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    Enlightenment From Seagulls ‘victory’ Omega

    The annual Swiss International Basel Watch & Jewellery Show is the world’s top event. On March 10, the Intellectual Property Committee of the Organizing Committee made a ruling on the infringement of the trademark infringement of Omega Switzerland by China Seagull Watch, and found that the logo used by Seagull Watch at this exhibition did not infringe the Omega registered trademark.
    This time, the ‘base’ presented by Omega was two trademarks registered by the company: ‘OMEGACO-AXIAL’ and ‘CO-AXIAL3’, and complained to Seagull for infringement of the term ‘CO-AXIAL’. However, the Seagull Group believes that ‘CO-AXIAL’ is a modified adjective describing the technology of the product and the structure of the tourbillon movement. It is a description of the product, so it has nothing to do with the trademark, and has issued via the Internet, encyclopedia, English dictionary, etc. Query results for that word.
    Erhaigull’s victory in this case is very significant for Chinese companies. In recent years, intellectual property has become a huge ‘barrier’ for Chinese companies to ‘go out to sea.’ In particular, many companies have succumbed to intellectual property lawsuits, not only paying huge compensations, but more importantly, huge losses. market share.
    Not only at overseas exhibitions, but also at some domestic exhibitions, cases of infringement of intellectual property rights have attracted more and more attention, especially as in the Canton Fair, the industry and commerce departments have received increasing complaints of trademark infringement cases year by year. . Compared with foreign intellectual property rights holders, domestic companies generally have a weak awareness of intellectual property protection. The phenomenon of arbitrary authorization, inadequate authorization, and passive anti-counterfeiting is more serious. Even if they have been accused of infringement, they will often adopt the ‘ostrich policy’ and miss the maintenance Good time for your own rights. This time the ‘Seagull’ has undoubtedly given us a good demonstration. Only by actively responding to the lawsuit can we protect our rights and interests.
    At the same time, we should also see that some companies have infringed on the intellectual property rights of others under ‘unconscious’ circumstances. When their own companies invested a lot of human, material and financial resources to develop products, and then put them into production, they found that The patent for the product is already in the hands of others. In fact, there are relevant searches at all stages of the R & D and production process. In this way, you can know whether your research and development has infringed on the intellectual property rights of others in the first time, and avoid affecting your own corporate image and corporate development.
    The financial crisis has shown us that if we only rely on the advantages of labor prices, we can get good profits for a while, but this is very fragile. Only by owning core intellectual property rights can we withstand the ups and downs of the market. Only by relying on our own intellectual property rights to expand and strengthen our enterprises can we be invincible in market competition.

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    Oris Launched Big Crown Propilot Timer Gmt Watch

    Oris is pleased to launch a new generation of BigCrownProPilotTimerGMT watch. This powerful new watch is equipped with an improved ProPilot case, which has become thinner and more elegant on the wrist.

       The biggest feature of the new watch is the GMT function, which indicates the second time zone by a red pointed central hand. The watch also offers a two-way rotating bezel for timing and a fabric strap made of Ventile, a waterproof and moisture-permeable cotton strap originally developed for the Royal Air Force during the Second World War.

       This watch is made of stainless steel and has a diameter of 44.00 mm. The neat and open dial is decorated with large appliquéd digital hour markers, so you can see it at a glance even when flying an airplane. Among the many details, it is also worth mentioning the Oris signature buckle inspired by the Lift seatbelt, which does not need to be folded to ensure secure fixing. A truly professional pilot watch.

    Oris BigCrownProPilotTimerGMT
    Model: No. 0174877564064

    Material: Multi-piece stainless steel case with two-way rotating bezel with minute scale
    Dimensions: 44.00 mm diameter
    Mirror: Double-sided curved, internal anti-glare sapphire crystal
    Case back: stainless steel, mineral glass mirror
    Operating device: stainless steel screw-in safety crown
    Water resistance: 10 bar / 100 meters
    Lug pitch: 22 mm

    Number: Cal.748 (based on SW220-1)
    Size: 32.20 mm diameter
    Functions: Central hour, minute and 24-hour hands, small seconds at 9 o’clock, enlarged date display window, instant jump date, date and 24-hour adjuster, precise timing fine-tuning device and stop-second device
    Winding: automatic winding, two-way rotating red rotor
    Power reserve: 38 hours
    Vibration frequency: 4 Hz (28,800 times / hour)
    Number of gems: 28

    Design: Black dial with white appliqué numerals, black inner ring with printed scale
    Fluorescent materials: Super-LumiNova® fluorescent numbers, time stamps, and hands
    Timestamp / Number: Inlay
    Bracelet: brown leather strap, or green fabric strap, or stainless steel bracelet with stainless steel folding clasp
    Time to market: June 2019
    Price in Switzerland: 2,500 Swiss francs

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    Elegant Flow Like Water Time: Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar Female Watch And Annual Calendar Female Watch

    In the past, women’s pursuit of long-term value often favored aesthetic design over functional levels and craftsmanship, and also made mechanical watches, especially complex-function watches, considered to be elegant for men. However, looking at the past decade, this phenomenon has changed drastically. Women have actually declared their interest in complex function movements with purchasing power, and their enthusiasm has continued to increase. Compared with the dynamic chronograph or the introverted and low-profile minute repeater, the calendar and perpetual calendar with complicated craftsmanship and poetic display are, in my opinion, the most suitable for displaying the elegant and feminine qualities of women. It is the first choice for complex mechanical watches that can demonstrate rational and superb taste.

       Leading peers in the field of annual calendar and perpetual calendar complex functions, Patek Philippe, which has always been known as the king of watches, naturally realizes this trend, and has launched a number of calendar watches specifically designed for women, as well as a watch The 7140RLadiesFirst perpetual calendar is not only equipped with exquisite craftsmanship, automatic winding movements that are easy to wear daily, elegant and moving design, enough to impress every lady who is keen on cutting-edge watchmaking.

       Patek Philippe deeply understands the needs of outstanding contemporary women for advanced complication watches. Therefore, following the 7071RLadiesFirst chronograph, 7059 ultra-thin two-second chronograph chronograph and 7000 minute repeater, Patek Philippe finally launched the 7140RLadiesFirst perpetual calendar watch, responding Women’s love for top complication watches.
    7140R Ladies First Perpetual Calendar
       It can automatically jump to the 1st of the next month based on whether the end of the month is the 31st of the big month or the 30th of the small month, or even the 28th of February; and it can automatically adjust the jump to the leap year in February every 4 years On the 29th, the Perpetual Calendar, which requires no date adjustment between centuries, has always been the most popular complication for watch collectors. The juxtaposition of tourbillons and minute repeaters shows the ultimate art of watchmaking.

       18K rose gold Calatrava round case, 35.1 mm diameter, bezel set with 68, 0.68 carat top Wesselton diamonds, hour, minute, 24-hour display, perpetual calendar function (pointer date, week, month and leap year cycle), Moon phase display, 240Q movement automatic winding ultra-thin movement, 22K gold mini automatic winding top, power storage for 48 hours, sapphire crystal glass surface, 18K gold back cover and sapphire crystal back cover are available for replacement, crocodile Leather strap with 18K rose gold pin buckle set with 27 0.2 carat top Wesselton diamonds.
       Patek Philippe’s achievements in complex functions are well known to the world. The complication watch can best embody Patek Philippe’s perfect craftsmanship and quality, long-lasting value and aesthetics, and precious and rare brand value. It not only allows the brand to continue to maintain technologically advanced chips, but also provides the greatest motivation for the brand’s growth. Patek Philippe deeply understands the needs of outstanding contemporary women for advanced complication watches. Therefore, following the 7071R Ladies First chronograph, 7059 ultra-thin two-second chronograph chronograph and 7000 minute repeater, Patek Philippe finally launched the 7140R Ladies First perpetual calendar. Watches, in response to women’s love for top complication watches.
       The 7140R not only functions as an incarnation of timelessness, is precious forever, and is reliable for generations. Its watch design is elegant and timeless. It is adorned with beautiful diamonds, and it is dazzling. The soft and beautiful feeling makes women hard to resist.
       The 7140R Ladies First women’s perpetual calendar watch is the same as the 5940J men’s perpetual calendar watch. It is paired with Patek Philippe’s proud 240Q self-winding ultra-thin movement. Its functions and aesthetics are enough to satisfy all women who value their intrinsic value and appearance. The 35.1 mm Calatrava round case is elegant and timeless, with a thickness of only 8.6 mm. The time-honed watch body has a long appearance and proportions. The bezel is more delicately inlaid with 68 top Wesselton diamonds weighing 0.68 carats, and the 18K rose gold buckle is set with 27, 0.2 carat diamonds, which are bright and precious, which is enough to become an intoxicating treasure on the wrists of all successful women. And timepiece treasures.
    Ref. 4936‧4937‧4947‧4948 calendar watch
       The date can be displayed accurately according to the size of the month. The annual calendar only needs to be manually corrected at the end of February in the year. Although it cannot display the leap year, and it cannot automatically correct the date conversion in February and March, it is still called A masterpiece of extraordinary timepieces and a price that is more affordable than the perpetual calendar. Since Patek Philippe pioneered and patented the world’s first in 1996, it has become a very popular series of practical and complex functions.

       4936R Almanac watch with 18K rose gold case, 37 mm diameter, 156 diamonds (approximately 0.93 carats) in the case, 14 diamonds (approximately 0.07 carats) in the crown, hours, minutes, seconds, annual calendar function, moon phases Display, mother-of-pearl dial, 324SQALU self-winding movement, alligator strap.
       The first ladies calendar watch launched by Patek Philippe was Ref. 4936, which was launched in 2005. At present, four models 4936, 4937, 4947, and 4948 are also available for purchase, which shows how popular it is among female friends. These four styles are designed to extend from the Calat rava case of Ref. 9 6 and set with diamonds. Inside, they are equipped with Caliber 324 S QA LU automatic winding movement. This movement can be said to be the representative of modern Patek Philippe’s refurbishment of the old automatic movement. It is equipped with a redesigned Gyromax® balance, which is more aerodynamic. All gears, bearings and power transmission systems have also been carefully modified to make the operation more Stability and more accurate timing. Caliber 324’s vibration frequency has been increased to 28,800 bph; the weight of the self-winding oscillating weight has been increased, and the size and shape have been carefully modified to avoid insufficient power reserve.

       4936G Almanac 18K white gold case, 37mm diameter, 156 diamonds (approximately 0.93 carats) in the case, 14 diamonds (approximately 0.07 carats) in the crown, hours, minutes, seconds, annual calendar function, moon phase display , Mother-of-pearl dial, 324SQALU self-winding movement, alligator strap.
       The case sizes of Ref. 4936 and 4937 are 37 mm, which is about the same size as the first annual calendar (men’s) introduced in 1996, which also reflects the trend of big watches in the past two decades. 4936 is currently available in three options: white gold, rose gold, and gold. The case is set with 156 diamonds and 0.93 carats. The 4937 is equipped with a white or rose gold case. The case and lugs are set with a total of 431 and 2.79. Carat diamond. Both are equipped with mother-of-pearl faceplates, and the weekly and monthly sub-faceplates are also made of mother-of-pearl, with a gold frame and inlaid on the main faceplate. 4936 and 4937 also use hands to indicate the day and month. Under almost the same dial configuration, the difference is that 4936 uses the Roman numeral time scale, while 4937 uses the Arabic numerals.

       4947G Almanac watch with 18K white gold case, 38mm diameter, 141 diamonds (approximately 1.28 carats) in the case, 14 diamonds (approximately 0.06 carats) in the crown, hours, minutes, seconds, annual calendar function, moon phase display , 324SQALU self-winding movement, alligator strap.
       Ref. 4947 and 4948 are new models newly introduced in 2015. The case diameter is slightly enlarged to 38 mm. Both white and rose gold cases are available. Both are displayed with Arabic numerals. The 4947 case is set with 141 diamonds and 1.28 carats, while the 4948 case and lugs are set with 347 diamonds and 2.65 carats and is equipped with a mother-of-pearl dial.

       4948R Almanac 18K rose gold case, 38 mm diameter, case with 347 diamonds (approximately 2.65 carats), crown with 14 diamonds (approximately 0.06 carats), and buckle with 27 diamonds (approximately 0.21 carats) , Hours, minutes, seconds, annual calendar function, moon phase display, mother-of-pearl dial, 324SQALU automatic winding movement, crocodile leather strap.

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    Omega Launches Super Speed ​​wide Coaxial Watch

    黑 The black and rhodium-plated hour and minute hands are coated with a white luminous coating, which can clearly indicate the time under any light conditions. Both the central chronograph and small dial hands have red tips.
    44The 44.25 mm diameter stainless steel case follows the Omega Speedmaster classic case design that has gone beyond half a century. This model has a stainless steel bracelet or an integrated black alligator leather strap.
    The power of the Copa Super Wide Coaxial Watch is derived from the Omega 3313 coaxial movement. This self-winding chronograph has been awarded the Official Swiss Observatory Certification (COSC), guaranteeing its highly accurate travel time. The movement is equipped with Omega’s unique three-layer coaxial escapement device, which can still excel in outstanding performance over time. The maintenance period of the movement was extended, and Omega promised a three-year service.
    In addition, the hour hand can be adjusted independently of the minute and second hands, which perfectly meets the needs of people who often travel in different time zones. The movement of the coaxial movement is clearly visible through the transparent sapphire case back. The watch is also equipped with a column wheel timing system, which performs better in timing functions. Water-resistant to 100 meters.
     No watch is more adventurous than the Omega Speedmaster series, and the Speedmaster coaxial wide-angle watch introduces a new fashion style for this series of watches. The design style integrates artistically, and it is bound to become one of the most popular Speedmaster models.
    黑 The black and rhodium-plated hour and minute hands are coated with a white luminous coating, which can clearly indicate the time under any light conditions. Both the central chronograph and small dial hands have red tips.

    Product number: 321. Stainless steel case with leather strap Price: ¥ 50,300

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    1815 Rattrapante Perpetual Calendar Handwerkskunst Pays Tribute To The Arts And Crafts With Blue Brilliance

    With its unique HANDWERKSKUNST watch, Lange makes excellent craftsmanship a masterpiece of art. The new 1815 RATTRAPANTE PERPETUAL CALENDAR HANDWERKSKUNST’s dial and openable caseback are made of white 18K gold with blue enamel and are decorated with magnificent reliefs. The noble and outstanding movement not only has a unique decoration, but also combines two wonderful complex functions of a chronograph chronograph and a perpetual calendar with a moon phase display.

       1815 RATTRAPANTE PERPETUAL CALENDAR shines when it is born: at the Geneva Salon in January 2013, because of its combination of classic complex functions, the high level of technology and aesthetics achieved at the same time, this wrist Watches are highly regarded by watch enthusiasts and regarded as a subtle achievement in the field of precision mechanical watchmaking. In the same year’s Grand Prix d’ Horlogerie de Genève, this watch not only became the champion of the category “large complex functions”, but also won the “Public’s Choice Award”.
       This extraordinary precision timing instrument lays the ideal foundation for a limited edition of 20 HANDWERKSKUNST versions. This is Lange’s sixth work titled ‘HANDWERKSKUNST’, which reflects the unique art deco characteristics of this series of limited watches on the movement, dial and case. 1815 RATTRAPANTE PERPETUAL CALENDAR HANDWERKSKUNST brings exciting challenges to decorators, engravers, and enamelists: master craftsmen use rare and nearly lost techniques and creative ideas to present Lange’s world-renowned magnificent decoration.

       This is Lange’s first watch with a fusion of enamel art and engraving on the dial. Solid white 18K gold becomes the base of the dark blue enamel, and the embossed stars on it continue the gorgeous shape of the moon phase display. Enamel Arabic numerals are harmoniously combined with rhodium-plated white 18K gold hands, calendar display and power reserve indicator. In addition, the enamel color also echoes the hands of the moon phase disk and the integral disk. Various details are complemented by four inset white 18K gold and silver white dials. The chronograph hands are made of 18K gold-plated steel with a unique hue, while the dial is decorated with a silver-white flange with a traditional train track minute scale.
       The moon theme continues in the openable back cover that protects the sapphire crystal back cover, which depicts the moon goddess, and uses the relief and ‘tremblage’ engraving to outline the ancient and mysterious moon incarnation. This badge shows the charming features of the moon goddess: the ethereal veil, the crescent moon crest, and the torch shining in the dark. It is surrounded by nine embossed stars and blue enamel relief clouds.

       The artistic movement decoration reveals the technical ambitions of this watch in terms of complications. The German silver wheel bridge presents the grainy texture of a classic pocket watch movement. The relief and ‘tremblage’ engraving on the joystick, flip cover, chronograph bridge, chasing hands and balance plate all outline the star pattern of the dial. Other details are also meticulous. The manually wound L101.1 calibre, composed of 631 parts, is meticulously crafted to meet Lange’s strict standards.
       The tracing chronograph can measure lap speed and perform continuous time counting. It is controlled by two column wheels: one controls the chronograph structure and the other control can be started by the 10 o’clock position button and the visible tracing device The perpetual calendar device displays correctly up to 2100, including leap years. The moon phase display is located at the small seconds at 6 o’clock, with an accuracy of 122.6 years. The manual winding movement has a power reserve of 42 hours, and the power reserve indicator reminds the wearer when to wind the watch.

       The 1815 RATTRAPANTE PERPETUAL CALENDAR HANDWERKSKUNST’s 41.9 mm white 18K gold case is engraved with a limited number logo, and a blue-gray alligator strap with a white 18K gold folding buckle.