2012 Watch Optimistic About Retro Style

Those who love antique clocks may want to thank the giants who have fallen in the subprime crisis. Because of the sudden retro style return, everyone misses the beloved watch style in the middle of the 20th century; the best proof of this An example is the recently popular classical chronograph, and this complex style has appeared many years ago … Breguet Heritage
Over the next few years, chronographs went into production in large numbers, such as Valjoux and later Lemanian suppliers selling movements to many companies. The design of these movements is customized according to the position of the dial, which has become a typical representative of the beautiful appearance of these early chronographs. By the 1940s, more three-dial configurations began to appear. However, the original design has made the watch a professional instrument and has been applied to military service in the second world; at the same time, it has some romantic qualities.
Chopard L.U.C Chrono One
特 That quality is perhaps the most valuable commodity in modern watchmaking. In the latest batch of antique-style chronographs, many have been designed to be romantic, no matter how modern the internal structure is. For example, Chopard’s new generation Chrono One is built with the most advanced movement. The third dial is concealed precisely to create an ancient style. Similarly, Audemars Piguet’s modular system can be configured in any way, allowing designers to make any style they want.
Breguet Classic (Classique) series
Among the most worthy watches to collect, there are some classic Breguet chronographs and Vacheron Constantin ancestral chronographs, which still use Lehmania 2310 movement (now manufactured by Breguet); Lehmania 2310 (Lemania 2310) is a manual chronograph movement, which has a close relationship with classical. Until now, this movement is still used in Patek Philippe chronograph.
Roger Dubuis La Monegasque collection takes inspiration from the classic Sympathie collection
Patek Philippe is the latest company to release a new movement with a similar design. Although the new movement has made several improvements, it still follows the spirit and architecture of the original era. Montblanc’s Villeret equipment and Roger Dubuis (plus a micro-motor that automatically winds it) have also released a movement with the same mobile architecture. This movement highly praises the old times. Those who love mechanical watches will no doubt in the future Continue to set off a retro style.
Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso
Paul Bouchers, a collector who is extremely interested in antique watches, including periodic chronographs, said, ‘Pocket watch timers are usually equipped with 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock dials. Early watch timers were at 3 o’clock. The dial is set at 9 o’clock; this makes the watch look simple and elegant and balanced, and the style is never out of date. ‘Sotheby’s auctioneer Geoff Wader-Ade said more clearly,’ What we know The first watch chronograph was a double chasing chronograph manufactured by Patek Philippe in 1923. When auctioned in 1999, this watch was very influential and reached the highest price on record. ‘

Earl Of Piaget And Gong Li Return Elegantly Together To Participate In The 67th Cannes Film Festival Wonderful Video And Exclusive Highlights

May 14, 2014, Cannes, France-Famous Piaget global brand spokesperson Gong Li, a famous international movie star, returned to Cannes with his new film ‘Return’ and attended the 67th Cannes Film Festival elegantly. On the red carpet, Gong Li wore Piaget’s fine jewelry and watches to shine. During this trip to Cannes, Gong Li also explained her ultimate pursuit of film art with her words and deeds, and shared the common philosophy with Piaget Piaget ‘Always do better than required’.