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    Kunlun New Limited Edition Golden Bridge Series Memorial Watch

    Jinqiao series watches have an ingenious full-perspective design, and boldly use a long movement that is rare in the watch industry, fully reflecting the brand’s contemporary spirit and unique design since its inception. Concept, and sports-style Admiral’s Cup (Admiral’s Cup) and simple and elegant Romvlvs series named Kunlun watch original watch series, and is well-known in the altar and highly respected by the world. In 2010, Kunlun Watch also presented a carefully crafted new limited edition Golden Bridge commemorative watch for all celebrities. In addition to the overall design ingenuity, it also upheld the consistent style of the brand series, and at the same time gave the well-acclaimed classic Golden Bridge watch New connotation. This watch is famous for its fully transparent visual effects. The biggest difference between this commemorative watch and traditional design is that the dial and movement will be moved from the top to the lower position.
    The new 30th Anniversary watch is like a theater stage, and the straight-lined long movement is the protagonist on the stage, and the faceplate is the background on the stage. This series uses four precious metals respected by the fine watchmaking industry: gold, rose gold, white gold and platinum. Each style provides a variety of faceplate decoration and color variations to choose from, and the color of the movement is strengthened. It’s visibility and ornamental. Regardless of the material style of the watch, the black, dark gray, light gray and gold dials use vertical or radial gold carving, and the hour markers will be inlaid with convex metalwork. For different face plates and materials, the movement plywood and bridge plate also provide 18K yellow gold, rose gold and white gold materials.
    2010The Golden Bridge 30th Anniversary Watch launched in 2010 has a total of six combinations to choose from, all of which are produced in limited quantities ranging from 33 to 133 pieces worldwide. The perfect masterpiece is created by the details. Through the back cover and the transparent face plate, this exquisite CO 113 bridge movement can be clearly seen at a glance. In order to maintain the same design concept with the shape of the movement, the watch’s back cover window also shows a long and narrow shape. It is interesting to notice that this window is exactly the shape of a key lying horizontally, just right Kunlun’s brand identity and brand motto ‘UNLOCK AND CONQUER’ (the courage to open up and conquer difficulties) are combined and echoed!
    Kun Kunlun gave this legendary and classic Golden Bridge model a brand new life and introduced the Golden Bridge ladies watch, which has become an important milestone in the era of high-end women’s watches. Indeed, until now, all ladies who like Jinqiao watches have to choose between masculine and large-sized men’s watches and elegant and luxurious jewelry, until the advent of the new Jinqiao ladies’ watch exclusively for women. With the existing thinking mode, under the condition that the essence of Jinqiao watches remains unchanged, ladies can also easily choose the new aesthetics of top-level watches that combine jewelry craftsmanship and watchmaking expertise.
    The case of the lady’s watch in Jinqiao is still made of sapphire crystal glass, which is transparent on all sides. It can watch the operation of this complex movement from the front, back, sides and different angles, showing a perfect perspective effect without reservation; And the slim and slim-sized wine barrel-shaped case design is more in line with women’s keen fashion taste. Due to the lack of lugs, the hand-stitched alligator leather strap can fit more completely on the female wrist. The crown at six o’clock adds a refined elegance to the overall case design. With the mutual contrast of the hollow hands of the lady’s watch and the narrow case frame, it can show the dazzling and impressive CO 113 movement.

    The Jinqiao ladies watch inherits the watchmaking technology from high-end watches, condensing infinite time in a limited tiny space of less than two-half cubic centimeters, and two pure gold bridge plates hand-crafted by the exclusive engraving master of the brand of Kunlun Watch. It is decorated with a tree fern pattern in the Jurassic Mountains of Switzerland and a dancing movement between gears and bridges. And in order to maintain a consistent and beautiful feeling with the case, the hands are also made of 18K white gold or rose gold. The slender and elegant body of the CO 113 movement transforms time into the feminine and touching lines, and incorporates a special and exclusive size design for women. The annual production is limited to 333, and it is also available in 18K white gold, rose gold and inlay There are 90 gorgeous real diamond styles to choose from.

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    G-shock & Baby-g

    To welcome romantic Western Valentine’s Day, G-SHOCK & BABY-G especially recommends a variety of different styles of watches, through the outfit of couples and the daily dating life, to create two people Between personality style and fond memories. G-SHOCK, which founded the brand in 1983, is designed for love of outdoor sports. It has the biggest feature of being not bad and strong. In response to the different needs of girls for watches, the BABY-G brand was created in 1994 to maintain the existing Shock-resistant features, adding more choices in watch design and color to meet the changing needs of girls. Feel free to choose your favorite style, whether it is the same color or contrast, this year Valentine’s Day together with G-SHOCK & BABY-G to create a couple watch exclusive to you.
    G-SHOCK & BABY-G paired with a couple sweet watch
       With the arrival of Western Valentine’s Day, CASIO specially invited four groups of well-known online couples in different styles to interpret the G-SHOCK & BABY-G pair of watch pairs. Bu Xin and Chen Baiwei, casual sports style Bao Jiayi and Wu Bohan, black minimalist Zero and Jin Cheng, and Jane Katie and Xu Guanghan who love the fresh and gentle style, the four groups of couples wear different styles to show different watches. Wear and use G-SHOCK & BABY-G’s latest or classic models to let each other feel a strong love on the wrist, while G-SHOCK & BABY-G not only has rich collocation but also values ​​practicality Function, whether it is the orange-blue-black-violet contrasting design or the black and white simple design, it has launched a hand circumference design that matches the thickness of men and women. It is definitely the most stylish sweet accessory between couples, full of romantic atmosphere Valentine’s Day, G-SHOCK & BABY-G is a sweet yet personal trendy style. I hope that all lovers who are full of happiness can ‘express’ their eternal love between lovers.

    G-SHOCK _GA-110NC-2A


    GA-110 & BA-110 Series
       A pair of watches made of G-SHOCK GA-110 and BABY-G BA-110. The contrasting design of orange blue and black purple makes the case and the strap show a strong lively feeling. The diameter of the GA-110NC watch is about 51mm, while the BA-110NC has a diameter of about 43mm, which meets the hand circumference of men and women of different thicknesses. The handsome hands are matched with digital double-expanded design. The metal parts are stacked to create a three-dimensional layering. , World time, stopwatch, countdown, 5 groups of alarms, etc.

    G-SHOCK _GA-110NC-6A


    GA-110 & BA-110 Black x Gold Series
       The pairing watch composed of G-SHOCK GA-110 and BABY-G BA-110, eye-catching design of cool black x dazzling gold, make the case and strap show sexy street rate, GA-110GB diameter is about 51mm, and The diameter of the BA-110 table is about 43mm, which meets the hand circumference of men and women of different thicknesses. The handsome hands are matched with digital double explicit design. The metal parts are stacked to create a three-dimensional layered sense. They are equipped with an impact-resistant structure, waterproof 100 meters, world time. , Stopwatch, countdown, 5 groups of alarms, etc.

    G-SHOCK _GA-110GB-1A


    DW-6900 & BG-6901 Series
       A pair of watches made of G-SHOCK classic DW-6900 and BABY-G BG-6901. The simple design of white x silver and white x gold is sexy and simple, the DW-6900 has a diameter of about 50mm, and BG The diameter of the -6901 watch is about 45mm, which meets the hand circumference of men and women of different thicknesses. The simple digital display design, plus the metal dial, is equipped with shock-resistant structure, 200 meters waterproof, stopwatch, countdown, alarm … and other functions.

    G-SHOCK _DW-6900NB-7