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    Bulgari’s 125th Anniversary Launches Global Charity Event

    The international boutique brand Bulgari is about to enter its 125th anniversary next year. In this memorable year, Bulgari replaced luxury celebrations with charity events and specially designed 15 pieces of high-end jewelry and 8 pieces of high-end jewelry. The watch is used as a charity auction to give back to the society. In addition, in order to allow the public to participate in this charity, Bvlgari has also launched a 125th anniversary limited anniversary ring. All the profits from this ring will be donated to charity. ‘Rewrite the Future’ event organized by the institution Save the Children.

        Francesco Trapani, general manager of the Bulgari Group, said: ‘For Bulgari, the best way to celebrate the 125th anniversary is to help the vulnerable children.’ A series of high-end jewellery and watches will be launched in June 2009 in the exhibition ‘Between Eternity and History’ organized by the Rome Exhibition Building, and will be held on December 7th. The Bulgari 125th Anniversary Limited Silver Ring has been on sale since February 2009.