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    Space Walker Tasting Omega Speedmaster Coaxial Chronograph Moonwatch

    A world-renowned watch brand, in addition to accepting a long history of more than 100 years, it continues to innovate and develop advanced products. It always keeps innovation beyond, uses technology to stimulate imagination, and uses watches Technology is integrated into people and life. Launched in 12 years, the Speedmaster coaxial chronograph lunar watch confirms the glorious moment of Omega, an oversized watch that elegantly fuses polished and matte surfaces alternately, making the timepiece more expensive. Next, please follow the watch home to enjoy the Omega Speedmaster series coaxial chronograph moon watch, the official model is: 311.

       The first impression that is more impressive is that the watch’s bezel is very special. The combination of a polished and scratch-resistant black ceramic bezel and a very sporty metal is like a movement and a silence, and the contrast between strength and weakness is obvious. Presumably, it is the master of the design in order to highlight the charm of the bezel.

       Since it is a coaxial chronograph, there must be a few more functional settings on the dial. At the 9 o’clock direction, the 60-second small second hand displays the dial, and the symmetrical 3 o’clock position is the 12-hour cumulative chronograph display. Dial; at 6 o’clock is the date display window, evenly distributed, highlighting a strong sense of regularity.

       Looking forward, the black and gold intertwined case design is pleasing to the eye, and the symmetrical streamline perfectly writes the watch’s overall grace and beauty, making it extremely smooth. A noble manifestation, appropriate. The knurled crown design is more common, because such a crown is more suitable for manual twisting, which is why most watch designers are rarely willing to innovate.

       As shown in the figure, the design of the lines at the lugs is more prominent. The two parts separated by the lines, one matte and one polished, are showing the strength and weakness of the watch, like the natural feelings of the river and the shore. I have to say that I really love its beauty, beyond words.

       A classic black circular dial has a uniform layout. In addition to a few functional settings, the hour markers and hands also have their own characteristics. When we are in a dark environment, others stretch out their wrists to see the time but ca n’t see clearly. At that time, we can proudly say ‘Look at me’, look around, and see through, the hour and minute hands are all transparent. Will glow because it is coated with green fluorescent material, even the time scale is so domineering!

       In order to match the gold of the case with the hour markers and the size hands, the designer specially designed it to be orange, so that it looks more uniform. The hour, minute and second hands are designed with a geometric sword shape for more accurate time checking.

       The black crocodile leather strap has a soft texture, which can protect the wrist, and is more coordinated with the case.

       The classic Omega logo is clearly visible on the back of the strap. When looking at the bottom of the watch, to be honest, I felt very surprised. The workmanship was so fine. The entire bottom of the watch was covered with a sapphire glass. It seemed that the movement was freed from the case. A 100-meter water-resistant logo is engraved on the outer edge of the bottom of the watch.

       Through the case back, you can see that the metal-polished 1/2 automatic rotor is decorated with a unique Arabic-style Geneva ripple, and the movement splint below is also decorated with the same; the classic Omega logo and 9301 are engraved on the rotor Core model; Swiss-made cardless silicon hairspring is embedded in the escapement.

       Omega’s 9301 coaxial self-winding chronograph mechanical movement can guarantee a power reserve of up to 60 hours and a movement frequency of 28,800 times per hour. Such an Omega self-produced movement is assembled into a ceramic and rose gold combination case, which is bound to raise its price to a new level. The domestic price of RMB 190,700 is quite in line with its due value.

    Summary: The self-winding coaxial chronograph movement is equipped with a vertical wheel chronograph device, which enables the watch to have more durable superior accuracy and stability. Personally, a good watch cannot be separated from a good movement, which is different from the reason of a car. Of course, a good car cannot be separated from a powerful engine. For this reason, when choosing a favorite watch, it is necessary to know more about how this watch movement works.

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