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    Automatic City Watch With Tag Heuer Link

    Business people who frequently travel to and from the world and travellers who like to travel everywhere are bothered by the constant adjustment of the time of their watches. TAG Heuer specially launched the Calibre 7 Advanced GMT Magnetic Bezel two in 2010 this year. Local time and city display automatic watch, unlike ordinary two-time time watch, TAG Heuer’s patented rotating case outer ring can instantly and completely display the second time zone of 24 cities, making the change time very Easy to operate and fast and precise.

        TAG Heuer’s LINK series is a symbol of fashion dynamics and outstanding achievements. It is not only the favorite chronograph watch of the generation of legendary car Ayrton Senna, but also certified by the ghost & lt; The & gt; in the Hollywood red star Matt A watch designated by Matt Damon. Sports watches are also respected by many sports stars. This is because the LINK series has both leisure sports and noble features. The unique appearance and precise performance of the LINK series have become the standard of luxury sports watches. The chain consisting of the registered trademark S-shaped chain links is extremely flexible and comfortable to wear under ergonomic conditions. It has also become a TAG Heuer technology patent.
        The latest model of the LINK series in 2010, the two-time city display automatic watch, combines the classics of the LINK series over the years with the excellence of modern technology, providing the efficiency and precision that business people seek. The Calibre 7 Advanced GMT Magnetic Bezel dual time city display automatic timepiece can display the time in 24 countries around the world. Just turn the case outer ring to know the local time immediately. In addition, the 24-hour time zone display allows you to easily distinguish the day or night of the second place. This convenient and fast design is the exclusive patent that TAG Heuer takes pride in, especially now that the proportion of going abroad for work or vacation is increasing Rise, in addition to overcoming jet lag, knowing the local time accurately can help you be more efficient in your travel arrangements. Having a watch that can quickly and surely change the time between the two places is perfect.
        This model has a date display at the three o’clock position on the surface; a hidden button to reset the world time at ten o’clock; 200 meters waterproof; a steel folding clasp with double-sided sapphire crystal glass. This is the first time two-city time display automatic watch launched by the LINK series. It can have both an attractive appearance and exciting practical functions. I believe it must be the first choice for business people and tourists who value the concept of time. MSRP: NT92,000.

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    Kunlun Watch’s New Macau Arc De Triomphe Store Debuts

    Swiss luxury independent watch brand CORUM Kunlun watch held an opening ceremony on Friday (November 15, 2013) for the brand’s new exclusive store at the Arc de Triomphe Hotel in Macau.

     Officiating guests hold ribbon cutting ceremony

     The distinguished guests who attended the opening ceremony included Mr. Bertrand Savary, Managing Director of Kunlun Watch Asia and India, Mr. Chen Ronglian, Chief Executive Officer of Dejin Group, and Directors of Dejin Group, including Mr. Li Zhihuai, Mr. Liang Yuanbiao and Mr. Deng Weiying, and Chairman of Swiss Prestige Ltd Mr. Klingelfuss and Chief Executive Officer, Miss Wu Yan. The brand also invited the famous artists Cen Lixiang and Gao Haining to attend the opening ceremony, and the artist Song Xinian was the emcee of the opening ceremony. Ms. Liang Anqi, Chairman of the Arc de Triomphe, and Mr. Xiang Huaqiang and his wife also attended the celebration.

     The distinguished guests toasted with the guests at the opening ceremony and wished Kunlun Watch Macau’s Arc de Triomphe store a thriving business and flourishing business, and then hosted a simple and grand ribbon-cutting ceremony. At a time when the atmosphere was high, the energetic Awakening Lions team performed traditional Chinese Awakening Lions performance, implying that the specialty store business was booming and the grand exhibition was held, bringing the joyful atmosphere of the new store celebration to the zenith.
    Kunlun’s new Macau Arc de Triomphe store debuts

     Cen Lixiang, Gao Haining and Song Xinian

     Famous artist Cen Lixiang wore Kunlun Watch’s Jinqiao Women’s Watch at the opening ceremony, which is one of Kunlun Watch’s masterpieces. The watch is equipped with the brand’s unique linear movement, decorated with vertical hand-engraved patterns, unique ingenuity. The in-line movement is set in a diamond-set outer ring and in a red gold case, with a red gold strap. The sapphire crystal glass with anti-glare treatment on all sides of the case is like a transparent display case displaying precious exhibits, so that the movement of the linear movement is fully revealed; and Gao Haining wears the newly launched Admiral Cup Mileage 38 Moon phase watch. The outer ring of the watch is set with sparkling diamonds and the surface is made of mother-of-pearl, and each watch is unique. The surface beautifully shows the dance dance of the sun and the moon, with an elegant white satin strap, which sparkles charmingly; while Song Xinian wears a golden bridge watch, the linear movement is set in the platinum case, with the diamond-set outer ring and The black alligator leather strap and the Jinqiao women’s watch worn by Cen Lixiang complement each other. Gao Haining and Cen Lixiang also shared the latest situation with the guests and their love of Swiss high-end watches and appreciation of superb watchmaking technology.

     Kunlun Macau’s Arc de Triomphe store is located in the Arc de Triomphe Hotel in Macau, with its elegant elegance and modern design. It is one of the most popular entertainment destinations in Macau. The 700-square-foot boutique has a stylish and elegant design, creating a friendly and comfortable atmosphere of nobility and privacy, allowing customers to carefully appreciate the various superb watches and high-end jewellery watches in the store, including the world’s first equipped with an automatic uniaxial winding movement. Golden Bridge automatic watch, Admiral Cup Warrior 47 tourbillon GMT diamond watch, and Heritage series Romvlvs Billionaire tourbillon diamond watch.

     Mr. Bertrand Savary, Managing Director of Kunlun Watch Asia and India, said, ‘Kunlun Watch’s ability to become a successful independent Swiss watch brand depends on the brand’s forward-looking, persistence and heritage of professional watchmaking skills, and talent. Over the years, Kunlun Watch has been committed to becoming a watchmaker in the watchmaking industry, and has continuously launched a number of extraordinary watchmaking. With extraordinary creativity and superb watchmaking skills, the brand has been promoted in the field of fine watchmaking. We Kunlun Watches I am honored to cooperate with the Dejin Group and are convinced that Kunlun Watches Macau’s Arc de Triomphe store will achieve very good results. ‘

     Mr. Chen Ronglian, Chief Executive Officer of Dejin Group, said, ‘I am very pleased to cooperate with Kunlun Watch to open a boutique in the Arc de Triomphe Hotel in Macau. Kunlun Watch is a very unique Swiss high-end independent watchmaking brand. Its watch creation collection is unique in design and exquisite tradition. The watchmaking craftsmanship is one of elegance and beauty. Its high-end jewelry series watches are exquisitely set, which has won a lot of love and favor from our VIPs. We are convinced that the specialty stores will attract more guests who pursue unique design and high quality. The sales of the store will also be Will rise up. ‘
    Kunlun Macau Arc de Triomphe store
    Address: G / F, Arc de Triomphe Hotel, No. 300, Ri Da Ma Road, Dynasty City, Macau, New Port
    Phone: (853) 2822 8121