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    Shiny Chrome Decoration, Exquisite Enamel And Unique Lange Watch Go Hand In Hand: The Winner Of The 2016 Concorso D ‘eleganza Villa Antique Car Show Won The Unique Lange 1 Time Zone’ Como Edition ‘wrist Table

    On May 22, 2016, Lange President William Schmidt presented the specially designed LANGE 1 time zone ‘Science’ to the winners of the ‘Best Cars’ category at this year’s Concorso D’Eleganza Antique Auto Show. Mo Edition ‘. This specially engraved watch was obtained by the anonymous owner of the Maserati A6GCS in 1954. This car was selected as the most beautiful car of this year, which has continued the long tradition of racing.

    Elegant cars and magnificent surroundings: 2016 Concorso d’ Eleganza Villa d’ Este Antique Car Show

       This unique collection watch was grandly presented at the dinner and awards ceremony held at the Grand Hotel Villa d’ Este. In his speech, Wilhelm Schmid praised the winners for their valuable time and passed on such cultural value: ‘I am convinced that every minute and second you spend on maintaining a classic car is a wise investment. In the process, you not only prevent the vehicle Degeneration has given future generations the opportunity to appreciate these timeless and fascinating works of art. That’s why we deliberately create matching wristwatches for extraordinary car masterpieces.

    The most beautiful car of the year: Maserati A6 GCS from the Destriero Collection of Monaco (1954)

    Lange 1 Time Zone Como Edition

       On a sunny day, nearly 50 VIPs gathered in the vast gardens on Lake Como to display a rare and rare antique car. Lange has been sponsoring this antique car race since 2012. The Lange 1 Time Zone “Como Edition”, specially designed for this event, is made of 18K white gold and is covered by hand carving. The bottom cover is engraved with the shield emblem of the car race, and is decorated with the years 1929 and 2016. It symbolizes the Concorso d’ Eleganza antique car show from the first to the present. On the dial’s rotating city circle, ‘Como’ stands for Central European Time to pay tribute to the playing field.

    2016 Concorso d’Eleganza Antique Car Show ‘Best Model’ Winner-Maserati A6 GCS 1954 and other participating vehicles