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    The First Chinese Watch Brand ‘seagull’ Chinese Patek Philippe

    In January 1955, the former representative of the former North China Clock Factory, Yang, may have convened four workers to form a watch trial production team at the original Guohua Clock and Instrument Metal Manufacturing Factory, using four sets of equipment (small lathe, small Bench drill, grinder, small milling machine) imitation Swiss [sindacd] 15 rough rough watch.
      ‘Seagull’ brand watches are produced in the birthplace of China’s first watch-Tianjin Seagull Watch Group Company (formerly Tianjin Watch Factory). Tianjin Seagull Watch Group Sales Co., Ltd. is solely responsible for sales.
      The ‘Seagull’ brand watch has more than 50 years of development history since its birth in 1955. The 50-year history has laid a solid technical foundation for the manufacture of ‘Seagull’ watches, and has now become a watch movement research and development and production. Assembly. Sales in one watch production base.
     ‘Seagull’ brand watches have been rated as ‘Chinese Famous Brand’ products and ‘China Well-known Trademarks’.
      Tianjin Seagull Watch Group Sales Co., Ltd. has been awarded as the ‘Contract-honoring and Credit-honoring’ unit by the state.
     Tianjin Seagull Watch Group Sales Co., Ltd. has taken the lead in passing the ISO9001: 2000 quality management system certification in the industry across the country. And has a rigorous management, high-quality, sophisticated business sales team, marketing ‘Seagull’ brand watches throughout the country.
      Seagull movements are sold overseas, and many famous manufacturers use seagull movements. Example: Amex, Italy
     ‘Seagull Watch’ settled in Hong Kong
      After the ‘Seagull Watch Culture and Art Salon’ appeared in Tianjin, the second exclusive store of ‘SEA-GULL Seagull Watch’ in China officially opened in Hong Kong on May 27, 2008. This move marked the beginning of the ‘Seagull Watch Industry’. A new chapter in building a terminal network and expanding the international market. It is reported that the Seagull Watch Hong Kong store is the first high-end mechanical watch brand store settled in Hong Kong. It sells all independent intellectual property products. The trial sales reached over one million Hong Kong dollars a month. A few days before opening, the daily sales volume reached 178 thousand yuan. In the Hong Kong market with international watch industry brands, a shock wave of domestic famous brands was set off.
      It is understood that the Hong Kong store named “SEA-GULL TOURBILLON” is located on the prosperous commercial pedestrian street, Nathan Road, Kowloon. It is a tourbillon that focuses on one of the “Three Complex Mechanical Watches in the World”. ‘Watch stores. There are reception area, maintenance and repair operation area, exhibition area, negotiation area and VIP room. The decoration is elegant, set off a thick sense of history and heritage of watch culture. The multi-layered light sets off the next ‘Seagull Watch’, showing the artistic beauty of the mechanical watch. There are more than 100 varieties of high- and mid-range seagull watches on display here, not only ordinary tourbillons, but also dual tourbillon watches with 4 patents, and various new seagull mechanical watches. Prices range from tens of thousands to over 200,000 yuan. The ‘Specialty Store’ not only displays seagull watches, but also provides a place for watch fans to communicate. It regularly promotes the mechanical clock and watch culture, the inventions and development history of precious clock watch institutions, and the display and exchange of watch collections, and releases international mechanical watches. trend.

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    Blancpain Sydney Releases Deep Diving Vehicle Bathyscaphe Flyback Chronograph ‘mind The Ocean’ 2016 New Limited Edition

    Blancpain has always been committed to preserving and protecting the oceans on Earth. In 2014, Blancpain brought together its long-term commitment to marine protection under the name of ‘Heart is the Ocean’, and for the first time released a limited edition of 250 themed watches. Today, Blancpain once again carries forward the brand’s proud and unremitting diving tradition, and launches the new limited edition 2016 of the deep diving vehicle Bathyscaphe flyback chronograph ‘Mind the Ocean’.

    Deep Submersible ‘Mind the Ocean’ 2016 New Limited Edition

    Recently, the new Blancpain ‘Mind the Ocean’ limited edition watch-deep submersible Bathyscaphe flyback chronograph ‘Mind the Ocean’ 2016 new limited edition held a release ceremony in Australia. Blancpain Global Vice President and Marketing Director Alain Delamuraz and the brand’s best friend, marine biologist and well-known underwater photographer Laurent Ballesta, co-hosted the event. Great views of Sydney Bay. After the press conference, the guests attended the Sydney Harbour night cruise while sharing dinner and refreshments. On the deck, the cocktail bar is mixed with live DJ discs, which makes people intoxicated, and drones take precious pictures from the air.

    At the press conference, Mr. Alain Delamuraz, Blancpain’s global vice president, said: “No organization can make the required changes on its own. Therefore, Blancpain works with some of the best marine ambassadors to take a long-term investment approach. In order to achieve the goal of change. ‘He continued:’ The most important part of all Blancpain’s ‘heart-to-ocean’ public welfare projects is that they have achieved realistic results, such as the scientific research results brought back by the scientific expeditions supported by Blancpain, unique Economic arguments and stunning undersea pictures have prompted leaders around the world to include 3 million square kilometers of marine area in protected areas. ‘Blancpain believes that its contribution to environmental protection depends on public awareness, so Blancpain has consistently supported Major scientific research projects, marine exploration projects, underwater photography, environmental protection forums, public welfare exhibitions, major publications and a dedicated website are dedicated to raising public awareness of the oceans. The guests at the scene expressed their consistent respect and appreciation for Blancpain’s persistent commitment to marine public welfare.

    During the evening, Lauren Ballesta, a well-known marine biologist and Blancpain partner, shared his exciting diving adventure during the Gombessa Projects, and showed them His underwater photography works made the guests fascinated. In addition, he vividly expressed his firm conviction: ‘In order to raise public awareness of the richness, vulnerability and importance of the ocean, knowledge and dreams are our two most important values ​​at the moment. In order to survive, we urgently need Food, but also indispensable hope. My expeditions and other initiatives have helped to a certain extent, and so has my watch. Every time I check the time, it is always accurate. remind me.’

    At the press conference, the guests also had the opportunity to see the full view of the new limited edition 2016 of the deep diving vehicle Bathyscaphe returning to the chronograph ‘Hearts of the Sea’ 2016, and appreciate Blancpain’s first all-blue ceramic case. For each watch sold, Blancpain will donate 1,000 euros to support scientific expeditions. The sale of 250 limited-edition watches will raise 250,000 euros to support Blancpain’s ‘heart-to-ocean’ charity.

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    Iwc Will Be Unveiled In Harold, Presenting Superb Manufacturing Processes

    Harold’s ‘Made With Love’ tribute to be unveiled on August 1 this year, Schaffhausen IWC will join hands with straps and luxury leather goods manufacturer Santoni . The event lasts until the end of August, and customers visiting will have the opportunity to enjoy the customized and personalized services provided by world-class premium brands and explore the exclusive and limited edition creations of Schaffhausen IWC.
       In order to highlight the unique style of Santoni straps featured in selected timepieces, such as the Portuguese Perpetual Calendar and the Portofino Medium Series, Schaffhausen IWC will invite Santoni’s leather craftsmen to sit in Harold’s high-end The brand boutiques of the Fine Watch Room perform lively exquisite craftsmanship.
       On Saturday, August 8th, Santoni’s leather artisans will perform the multi-layer dyeing process of the famous ‘anticatura’ leather products on the scene. This is how the custom leather straps of Schaffhausen-selected timepieces are made.
       ‘We are very happy to provide our customers with a rare opportunity to explore the manufacturing process of the brand’s custom straps closely,’ said Simon Chambers, brand director of Schaffhausen IWC in the UK. Standard is an ideal partner. ‘

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    Ovale Tourbillon Watch By Parmigiani: Classic Colors, Unique Personality

    Some shapes are fixed, such as circles, such as squares. But there is one shape—the ellipse, whose outline can vary depending on the application. Whether in modern or ancient architecture, ovals are both common and unusual, exquisitely low-key and powerful. In the watchmaking industry, Parmigiani, known as the ‘Master of Mystery’, has designed a watch with such a strong appeal. The structure of the watch is based on simple geometric shapes, with two intersecting curves to create chamfers of different angles. The work is perfectly harmonious both in terms of proportion and ‘gender’ balance, because the oval here is not as feminine as the standard oval.

       The Ovale Tourbillon watch features a ‘three-pointed’ rose gold case with a stepped bezel for a vibrant and dynamic design. Various curved surfaces are decomposed, and straight lines have replaced circular shapes, and the angles formed thereby refract the flickering rays of light. Parmigiani’s iconic lugs are no exception. The progressive beveled angle tapers towards the end, which lengthens the visual effect. On this watch, the ellipse takes on a new look — an obvious masculinity with its own style. The dial further highlights this style: combining the timeless classic ‘Geneva Ripple’ with the deep blue unique to Parmigiani. This color process has always been the secret of Parmigiani. Today, launching this new model in dark blue every year is the unwavering convention of Parmigiani, and every watch made in this color exudes a unique charm. Every time, creating this vivid and vivid color is a fantasy journey. It is made with electroplating technology, and the manual craftsman must know exactly when to take out the gold dial from the electroplating bath, even a one second delay will turn the blue into brown. Once accurate shades are obtained, colors must be made quickly and all processes are done manually.

       The Ovale Tourbillon is part of the Ovale Pantographe collection, inspired by an antique timepiece. This watch inherits the tradition of its series, and also pursues complexity and elegance. It is equipped with a PF500 movement designed by Michelle Parmigiani. This is a 30-second tourbillon movement with a power reserve indicator, reflecting the professional watchmaking skills of Parmigiani and its high requirements for appearance modification. This can be seen in the corner bridge. The body of the rose gold case, the deep blue dial, the bold power reserve indicator, the lively tourbillon — all of these designs shine against the watch’s unique shape — all in all, the Ovale Tourbillon watch has a unique personality, Stunningly stunning.