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    2015 Autumn And Winter, You Must Know The 3 Major Trend Vanes

    Trendy people’s sense of fashion is always one step ahead. The trendy items in mid-summer have not yet been displayed (yao), and it is time to add the most compact and stylish items in autumn and winter. Follow Swatch quickly to see the trend of autumn and winter 2015, equipped with the most IN items, whether you are a free hippie, a small fresh art, a retro goddess, a domineering president, a cool master or a sweet public, you can have a unique style Stand on your own!
    Wind direction 1: Swiss elements debut
     A lot of Swiss elements will flash in autumn and winter this year? !! Cheese, cow, chocolate, flag, snow mountain? That’s right, at the time of the 65th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Switzerland, Swiss elements came to the fore, and the autumn and winter seasons evoked infinite longing for this distant country: the clear air on the Alps, the red cable car between the pure white snow mountains, and the fragrance in the cabin Thick cheese fondue, as well as unique folk dance and Yodel singing-of course, if you can’t fly for a while, first wear a watch full of Swiss elements to solve it!

    GRÜEZI ALL! Series
    Wind direction 2: Sports wind merges with contrast and fluorescence
     In the autumn and winter of 2015, there is a great sports style. The sports style blends beautiful colors and becomes a must-have for men and women. Trendy people know the way of color, you do n’t need to focus on it, you can make yourself outstanding by playing with color! The colors are outstanding, and the creativity is endless. There is no need to worry about the dark and collocation of autumn and winter!
     A contrast-colored watch on the wrist instantly illuminates the whole body, and the misaligned printing and a little unusual show the distinctive style of Swatch. The abstract soft lines and cream color are like an ice cream on the wrist. Hit the color together and hit a future!

    Sports fusion series
     If it is safe to hit the color, then BlingBling’s fluorescent color must be the best way to play cool. The trend of autumn and winter street sports must be equipped with a trend watch that contrasts with fluorescent graffiti. The appearance of the fluorescent highlights the ‘high-profile style’, and the camouflage pattern inside and out is cool from the inside out. Put on your sneakers, pick up your skateboard, and capture the streets!

    Sports fusion series
    Wind direction 3: a sense of technology shines
     What better than a sense of technology to arouse the desire for new trends and bring a sense of freshness? !!
     The factory is all the rage: In recent years, the trend of factory building with reinforced concrete has swept the streets. Whether it is streamlined restaurant design or low-key home decoration, factory style has undoubtedly become a popular benchmark. And this whirlwind will also sweep across the wrist at the end of 2015. The Swatch Technology Fashion Series watch will perform the factory wind for the first time, giving the factory wind a new meaning. The simple and classic texture design shows the atmospheric pattern and is low-key and restrained. His personality adds a bit of mystery.

    Technology Fashion Series
     A sense of futuristic strikes: The sense of futurism is often a wonderful endorsement of cool style. The Swatch Technology Fashion Series uses the futuristic sense of the wrist to play the magic of light and shadow to the end. Mirrors, runners, and precision scales are common future elements in science fiction movies , Now appear on the dial, conveying the endless fantasy of the future, it is addictive. Autumn and winter are the season of quitting the old and welcoming the new. Shouldn’t it be better to bring a watch with a futuristic look and predict the future?