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    Too Many Interesting Souls And Few Interesting Watches

    Su Shi and Buddhism Zen are friends. Once, when they played chess, the two agreed to look at each other in quietness. Su Shi first looked at the seal of the meditation and sitting quietly, and said, ‘Master, I see you like a shit.’ The Buddhist monk then looked at Su Dongpo of the meditation and sitting quietly, but said, ‘Master Su, I think you are a Buddha. Su Dongpo was so proud of himself that he thought he was better than the Buddha Seal this time. When he got home, he told this to Su Xiaomei. Unexpectedly, Su Xiaomei said, ‘Brother, your state is too low, there is a Buddha in Buddha’s heart, and everything is a Buddha. You have shit in your heart, so it’s a pity to see others. Shit. ‘This old story tells us that a person’s mentality determines a person’s words and deeds. You have a Buddha in your heart, and you see that everything is a Buddha; you have shit in your heart, and you see that everything is naturally shit.

       Not long ago, an article about ‘too few interesting souls’ that was circulated in the circle of friends, how do you say, ‘Hua Xia is vast and extensive; with talented people, how can there be too few interesting’ souls ‘? Sorry, it’s just that people like the author groaned without disease and were too boring. If it is really small, after this year’s double exhibition (SIHH and Baselworld), I find that there are not many new models that are “interesting”. After all, the size of a square inch is both good-looking and interesting.

       Cartier launched the Cheetah decoration watch on SIHH this year. It cleverly uses diamond, black lacquer and emerald to combine the new movement with the image of the cheetah with superb jewelry craftsmanship. The superb jewellery craftsmanship made Cartier present a lifelike three-dimensional cheetah image. The most interesting are the minutes displayed by the leopard head and claws, and the hours displayed by the ball. Under normal circumstances, the innocent look of a cheetah chasing a ball and playing is very interesting.

       Van Cleef & Arpels launches the Lady Arpels ™ Papillon Automate this year. In addition to the use of gems and enamel to create a poetic painting accident in the idyllic world, the graceful butterflies in the dial can be increased or decreased according to the power reserve change, and the wings are inadvertently shaken 2 to 5 times . And when the watch is not moving, the butterfly is also set to fly 19 times an hour, with a rhythm that is gentle, flapping its wings up to 100 times. When the watch is worn on the wrist, the rhythm of the butterfly dance will be accelerated. If the wrist moves frequently, the butterfly wings can be fanned hundreds of times in 30 minutes. And the subtle and elegant butterfly dance can also be performed casually, just by pressing the manual module button on the side of the case, the butterfly can flap its wings 5 ​​times in a row.

       The love butterfly automatic doll watch launched by Jacques Dro at this year’s Baselworld. In addition to the exquisite craftsmanship, the master of art carved out the forests, angels, cars and butterflies vividly, the master of automatic dolls gave them life. Pressing the button on the crown, the poetic scene is vividly staged under the mirror. The elegant butterfly fluttered lightly, pulling the angel driving the car past. The ingenious combination of fixed and movable spokes creates a wonderful visual scene of wheel rotation.

       Konstantin Chaykin, an extraordinary and independent watchmaker from Russia, pays tribute to the famous villain ‘Clown’ in Batman, based on the ETA 2824-2 movement in Constantine. Reborn. The two big eyes of the clown are the hour and minute dials, and the hour and minute hands are replaced by black dots, which can be rotated with time. The clown’s mouth with cracks and laughter is actually a moon phase display. The moon itself is red, and combined with the tongue in the mouth and the moving eyes can produce different facial expressions, which is very interesting.

       Even if you watch it from a close distance, you can hardly think that this watch with the same appearance as a smart watch actually has a mechanical core. Ressence, an independent watch brand from Belgium, breaks the time reading method of ordinary mechanical watches and uses the small seconds dial and the large hour dial to indicate the minutes. In addition, it also adds a temperature display. With the movement of the minute hand, the entire dial layout will also change. In order to make it rotate more smoothly, the case is filled with oil, but the oil will not touch the movement.

       MB & F’s moon moon, Destination Moon, uses the shape of a torpedo rocket as imagined in childhood. Two large-diameter steel dials with stamped numbers are used to display hours and minutes. Follow the design concept of real rockets. The power of the rocket comes from the bottom, and the power of the Destination Moon also comes from the large winding button on the base. The rocket’s management and control system is located above the power source; the Destination Moon follows the same configuration, with a vertical governor that controls the accuracy under the time display, and a time setting button on the top of the movement. The governor with rotating balance wheel is very eye-catching, so the outer periphery is protected by a mineral glass sheet that is almost imperceptible, thereby blocking cosmic radiation (or curious fingers).