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    Five Dior Classic Watches Extraordinary Luxury

    For a long time, Dior Dior is synonymous with gorgeousness and elegance. Dior classic watches have an extraordinary sense of luxury, such as the advanced custom series “PASSAGE N ° 3” of Dior crystal diamond watches. Each of the eight watches with a diameter of 33 millimeters is different, which can fully meet people’s requirements for pursuing bright colors.
    Dior crystal diamond watch advanced customized series ‘PASSAGE N ° 3’

    2010In 2010, Dior first launched this high-end customized series of crystal diamond watches. A total of eight watches with a diameter of 33 mm, each of which has a different color scheme, can fully meet people’s requirements for the pursuit of brilliant colors.
    Dior Crystal Diamond Watch ‘8’ Series Gold and Fine Jewelry Painted

    In the history of Dior’s development, ‘8’ is a significant number. This is the lucky number of Dior brand founder Mr. Dior. This handbag has a mysterious movement. The diameter of the watch is 38 mm. Dior made ‘8’ into Watch styles are also the best way to pay tribute to Mr. Dior.
    Dior red digital watch I03 alligator strap

    手 This hand Dior was launched in 2004 with a diameter of 30 mm. Some of the bezels are designed with metal teeth. The widened right lugs highlight asymmetrical elements, making the crown on the right less obtrusive.
    Christal Ruby Tourbillon Watch

    推出 This watch was launched in 2009. There is only one watch in the world. The production process is very difficult. The selected ruby ​​comes from a Thai ruby ​​mine that has been closed. More importantly, the owner has collected the private collection for 30 years.
    The mysterious movement of the Dior crystal watch

    John Galliano was obsessed with Art Deco’s decorative works of art and was inspired by it. Dior Kadio worked with Quinting and five engineers from the watchmaking, automotive and electronics industries to develop this after seven years A watch with a completely transparent mysterious movement.