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    Blancpain’s Flowers, Take You To Appreciate The World Blancpain Blancpain Women’s Series Flower Watches

    ‘One sand, one world, one flower, one paradise’, the British poet William Black once uttered the truth of the world in classic poems: Daqian is hidden in subtlety, and infinite hiding is limited. Since ancient times, flowers have been the gift of God for human observation and insight into life. The flower is the darling of the artist’s pen. After exquisite painting, it opens on the canvas through time and touches people’s hearts. In the world of watches, it also inspires the watchmaking masters. Through elaborate carving, it blooms forever. . Blancpain, Switzerland’s top watchmaking brand, exquisitely presents the perfect creations and variety of nature. Like the peerless painter, he dedicated flowers to the women of the world. Below, let Blancpain’s fascinating flower watches take you to appreciate the famous Chinese and foreign paintings, and experience the similarities between the extreme skills of watchmaking and painting.
    A rose is beautiful, but even more beautiful is the fragrance it contains. ——Shakespeare
    Redud The Rose Atlas

    Blancpain Women’s Collection 2015 Valentine’s Day Limited Watch
       Pierre-Joseph Redouté is a well-known Belgian flower painter, famous for his various beautiful flower watercolor paintings. He is particularly good at painting roses and lilies, and is known as ‘Raphael of Flowers’. During the French Revolution, Redoud was invited by French Queen Josephine to paint roses in an extremely magnificent rose garden outside Paris. For 20 years, he recorded 170 kinds of roses with a ‘unique style that incorporates a strong aesthetic into strict academic and scientific’, and painted a picture book ‘Rose Atlas’ which is called ‘the Bible of roses’ by the world. , Has become the pinnacle of no one to pass. The artistic and academic success of The Rose Atlas has led Redoud to enjoy the reputation of ‘Master of the Rose’. The roses in the atlas have different appearances, light colors and natural transitions. The petal strokes are delicate and soft, with a subtle sense of layering. When people look at the painting, they seem to have smelled the scent of roses.
       Blancpain presents a delicate rose on the dial of the new 2015 Women’s Collection Valentine’s Day Limited Watch with a superb relief technique comparable to the stunning paintings of ‘Master Rose’, inlaid on the white mother-of-pearl dial Decorated with a magnificent rose. The entire production is extremely meticulous. First, each petal is carefully carved on white mother-of-pearl, and then the embossed rose pattern is cut into pieces. After dyeing, it is installed on the dial. The mother-of-pearl is rich in layers, the coloring of the rose can penetrate the layer, the petals are gorgeous and dripping, creating a delicate pink hue, full of romantic flavor, like an amazing plant in the ‘Rose Bible’. The watch has a white gold case with a diameter of 36.8 mm and dazzles with 121 diamonds. Diamonds of different sizes are intertwined into two circles, echoing the brand’s iconic double bezel case design; the tapered lugs and crown also complement each other, injecting a harmonious and inseparable beauty into the overall design .
    The lotus leaves are infinitely green, and the lotus flowers are red in the sun. ——Yang Wanli, ‘Xiao Chu Jingci Temple to Lin Zifang’
    Southern Song Wu Bing’s ‘Flower of Hibiscus’, Beijing Forbidden City Collection

       Wu Bing was a painting academy in Guangzong Shaoxing (1190-1194) of the Southern Song Dynasty, and he was painting flowers and birds. In the Yuan Dynasty, Xia Wenyan’s ‘Painting and Painting Book’ described his paintings as ‘broke paintings, which can capture the good fortune, and are exquisitely painted.’ Looking at this hand-painted work, ‘Water Lotus Hibiscus’, a pink lotus flower in full bloom occupies the whole picture, and it stands out against the green lotus leaves. The entire painting is laid out and tinted in a dignified atmosphere. One water lotus flower, pale red blooming, under the flower is lined with green leaves, three stems under the leaves. The author used the method of looking down on the close-up to show the graceful appearance of the lotus and the gentleman’s temperament. The depiction of lotus petals in the painting is even more vivid, but the outline is not seen, but the petals are light and moist. The shape, angle, color and light of each lotus petal are impeccably arranged, showing that the artist’s realistic skills are extremely solid. As for the red silk on the petals and the greasy powder on the apex, they are also carefully cooked one by one, and the subtleties make people amazed.
    Blancpain ‘The Unique’ haute couture watch
       Drawing inspiration from traditional oriental scrolls, Blancpain relies on its extraordinary artistic understanding to perfectly interpret its top-level micro-painted enamel and gold carving techniques that have been passed down for centuries, vividly reducing the classic lotus in traditional Chinese ink painting to a diameter of 45. On the millimeter square dial, Blancpain is a classic in the history of Haute Couture.
       The master watchmaker knows the texture and characteristics of hundreds of different colors of glazes. Through a high-power magnifying glass and a high-quality brush, he first painted the pattern on the flawless white enamel surface, and reproduced the picture with delicate strokes. Delicate lines. In order to give the picture a freehand color like traditional Chinese ink painting, the process of grading only needs to undergo repeated experiments to ensure that the color does not fade and distort with the firing. In addition, the glaze used for micro-painting is also very sophisticated, carefully ground to a fine powder, and then mixed with oil before it can be used. Only in this way can the traditional Chinese elegant and subtle poetic pictures be presented on the dial. At the same time, Blancpain’s senior gold carving masters, with rich imagination and aesthetic accomplishments, sketched dancing butterflies on the back of the dial, using unique and unique art carvings, which is a unique ‘The Unique ‘new haute couture works give the icing beauty of icing on the cake.
    In the end, I am to you, just like the dark purple iris in spring, and I will betray each other. -Xi Murong ‘Iris’
    Van Gogh’s Iris

    Blancpain Women’s Painted Watch
       Vincent Willem van Gogh is a Dutch post-impressionist painter. He focused on the reproduction of real emotions, with strong colors and bright tones. Iris is a herbaceous plant that blooms in May and is regarded as the national flower by the French, symbolizing light and freedom. ‘Iris’ is one of Van Gogh’s most outstanding works throughout the Saint-Remy period, and also expresses the longing for a life of pain and helplessness. The iris in the painting can attract people’s attention from afar. The shape of the flower is like a group of dancing butterflies. The lush pink green leaves and the flowers and plants in the distance set off the vividness and spirituality of the iris. The entire painting has a claustrophobic composition, thick colors, flexible and full brush strokes, and detailed and sensitive painting perspectives. The lines are meticulous and changeable. The entire picture is full of rhythmic and harmonious beauty, and is full of fresh atmosphere and vitality.
       The moving flowers, dense flowers and leaves, the richness of blue-purple bloom proudly. This Blancpain women’s series painted watch brings the freshness of iris to life like the famous painting ‘Iris’. Two dazzling blue-violet gemstones on the shiny mother-of-pearl dial perfectly present the rich blue-purple petals in the shape of an iris butterfly. On the dial of the beautiful and beautiful painting, a large area of ​​green pointed leaves and long leaves rush upward, swaying. It intersects with the broken diamonds, highlighting the beautiful appearance. The watch body is thin and smart, with a thickness of only 8.7m. The entire watch is clever and elegant, showing the charming charm of contemporary women.
    I am the water lily under your arms, stretching in the night, faint and charming, waiting for the everlasting change, using my affectionate face to relax your pool of clear water-Tagore ‘Water Lily’
    Monet’s “ Water Lily ”
    Blancpain Women’s Lotus Watch
       Claude Monet is one of the most important painters in France, one of the representatives and founders of Impressionism. He has long explored the expression of light color and air. He is known for his exquisite use of color and light, and likes to use multi-level painting. ‘Water Lily’ is the perfect fusion of light and color. It is a masterpiece of the father of Impressionism. The ‘Water Lily’ series is a magnificent epic, the most brilliant ‘Ninth Symphony’ in Monet’s life. The paintings are energetic and at the same time quiet and mysterious. In front of Monet’s ‘Water Lily’ painting, you can’t see the outlines that are highlighted or flat-painted, but only the refined and beautiful nature, and the artist’s heart. Colorful strokes and dazzling phantoms make people fascinated by the ever-changing light and shadow.

    Blancpain Women’s Lotus Watch
       Blancpain’s women’s watch series of lotus watches surprisingly displays the convincing light and shadow of ‘Water Lily’ on the dial. The original design of the irregular mother-of-pearl dial expresses vividly the multi-layered petals of the lotus, which are interrelated with the elusive natural characteristics of the lotus, and at the same time creates a strange visual effect, making it more eye-catching. Two rows of delicately set diamonds make the classic double-layer bezel more vibrant, natural and gorgeous.

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    Bulgari Launches A New Limited Series Of Improv Comedy Watches

    Italian luxury brand Bulgari launched a new limited series watch at Baselworld 2013, called Commedia Dell ‘Arte. This series will be launched in three unique versions, each limited to eight. The improvised comedy series is a purely mechanical watch with a reed device that can sound the time at any time. The hand-made doll in the center of the dial can not only ‘dancing with music’, but also happens to tell the time.

     Italian luxury brand Bulgari / Bvlgari is now included in the LVMH luxury goods group. Recently, the company launched a new limited series wristwatch at the 2013 Baselworld Table called Commedia Dell ‘Arte. This series will be launched in three unique versions, each limited to eight. The improvised comedy series is a purely mechanical watch with a reed device that can sound the time at any time. The hand-made doll in the center of the dial not only ‘dances with the music’, but also happens to tell the time. What is going on with these weird looking watches? Why can they sell for nearly $ 500,000?

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     Inexperienced novices can’t tell the nuances between the dazzling array of luxury watches. For them, the improv comedy series may not be unusual. This is not enough to sigh. In the world of luxury watches, there are many things that people who do n’t know are incomprehensible. Whether it is the subtle evolution of the product or the ingenious reference of the new watch to the classic style, they cannot appreciate it. The design inspiration for the improvisational watch series originated on the one hand from the 16th century Italy, where the birthplace of improvisational comedy as a performing arts style; on the other hand from a man named Gerald Genta, Zunda, who recently died, is considered one of the most important watch design masters of our time. To a certain extent, Bulgari has been double restarted by famous art cities and art masters.

     Impromptu comedy is a traditional Italian performing arts form, and the actors in the play need to wear masks. Wikipedia sees this play as a groundbreaking form of improvisation. Each actor of the troupe participated in setting up a mobile stage, changing the stage set according to the temporary inspiration, and using various methods to entertain the audience. The improvisational comedy watch is connected with this traditional drama not only in the name but also on the dial. In each of the three watches, the hand-painted dial of each version shows a 16th-century masked puppet, and the background painting is a possible scene created by the Bulgari designer’s imagination. Three dials pay tribute to the three most popular themed characters in improv comedy performances, they are Brighella, Pulcinella and Harlequin. Each watch is engraved with these names on the case front.

     What’s more notable about the improvisational watch is the dial itself. Each dial requires the skillful craftsmanship of a miniature master of art who has spent weeks and weeks working on it. The sophistication and complexity of the production process can be called unprecedented, but it is unfortunately not fully appreciated by people in this era, because some of these ingenious patterns may be printed. However, as a top-of-the-line wristwatch, all artistic processes are completed by hand, and the production process often requires the use of a microscope, resulting in beautiful products. A large part of the dial is made of 18k gold and is manually carved into the specified shape by craftsmen.
    In order to present a beautiful color, each dial must be drawn by hand and then baked. The creation of the dial involves enamel technology, which is extremely complicated. The reason why enamel painting is adopted is to make the artwork last forever. However, the entire process is more than just drawing the dial and baking it. The craftsman must draw the small parts little by little and then bake them selectively, over and over. Each dial of the Bulgari improvisational watch has been baked up to 50 times. It takes five weeks to make a single dial.

     The dial level overlaid on the background painting is dynamic, which manifests itself in two aspects. The puppet in the center of each dial is mainly used to tell the time. This reminds me of the late Zunda. In fact, it wasn’t the improv comedy series that was first used in this case design, but the weirdest and most expensive watch I’ve ever seen—Jero Zunda (now Bulgari) Magsonic The self-winding tourbillon watch. Jero Zunda is infinitely curious about exploring the limits of luxury design. His eponymous brand was acquired by Bulgari, and the new owner Bulgari absorbed many of his design styles, including this weird, 54mm diameter (ultra-wide) case, and Zunda’s time / reverse Special preferences for functional watches.

     The hand-made masks on the dial are used to tell the time. To be precise, at least minutes can be displayed. The puppet’s right arm is actually a retrograde minute hand that can be moved on the minute dial until it jumps back to the bottom. There is a window below the puppet, which is a time window. When the minute repeater function is activated, the entire dial is truly ‘live’. The minute repeater device has a long history and is exquisite and complicated. It is a unique feature of high-end watches. This mechanism uses the beep to tell the time, and the clock, quarter clock and minute are expressed in different rhythms. While the minute repeater is running, the main and secondary puppets on the dial are starting to come alive, moving like little robots. Although the parts that can be moved are mainly limited to the arms and head, considering the size and complexity of the case, such a dynamic effect is already amazing today. After all, the era of this watch’s popularity is already Hundreds of years ago (and it was for the wealthy elite, and it is still true today).

     The reason why the dynamic effect of the dial is so amazing is thanks to the Calibre BVL 618, a self-winding movement made by Bulgari. The movement is entirely hand-made and drives the operation of all devices, including the activities of five robotic puppets on the dial. The dynamic effect of the robot puppet is the same as that of the dial, and it takes weeks of effort to create it. Knowing this, it is not difficult to understand why the cost of luxury watches is prohibitively high.

     The impromptu comedy series watches combine cutting-edge and classical elements. Its cutting-edge performance is in the case of 18k white gold + Magsonic alloy and hand-painted dial. Its classical expression is based on the ancient theme of the 16th century Italian palace. Taking a step back, this mix of cutting-edge and classic makes people feel weird, but on the other hand it is unique, and it is a type of style that high-end watch collectors are rushing to. The craftsmen who create the case, dynamic effects and dial for such high-end watches can be said to be aliens in the artisans, which is enough to show that high-end watches such as improv comedy series are exquisite, even for general repair work, except for training. Apart from the original Bulgari employees, almost no one is qualified. This is a beautiful work of art. Although it is undoubtedly not Zunda’s own handwriting, it will definitely win his appreciation. Bulgari improvisation comedy series only launched a total of 24 watches, is a rare essence of ultra-luxury goods, dare to look forward to these fine-tunes rare. The improvised comedy series sells for between $ 400,000–500,000, and is a rare art treasure in modern watches. It is born out of an industry that strives for excellence, which has tirelessly created a heavy historical atmosphere and pursues profound The unpredictable state of art gives people exquisite to extreme beauty.