operation.
    Functions: Hours, minutes, small seconds, 5 minutes chronograph: display, chronometer (hours and minutes) as required. A low-tone chronograph is issued every hour, followed by a series of low- and high-pitched audible alarms every 5 minutes. The timekeeping mechanism is activated by a button on the left side of the case.
    Dial: Ruthenium dark gray radiation pattern, arched treatment, time index indicator treated by decal metal.
    Mirror: Anti-glare arched sapphire crystal. Water resistance: 30 meters. Price: RMB 362,000 (limited production)

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    Within Ten Thousand Yuan Three Recommended Gold-plated Mechanical Watches

    Gold-plated watches can be said to have the luxury temperament of precious metal watches, but also have a moderate price, so for some budgets but like the luxurious atmosphere of precious metals, gold-plated watches are definitely a good The choice, of course, if the budget is adequate, you can start with a precious metal watch properly. Today, the Watch House recommends three gold-plated mechanical watches for everyone.

    Ybor Road Retro Series LGR8180-28551BK Watch

    Watch Series: Vintage
    Movement type: automatic machinery
    Case material: stainless steel case, ion-plated rose gold
    Strap material: Premium leather strap
    Case diameter: 34.5 mm
    Domestic public price: ¥ 8700
    Details of the watch: It feels calm, the case is not too thick, and it does not feel heavy when worn.

    Summary: The gold-plated layer on gold-plated watches is mostly 14K gold. This kind of gold contains a certain amount of silver in addition to 58.5% of pure gold. After silver reacts with some volatile industrial waste gases in the air, a black silver sulfide film will be produced on the surface, which will cause the gold-plated watch to lose its golden luster. Therefore, wear gold-plated watches to avoid contact with chemicals and exhaust gases, such as gas, liquefied gas and sulfur soap, and keep the gold-plated watches dry and clean. It is best to wipe with a flannel once a week.