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    A Closer Experience Watch Xi’an Special Montblanc New Appreciation Meeting

    On November 21, 2015, ‘Watch House Xi’an Special Montblanc New Product Preview’ arrived as scheduled. The event was co-organized by the Watch House and the Montblanc brand, and came to Wangfujing Department Store in the prosperous shopping center of Xi’an. Participating netizens were recruited by the Watch House Forum and WeChat. The editor of the Watch House specially explained the watchmaking history and models of the Montblanc brand to watchmates present.

        Montblanc exhibited the 2015 Heritage Precision and Timewalker series of new watches this time, creating a visually extraordinary journey for netizens present, in addition to preparing beautiful afternoon tea.
    ——Activity scene——
       The event started on time at 2:20 pm. The editor-in-chief of the Watch House introduced the development history of the Montblanc family and its heritage of precision and timewalker watches to attendees. The tablemates are all deeply attracted by the charm of Montblanc’s watchmaking and concentrate on it.

        During the interactive session, on-site questions were answered, and Montblanc’s customized gifts were presented.

       The most anticipated link came, watch friends began to try on Montblanc watches, and get close contact with the watch. Montblanc staff who were present were also enthusiastic to resolve all questions about Montblanc watches for watch friends.

       At the end of the event, some of the table friends who were present took a group photo, and the brand also prepared a special Montblanc gift for each table friend.
    ——Montblanc watch——

    Timewalker Speed ​​Phantom Lin Dan Special Watch Series Chronograph
       Timewalker Speed ​​Phantom Lin Dan special watch series, including four watch timepieces: Timewalker Speed ​​Phantom Lin Dan special watch series calendar watch (limited to 555), Timewalker Speed ​​Phantom Lin Dan special watch series two places Time Watch (Limited 555 pieces), Time Walker Special Phantom Lin Dan Special Watch Series Chronograph (Limited 555), Time Walker Lin Dan Special Watch Series 1/100 Second Chronograph (Limited 15).
       All four watches are all black. The design of the red seconds hand and strap stitching is inspired by the five-star red flag like a dynamic flame, which is very modern. Five white stars are printed under the words ‘Montblanc’ on the dial, symbolizing Lin Dan’s brilliant record of five Grand Slams in his career. The sapphire crystal on the case back is engraved with Lin Dan’s autograph, and the double “F” on behalf of his beloved wife Xie Xingfang Fang Fang is clearly visible on the small seconds scale of the two chronographs. The strap is specially made of Montblanc Extreme leather, and the carbon fiber texture is very fashionable.

    Summary: The ‘Watch House Xi’an Special Montblanc New Product Preview’ was successfully held, which not only allowed all watch friends to have a detailed understanding of Montblanc’s history and series models, but also enhanced the exchanges between watch friends and the try-on session. Also give everyone more opportunities to experience the intimate contact with the watch. The success of this event can not be separated from the support and attention of the watch friends of the watch house. Here, the watch house would like to express its sincere thanks to everyone, and also to the brand Montblanc for providing this rare Appreciate the activities, pay attention to the watch home and pay attention to more exciting activities in the future.