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    You Asked Me How Much I Love Day-date, I Love It Very Deep, Very Deep

    Needless to say, Rolex’s Day-Date is a classic watch. It is the darling of watch makers and collectors who know goods. To me, Rolex’s Day-Date is like LV’s old-fashioned purse. My first luxury wallet was saved in pocket money for a few months in college, braved the heat of summer nine, and sat without air conditioning at the time. The Metro Line 1 and the LV store on the 1st floor of Guomao are regarded as treasures. Although I have bought other brands for more than 10 years, only this first LV presbyopia will still be used out now, because it is really light and wear-resistant, there is nothing wrong.

       My first high-end watch was not a Day-Date, nor was it another Rolex. So after a while, chatting with old friends, always said that he had gone astray and became a hurdle in his heart.

       As the 80-85 generation, prestigious LV wallets, gold Rolex Day-Date, and gold-plated Dupont lighters, all the way through the movie. It may not be the best suit for you in wallets, watches, and lighters, but it must be bought first. If you buy it, Kaner is gone, and you will not buy anything else.

    First Day-Date Ref. 6511
       The Rolex Oyster Day-Date watch, first introduced in 1956, has achieved a remarkable innovation. Available in 18ct gold or platinum, it is the world’s first calendar window on the surface. It can also display a watch with a full-written week, which was a great technical achievement at the time. It inherits the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Waterproof, Dustproof, and eye-catching large blister calendar display, and only uses precious metal casting. Day-Date was known as the ‘flagship’ of Rolex at that time, and was popular with celebrities as soon as it came out.

       In the decades since, Day-Date has appeared on the wrists of the President of the United States, Roosevelt, Kennedy, Nixon … also appeared on the wrists of Hong Kong customers, Shanxi coal bosses, outstanding elites.

       This first Day-DateRef.6511 was equipped with a Rolex Cal.1055 movement. The movement used a cardless hairspring and a screw-adjustable balance to keep this Day-Date at the time a competitive advantage.

    Day-DateRef. 1803 with Cal. 1555
       In 1959, with the birth of Rolex’s ‘most practical and luxurious’ cal. 1555, and was used on the new Day-Date, with a compensating screw balance, at the time with its high accuracy, shock absorption The effect is good, and it has been well received since its launch. To this day, its influence among collectors and cousins ​​still exists.

    Ref.1803 with Cal. 1556
       Ref.1803 is the oldest and most famous model in the history of Day-Date history. It has been equipped with two generations of cal. 1555 and cal. 1556 movements. The difference between the movements is that the swing frequency has increased from 18,000 to 19,800.
       Until 1977, Ref. 1803 was finally dead. Rolex changed the Day-Date model to five digits, and the last digit added to distinguish the case material is 8 for gold, 9 for platinum, and 6 for platinum. During this period, Day-Date also experienced two changes. One was to change from Aleksian to Sapphire, providing better water resistance, increasing from 50 meters to 100 meters. Second, in 1972, Day-Date finally had a stop-seconds function, making it easier and more accurate to adjust the time.
       In 1988, with the advent of cal.3135, known as the ‘king of automatic winding movements’, Day-Date also replaced cal.3155 with a week display based on cal.3135, which has been used to this day.

    Cal.1555 on the left and Cal.3135 on the right (cal.3155 with additional week function)

       Compared with Cal.1555, Cal.3155 has higher accuracy. It is a double-layer alloy hairspring, which is less affected by temperature changes. Cal.1555 is a double-layer blue steel hairspring. The calendar and week can be adjusted quickly. Cal. 1555 cannot be adjusted quickly. It can only be adjusted 24 hours a day or 8 hours. Cal.1555 uses a unilateral fixed balance plate and old-fashioned compensating screw balance. Cal.3135’s balance table bridge is fixed by two screws, which is more stable and solid.

       A 2014 Ref.118138 ‘green jelly’, in addition to the ‘golden body protection’, the bright green color, as a sultry Cancer love at first sight. The end of last year should be the most cost-effective time to start, I missed it sadly. Now it costs 2,110,000 yen (RMB 110,000), green or cognac color, so we ca n’t wait any longer. This year we have to buy one for our kidneys.

    Day-Date II
       Day-Date is good, but the 36 mm diameter is not suitable for everyone. In 2008, Rolex introduced the Day-Date II to increase the watch diameter to 41 millimeters. It is precisely because of changes in aesthetic concepts and people’s increasing body weight. The 41 mm diameter, combined with the headband and crown buckle, seems to better meet the aesthetic standards of modern business people. The movement also uses the Parachrom balance spring with high shock resistance and anti-magnetic and the Cal.3156 movement of the new Paraflex shock absorber, which has further improved the accuracy and stability.


       At this year’s Basel Watch Show, Rolex released its most heavyweight work of the year, the most accurate new generation Rolex 3255 movement. The new Rolex patented Chronergy escapement is equipped with a modified blue Parachrom hairspring and a new structure design of the barrel. 14 patented technologies, including its accuracy, power reserve, reliable performance, shock resistance, anti-magnetism, and the simplicity of the adjustment process, surpass the Swiss Official Accredited Precision Timepiece (COSC).

    Day-Date 40

       And this collection of Rolex’s latest cutting-edge technology is currently only equipped on the newly launched Day-Date 40 (40 mm diameter), noble and exclusive sense of spontaneous.
       It is true that Day-Date was just a kind of feeling to me at the beginning. Before I even paid attention to the age of the watch, the high-end watch in my impression should be like this. And after you understand it, the more you will like it, especially after you put it in your pocket, every time you take it out to watch, there will always be a form of satisfaction that you ca n’t find in your hand.

       Finally, I wish everyone who likes Rolex Day-Date to become rich.

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    Plum Blossom Slim Series Perfect Visual Shining Debut

    The newly introduced members of the slim series continue to be known for their slimness. The thickness of the case is only 5.7 mm, which makes them feel more comfortable to wear. The unique design and chic appearance are the inevitable choice for administrative staff. The dial is designed with a radiant silver texture and 12 elegant and long Roman numerals, forming a flawless visual enjoyment. In addition, the exquisite small second hand under the dial also highlights the ingenious watchmaking skills of Swiss plum watches, allowing the wearer to grasp the accurate time and enjoy the small second hand’s elegant rotation. The slim dial with a smooth 9-link bracelet gives the watch a magnificent and unique signature.

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    Diamond’s Tears: Seductive Charming Oval

    As a conical section, the ellipse has two focal points from the beginning, which makes it different from other geometric figures. Mathematicians have found that any straight line passing through the center point of an ellipse can cut the ellipse into two identical figures. Because of the symmetry and balance characteristics of the ellipse, compared with other geometric figures, it looks more complete and full as a whole. The slightly expanding outward curve contour has dynamic tension in the static state, which is very easy to create an intriguing Visual thinking space. Inspired by the ellipse, Japanese Taiping Zhengfang summed up the ‘ellipse philosophy’ in the economic field and tried to find a balance between the two focal points in the complex economic relationship. Today, Japan is still developing rapidly in the direction he envisioned.