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    Parsing Poison

    In the 1930s, Louis Cottier invented the world time display mechanism, which was patented by Patek Philippe. Later in 1999, the World Time watch was further optimized. When adjusting the time zone, the user can change all displays with a single touch without affecting the accuracy of the movement. World Time watches are loved by travellers and collectors alike, and men’s models with filigree enamel patterns in the center of the dial are famous. Today, in order to continue this classic legend, PATEK PHILIPPE launched a new World Time watch this year, creating a legend with superb craftsmanship and high-performance. Let’s enjoy this World Time watch together. (Watch model: Ref.5231J-001)

    The world is in control

      Patek Philippe’s world time display brings together 24 representative cities in the time zone. This watch combines the world time mechanism and the silk enamel process to perfectly demonstrate the profound watchmaking skills of top brands.

      The new world timepiece is made of gold material. The whole is polished and polished, exquisite and gorgeous, bringing noble visual charm. The diameter is 38.5 mm, the thickness is 10.23 mm, and the size is moderate. The slightly curved wing-shaped lugs are close to the arc between the wrists, improving the wearing comfort.

      On the side of the watch, a square button made of gold is used to adjust the location to the 12 o’clock position or the arrow position corresponding to local time. Each time the button is pressed, the hour hand showing the local time will move forward clockwise. One hour, while the 24-hour dial and the city name dial are moved counterclockwise by an interval, which is equivalent to changing one time zone.

      On the other side is a crown made of gold, with a non-slip texture design around the body, ensuring that the wearer can accurately time it.

      The Calatrava-style case is paired with a hand-engraved dial, and the filigree enamel pattern on the maps of Europe, Africa, and the Americas is completely handmade. The design, color and depth are impressive. Four gold sequins (bright foils) are fixed on the central filigree enamel dial at 12 o’clock, 3 o’clock, 6 o’clock and 9 o’clock, respectively. The center hand 啧 design is a ring-shaped hour hand classic design of Patek Philippe World Time Watch, indicating Local time in the time zone calibrated at 12 o’clock. Local time in the other 23 time zones is displayed on a 24-hour secondary dial with day / night display.

    Sapphire glass case back

    Caliber 240 HU automatic movement

      The bottom of the case is designed with a transparent back, which can clearly observe the movement of the movement. The Caliber 240 HU automatic movement is equipped on the wrist. The movement is assembled from 239 parts and equipped with 22K gold pearl tourbillon. At least 48 hours power reserve.

      Summary: This new World Time watch is created with professional technology combined with rare craftsmanship, showing Patek Philippe’s skilled craftsmen and their superb skills, as well as the Stern family’s unique commitment to rare craftsmanship. Interested friends may wish to pay more attention to the watch reference price: RMB 53,9500