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    Hyt Caribbean Free Soul-news Hyt

    In Saint Barth, a small French island on the Caribbean Sea, you can enjoy a barefooted sense of freedom in a relaxed atmosphere. As the French often say, décontracté. Parfait, non?

     HYT has developed a unique technology that allows you to bring the most beautiful beach in the world with you all year round.

    HYT has developed a unique technology that allows you to take the most beautiful beach in the world as your own and bring it with you all year round. HYT took a small amount of sand from the island of Saint Barth and poured it into the case of 25 limited H1 SAND BARTH watches. This unique case is made of resin. This material is also called polyepoxyde epoxy. Its characteristic is light weight. , 7 times lighter than stainless steel, 4 times lighter than titanium and 3 times stronger.

    HYT took a handful of sand from the island of Saint Barth and poured it into the H1 SAND BARTH watch. The watch is equipped with two straps. The white rubber strap is paired with sports fashion style.

    Limited to 25 H1 SAND BARTH watches, black rubberized crocodile leather strap lined with blue stitching for chic receptions

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    Girard-perregaux World Tour Opening In Shanghai

    Each Girard-Perregaux watch is an artistic crystallization of traditional watchmaking technology and modern cutting-edge technology, transcending the realm of timepieces. Stefano Macaluso, General Manager of Girard Perregaux, said that in celebrating this special occasion of the brand’s 220th anniversary, we are proud to bring these art treasures to China, to show you the long history and cultural heritage of Girard Perregaux, to share Years of watchmaking experience and legend.
    This exhibition not only guides the audience through the development of Girard Perregaux’s watchmaking process, brand philosophy, and core values, but also takes time as the main axis to vividly display major events and situations that have had a profound impact on the modern history of the world for more than two centuries People and artwork. Among all the rare timepieces, literature and watchmaking tools on display, the antique pocket watch named ‘Esmeralda’ is undoubtedly one of the biggest attractions. This revolutionary masterpiece is equipped with GP Girard-Perregaux’s most famous three-gold bridge tourbillon movement. The case is exquisitely carved and decorated. It is a collection of various engraving techniques and is a treasure of the GP Girard-Perregaux Museum. In addition, visitors can also enjoy Girard Perregaux’s modern watch series, including the latest products released at the 2011 Geneva Watch Fair, and the GP Girard Perregaux 220th Anniversary Limited Series.
    创业 Since its establishment in 1791, Girard-Perregaux has been constantly innovating and contributing a lot to the development of the Swiss watchmaking industry. After more than two centuries of accumulation, the watch factory has obtained more than 80 watchmaking technology patents and created countless magnificent timepieces. Today, GP Girard-Perregaux is still one of the few remaining authentic watchmaking factories in Switzerland. Drive all watchmaking processes, timepieces and movement parts are developed in-house.
    As a journey of exploration of Switzerland’s top watchmaking skills, Girard Perregaux 2011 global tour set sail from Paris, via Singapore and Shanghai, and will land in New York in November this year. In the brief history of 220 years, the exquisite Swiss watchmaking craftsmanship is engraved. Girard-Perregaux watches respect the tradition, insist on innovation, and strive for excellence in watchmaking. This precious chapter connects history and modernity, inherits precision and beauty, and will continue unknown surprises.
    Antique pocket watches: the wisdom of craftsmen
    As the predecessor of the watch, the pocket watch is like a bridge that connects the era of clocks and the era of mobile timepieces. From the simple carrying of the clock in the beginning, to the decorative works that have gradually evolved to the highest levels of craftsmanship, the artworks that carry historical humanities, and even the continuous improvement of the movement mechanism, many production techniques and technological inventions are still used today. In the early days of GP Girard Perregaux, its watchmakers also created many pocket watch treasures by virtue of ingenuity and dedication, all of which conveyed rich historical and cultural values.
    Contemporary boutique: perfect interpretation of watchmaking art
    In modern times, watches have completely replaced pocket watches, but they have also withstood the test of history as society changed. In today’s world, there are few watch factories that can independently complete all the processes from the inside to the outside of the watch. Girard Perregaux is undoubtedly one of the best-perfect inheritance and innovation of complex performance, or simple but elegant but still can make people Do not forget the past, or the glamorous beauty is not in the pile, so it is widely sought after by watch lovers.
    Walking slowly in the FX505 exhibition hall of Sinan Mansion, the development of GP Girard-Perregaux watches in 220 years reflects the rich cultural atmosphere of this historic building. However, it is not a list of cold machinery or precious materials. From an economic point of view, these watches are indeed valuable; but as a textbook of watch civilization, they are even more valuable. When we listened to the beating of the indicators and stopped to watch the movement of the clockwork, we could appreciate how the former civilization and wisdom were poured into a timepiece by the great watchmakers; 220 years passed, and The future of GP Girard Perregaux is worth our look.