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    De Grisogono And Amfar Join Forces To Fight Aids

    de Grisogono is committed to fighting AIDS, and it is co-hosted with AMFAR at the ‘Cinema Against Aids’ night in Rome.
    Since the launch of the Banquet Show in 1993 at the Cannes Film Festival, Rome now has its own event, ‘Cinema Against Aids,’ and many movie stars participate faithfully every year.

    Sharon Stone and Fawaz Gruosi

    Mira Sorvino and Fawaz Gruosi
    The American Foundation for AIDS Research (amfAR), for the first time, organized a large-scale evening party and an auction in Italy, scheduled to be held on Friday, October 26, 2007, in Spazio Etoile, Rome, hosted by Sharon Stone To raise funds for AIDS research. Many movie stars and celebrities from the fashion industry attended the party. Sofia Coppola, actress Mira Sorvino, Asia Argento, Valeria Golino and her actor friends Riccardo Scamarcio, French actress Clotilde Courau, and her husband Prince Emmanuel de Savoie accepted the invitation to the charity.
    After the red carpet VIP welcome ceremony, the cocktail night in Spazio Etoile began, followed by a dinner and an auction at Palazzo Fendi. As a co-organizer, de GRISOGONO auctioned a pair of white gold earrings set with more than 170 eleven-carat amethysts and 68 pink sapphires of 3.95 carats. A total of 120 9.35-carat orange sapphires and 44 0.5-carat white diamonds totaled $ 55,000. Raised more than one million dollars in Rome’s ‘Film Against AIDS’ night, will be dedicated to fighting AIDS. amfAR, the American Foundation for AIDS Research, has donated more than $ 260 million to the AIDS Research Project since 1985.

    Sharon Stone and Milla Sovino sell de GRISOGONO earrings to $ 55,000
    As co-organizer of amfar’s first ‘Cinema Against Aids’ campaign, de GRISOGONO re-affirmed its commitment to fight HIV. Fawaz Gruosi, Chairman and Founder of the Fine Jewellery and Watchmaking Family in Geneva, has repeatedly stated on various occasions that he will work for this charity, which is completely from the heart. Fawaz Gruosi was a guest of honor at the sixth ‘Enduring Vision’ event, which was held by the Elton John AIDS Foundation in New York on September 25 this year. He also participated in the ‘Dîner de la mode’ (fashion dinner) event held in January 2007 by Sidaction. In the end, Mr. Gruosi’s photo was included in Sidaction’s Le Fil Rouge published in November as one of 74 key figures. This is an honor he has received for actively participating in various HIV prevention programs and helping patients.

    De Criscono earrings, auction price $ 55,000
    Source: deGrisogono