2014 Hermès Elegant Classic In The Classic Reproduction Of Basel

Hermès loves travelling and can always express leisurely elegance in it. In the upcoming Basel Jewellery and Watch Show, the brand reinterprets the Cape Cod series and its name inspired by the nautical world. It is derived from Hermès’s first Faubourg women’s watch located at 24 Faubourg Avenue in Paris. Elegant style.

 Nantucket Silver

 The Cape Cod collection has been a mainstay of the Hermès family since 1991. This year, this classic watch collection is reinterpreted in a stylish and elegant way, retaining its curved arcs and unique lugs. The dial has been redesigned with a replaceable strap, and the cases of the Tonneau and Nantucket models offer a choice of sterling silver-a unique sterling silver material exclusively developed by Hermès, which retains its unparalleled brightness forever.

 The curved case of the Cape Cod watch model has a detailed silhouette, echoing one of the masterpieces of Hermes jewelry also inspired by the nautical world: the Anchor Chain bracelet.

 Cape Cod Tonneau GM Silver

 The sunlight on the Cape Cod Peninsula is mottled and diffuses a different atmosphere; the unique light feeling, bright white and deterrent, warm and flowing, like the sun shining on the surface of sterling silver. Hermès’ watch works reinterpret this precious metal material, bringing the exclusive research and development of sterling silver. This new alloy has a higher ratio of sterling silver than the traditional 925 alloy. It has been specially developed by a person to ensure that sterling silver can retain its blooming light for many years.

 While the Cape Cod watch revolutionizes the game with a series of refined brush strokes, its timeless and elegant appearance has been tried for a long time.

 Cape Cod Tonneau PM Silver

 The slender and elegant Nantucket watch, its elegant lines fit smoothly with the wrist; the case is replaced by the high-quality sterling silver before the 925 silver alloy, refracting the flashing light, and it is bright and different. The subtle radian of the case ensures a perfect wrist-like feel, with and without diamond models. The design of the case is inspired by AnchorChain anchor chain links, which can be attached to the wrist with a replaceable strap, emphasizing the precious qualities of the watch.

Faubourg Collection

 A mysterious charm. Precise and refined in the subtle. A glimpse of Parisian style. The petite and exquisite she is like a perfect gem, her wrists are light, she is careless and carefree. Exquisite metal rings, condensing and shining light, arm in arm —— accompanied by each other, delicate and elegant.

 The name of the Faubourg women’s watch is derived from Hermès’s first boutique located at 24 Faubourg Avenue in Paris. This watch is exquisite and retro, I believe it will win the love of ladies.


Available in rose gold, white gold or yellow gold, no diamond or diamond setting
15.5 mm case diameter
Quartz Movement
White lacquered dial with diamonds at 12 o’clock
Gold bracelet, leather or satin strap, depending on model