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    Calling The Traditional Fifty Fathoms Brief Comment On Blancpain Fifty Fathoms Submersible Bathyscaphe Watch

    There are many diving watches. Don’t be afraid of the rumors and the fifties, one of them is the ‘little fifties’ we are going to talk about today. Compared to the traditional Fifty Fathoms, this smaller submersible Bathyscaphe is more suitable for everyday wear. Someone asked, ‘Why don’t I take a diving watch when I don’t dive?’ Actually, people who wear a diving watch do not necessarily play diving. It is suitable for any occasion. The extensive dial gives a man a unique wildness, and the exclusive sports gene is revealed The masculinity of the diving watch itself. Such a diving watch is fashionable, avant-garde and versatile, especially suitable for leisure and sports wear. The full male hormone watch is not only a symbol of men, but also shows a mentality of enjoying life. The official watch model is 5000-0240-NAOA.


    Leader of mechanical diving watches

       Bathyscaphe, the Chinese translation of a deep submersible, is derived from the name of a deep-sea submersible that first carried a man into the deepest part of the earth in the 1950s. This unprecedented challenge coincides with the spirit of Fifty Fathoms to explore the limit, which has prompted This ‘Little Fifty Fathoms’ watch was named Bathyscaphe. The deep diving vehicle Bathyscaphe is a member of the Fifty Fathoms family. Its diving performance and excellent quality are no different from the Fifty Fathoms. It is a leader in mechanical diving watches. In appearance, classic elements such as beveled lugs, one-way rotating bezel and time scales retain the classic design of Blancpain. Its rich history, individual appearance, and powerful functions have created Bathyscaphe’s unshakable position in the hearts of the majority of watch fans.

    Redesigned dial

                            Dark blue dial, 43 mm in line with the current era
       The size of the original deep submersible Bathyscaphe is 34.5mm. After re-engraving, it is adjusted to 43mm, which is more in line with the current era, but it is still smaller than the traditional fifty. Except for the long scales with trapezoidal contours at 3, 6, 9, and 12 o’clock on the dial, the rest of the positions are changed to round dots. The blue dial seems to make you see the deep sea at a glance. There is a date display window between 4 o’clock and 5 o’clock, and the big three hands are classic and beautiful.
    Unidirectional rotating ceramic bezel

    Unidirectional rotating outer ring

       Liquid metal unidirectional rotating outer ring can be said to be a major innovation of Blancpain. This amorphous metal alloy can prevent any deformation and ensure a perfect fit with the ceramic inner ring. Both materials are solid and durable, which significantly improves the scratch resistance of the bezel. Whether the bezel has an outer ring that can rotate in one direction is the primary indicator, which can help divers record the dive time, so that the oxygen content can be reasonably arranged, the fluorescent pointer scale is simple and concise, and the time can be clearly indicated. The flat bezel design is visually more capable.

    Frosted satin grey ceramic case
    Grey ceramic case
        The ceramic case is much lighter than the metal case, which can reduce the load on the wrist. The deep plasma submersible Bathyscaphe case uses Blancpain’s unique plasma ceramic material. After special treatment, the oxygen in the ceramic molecules is replaced by carbon, and its hardness reaches an amazing 1800 Vickers hardness, which is 9 times that of 316 steel. , The processing difficulty and cost have skyrocketed, the plasticity of the watch must use diamond cutting tools. In addition, Blancpain has arbitrarily treated the case texture with a satin-brushed process, giving the gray ceramic case a charming gray metal tone charm.

    Stylish NATO strap

    Straight nylon made of NATO strap
       The NATO strap is made of straight-knit nylon with a solid polished stainless steel buckle. Although the NATO strap originated from the military, it has now entered the mainstream fashion stage, and many high-end watchmaking brands have joined the NATO strap fashion trend.

    Cal. 1315 was born for sports

    Watch back

    Cal. 1315 movement

       This deep submersible Bathyscaphe is water-resistant to 30 bar, which is equivalent to a depth of about 300 meters. The watch is equipped with the famous Cal. 1315 self-winding movement, which brings stable and reliable ruggedness and extraordinary precision. The improved 1315 movement uses 3 barrels in series to achieve 5 days of power. The core area of ​​the movement is made of silicon hairspring, which has excellent anti-magnetic performance, which can make you fearless the magnetic field in the deep sea and the influence of magnetism in life. Through the back of the sapphire crystal, the wearer can enjoy the modern feel of the movement and the beauty of technology. In addition, the Cal. 1315 movement is also equipped with a beryllium-bronze alloy balance wheel and a gold square-head fine-tuning screw, which ensures effective precision adjustment while ensuring accuracy.

    Summary: In the reinforced concrete city, many people have longing for the deep ocean. This deep submersible Bathyscaphe makes people feel like they are in the blue ocean. It has the perfect quality of the fifty, and it is different from the traditional fifty by fashion, dynamic and pioneering. Formal, sports or casual.