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    Kunlun Watchmaking Workshop Is Open To The Public Every Tuesday

    Kunlun Watchmaking Workshop is open every Tuesday morning and provides guided tour service to the public. This project was developed by Kunlun Watch in cooperation with La Chaux-de-Fonds, Le Locle and the Neuchatel tourist cities, and provides the public with a unique opportunity to visit the watch factory, explore the superb skills and heritage heritage.

       Kunlun Watch is the first brand to open its watchmaking workshop to the public on a weekly basis. Every Tuesday morning, tourists, fine watch enthusiasts, customers and students can come here to explore the Kunlun watchmaking world. In order to ensure the quality of the tour, each group of visitors is limited to 8 people. The Neuchatel Tour Guide is responsible for narration and audio guide service for non-French visitors.
       The whole process is divided into three stages: first, going back to the famous icons in the history of Kunlun watches, then coming to the workshop to observe the superb watchmaking skills, and finally to appreciate the brand’s latest series creation.

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    Golden Light Shine Tasting Breguet 3357ba/12/986 Watch

    Many brands have been abandoned and fragmented by the tide of history. But there is always a brand that stands upright in many waves. This is Breguet. Breguet has a lot of superiority that other brands cannot match. Originated from France’s pure blood, it stands out in the watch industry. Official model: 3357BA / 12/986

     In the watch industry, Breguet’s uniqueness makes it the best watch brand, but also a brand that is not recognized by many people. In the charm of the watch itself, Breguet has conquered the world with its unique charm. Many watch enthusiasts and experts have won a lot of professional awards and recognition. Let us take a look at this watch together, the official model: G3357BA12986

     On the side, this watch is a very good choice for many watch enthusiasts, but it seems a bit difficult to control for junior enthusiasts. The complicated dial makes many fantasy.

     The crown is in line with Breguet’s usual characteristics. It adopts the design of LOGO, which not only shows the quality, but also gives you a sense of security brought by the brand. The unique charm makes it last forever.

     The strap is made of light brown crocodile leather. The light coloring process requires many layers to cover, and the moist feeling is very strong. It is very comfortable to wear, and the leather is breathable, as is the strap of this watch.

     There is a mysterious feeling on the side without the crown, as if I always want to see what is happening in the dial. This thickness is full of Breguet’s wisdom for the movement creation. It’s eye-catching.

     The buckle uses a folding buckle design, which looks more beautiful. The elegant Breguet handles the folding buckle very carefully, and the use of the coin pattern highlights its noble quality.

     The lugs of this watch are relatively straight, so that the charm of its large dial can be manifested, and the relatively short lugs make people feel delicate and more comfortable in terms of wearing.

     Why is this a Breguet watch worth buying, because this watch meets all Breguet characteristics, from the coin pattern to the fisheye needle, to the use of the tourbillon in the dial, are full of Breguet elements.

     The penetrating design adopts the style of Breguet more than 30 years ago, and the meticulous hand-carving process makes this watch full of luxury. Perhaps only Breguet can maintain this tradition.

    Summary: This watch is made of precious metal materials, and its luxury craftsmanship is not lost to any other luxury brand. Today, with the acceleration of consumer concept innovation, it is a very wise choice to be able to choose a retro Breguet watch. Because Breguet keeps improving while keeping improving. Official model: 3357BA / 12/986; Reference price: 802,300 yuan
    More watch details: breguet / 5562 /

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    Grand Seiko Hi-beat Won The ‘european Watch Of The Year’ Award

    Watch Magazine named 00/24 ​​WatchWorld has been hosting an annual watch contest since 2000. Enthusiastic readers of the magazine, fans of the magazine’s website, and a professional judging panel composed of eight watchmakers are responsible for selecting six ‘watches of the year’.
    The 2012 European Watch Contest attracted more than 100 entries. The jury finalized the winner of the £ 2,500 to £ 8,500 category as Grand Seiko Hi-beat 36000.

    ‘If a watch can show how the design of a watch can change endlessly, this watch will stand out, but each watch is very good. This is a very competitive product category because each watch is being judged by experts There are fans there. Voting is either on this side or on the other side, but in the end the laurel crown was worn on the head of Grand Seiko’s Hi-Beat 36,000-this is an ingenious and carefully crafted product that fully demonstrates Grand Seiko’s unparalleled craftsmanship and technology. ‘
    The awards ceremony was held on October 2nd in London’s first European Annual Watch Awards celebration, and representatives from more than 100 nominated brands and other VIPs participated in the celebration.
    This new award adds a new dimension to Grand Seiko’s original prize store. I am very proud to be awarded Seiko Seiko.
    00/24 ​​Watchworld Watch Magazine has a wide readership in the UK, the Netherlands and Scandinavia, and its website is also sought after by watch fans around the world.

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    2016 New Year Of The Monkey G-shock Reproduces The Classic Red And Black Color Of The Brand

    In order to welcome the New Year of the Monkey in 2016, the cheerful red has always been the representative color of the Chinese New Year. G-SHOCK specially selects the classic red, black and white colors of the brand to match G-SHOCK hot sales. The watch series GA-110 / GA-201 / GD-X6900 has three series, with a large case design exceeding 55mm, which is full of presence on the wrist. The GA-110RD / GA-201RD uses pointers with dual display of liquid crystal numbers The design, the dial uses three layers of subtle parts to create a three-dimensional sense, and the metal sense creates the rugged feeling of an exclusive man. It is especially equipped with ISO764 antimagnetic, speedometer, 1 / 1,000-second stopwatch, world time and five alarms. The GD-X6900RD has a US military specification test, equipped with a 10-year power battery, ultra-bright LED lighting, a 1 / 100-second stopwatch, world time, and three sets of alarms. Expected listing date: February 2016.

    G-SHOCK reproduces the brand’s classic red and black color scheme




       From now on, you can get any G-SHOCK digital camouflage red envelopes and spring couplets with any watch in the CASIO concept store. The number is limited, while supplies last.

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    Tuduo’s ‘little Daytona’

    In recent years, Tudor has become more and more popular with the explosion of ‘Red Flower’, ‘Blue Flower’ and ‘Bronze Flower’. So I bought a Tudor ‘following the wind’ a while ago and felt the heat of the Tudor. This watch was given to me by a brother. A brother went to buy labor, and by the way also bought an Tudor (you know). I bought this watch from him, a Tudor Speed ​​Riding Chronograph. Steel case, green face, ceramic ring. He monetized his watch, and I bought it for two games.

    Tudor Green Disk Speed ​​Riding Chronograph
    Although Tudor is very hot these days, this Xunqi chronograph is the niche watch in Tudor.

       In the past two years, Tudor’s diving watch has exploded. The ‘red flower’, ‘blue flower’, and ‘bronze flower’ have super high values, and the color bezel plus the axe needle has a high degree of recognition. At present, Tudor has used the new self-produced MT56XX series movement on the ‘Little Flower’, which has greatly improved its power (70 hours). At the same time, it uses an antimagnetic silicon hairspring and has an observatory certification, which further strengthens the ‘Little Flower’. The high value and high configuration of the Tudor ‘Little Flower’ can almost ‘seckill’ other luxury watches of the same level or even higher levels. It has a good reputation among players and many people buy it. This year, Tudor’s new red and blue circle GMT and limited green circle ‘small flowers’ have a small amount of watches.

    Tudor red and blue circle GMT is a watch that Tudor has been very hot recently.
    So, I’m going the other way this time, showing you a small watch of Tudor, Tudor’s ‘Ditona’, and a fast riding chronograph.

       Rolex only has a Daytona chronograph, Tudor’s more chronographs, such as cat face, new axe hand timing using Breitling chronograph movement. Tudor Xunqi chronograph is a chronograph cooperated by Tudor and Ducati. A major feature is that many Ducati motorcycle elements are added to the watch.

    Tudor Xunqi chronograph is a chronograph cooperation between Tudor and Ducati.
       Tudor’s new fast riding chronographs are all color plates, red, yellow, green, three kinds of surface. The three colors are the same as those of the Ducati Scrambler. My current Tudor Xunqi is a green disk. Brothers who are familiar with Rolex can see that the color of the green disk of this watch is different from that of Rolex, because Tudor uses the green on the Scrambler motorcycle, not the green of Rolex. Tudor Xunqi’s green is darker. The small hands on the 3-eye chronograph of Tudor Speed ​​Riding Chronograph are also colored hands. The color of the small pointer is the same as the color of the disk. The green disk with green needles is very fashionable. Although Tudor and Rolex belong to the same family, it is clear that Tudor is more aggressive and Rolex is more conservative. Rolex Daytona doesn’t have a calendar. Tudor Xunqi’s calendar is between 4 and 5 o’clock. I also saw someone suggesting that the calendar be cancelled.

    Tudor Xunqi chronographs are the same color as Ducati.
       Another detail of the Tudor Speed ​​Riding Chronograph dial is also on the small hands. We can see that the small chronograph hands of Tudor Xunqi are square heads. Let’s recall that Rolex Dayton also used Paul Newman’s chronograph dial with small squares. Tudor Xunqi chronograph, using this design (square head small hands), is to give Xunqi chronograph a retro feel of the 1970s. Tudor has gradually departed from the Rolex style in recent years, but in details, Tudor and Rolex are ‘breaking the bones and tendons’. After all, for a long time in history, the main difference between Rolex and Tudor is only in the movement, other Case, appearance, Tudor and Rolex are mostly the same.

    Tudor Xunqi chronograph, there are some 70s retro design on the dial.
       Tudor Xunqi chronographs are available in ceramic and steel cases. The color plate is a steel case version with a case size of 42 mm, which is larger than Daytona. Case polishing is a standard sports watch processing method, with large area drawing. Tudor Xun rides also with ceramic rings. Some people will ask how this Tudor ceramic ring looks different from the water ghost, hippocampus, and 50 噚 ceramic ring. Because the ceramic ring of Tudor Xunqi is matte, the scale numbers on the ceramic ring are engraved. Not as bright as Rolex platinum scales, Omega liquid metal scales. Of course, let’s look at it the other way. In the chronograph with the same price as Tudor, Xunqi has a ceramic ring and its configuration is still very high. We noticed that the timing buttons and crown of Tudor Xunqi are also black, PVD black and steel. Finally, at the 9 o’clock position on the side of the case, there is a small triangle similar to the Ducati logo. This is the calendar quick-adjust button, and the position is exactly symmetrical with the crown.

    The ‘small triangle’ on the side of Tudor Xunqi chronograph case is a button for quick calendar adjustment.
       Tudor Xunqi chronograph uses ETA7753 chronograph movement. Tudor has gradually used the self-produced MT56XX series movements in recent years, while using the Breitling B01 chronograph movement on the new axe chronograph. Tudor has always used outsourced movements in history, forming a difference from Rolex. Therefore, it is normal for Tudor to use the ETA7753 movement, which is in line with Tudor’s positioning. The benefits of 7753 are time-tested, durable and easy to maintain. The feel of the timing button of the Tudor Speed ​​Riding Chronograph is the same as that of other ETA7750 series chronographs. It is relatively hard to reset to zero. This is also the characteristic of the clutch and cam gear of the ETA7750 series chronograph movement. In addition to that, as mentioned earlier, the 7753 calendar is quickly adjusted on the case.

    The bezel of the Tudor Speed ​​Riding Chronograph is a ceramic ring, and the buttons and crown are PVD-plated steel.
       This Tudor Xunqi chronograph is not bad, the color plate is very beautiful, if it is yellow, it will be more conspicuous. The black three-dimensional time scale on the disk flashes in the light. This watch can be equipped with a belt and tape. Now this is just tape. It is not afraid of water and sweat, and is very durable.

    Tudor Speed ​​Riding Chronograph

    Tudor, like Rolex, is also a special brand.

       We all know that Rolex is a very special brand. Although Rolex’s positioning is not the top, in theory, it is a luxury watch in the middle position, but in fact, some of Rolex’s popular watches, antique watches, the actual value, often the highest in the bezel, spike many top brands. Many of Tudor’s current policies and strategies are the same as those of Rolex. Under the pull of popular and rare models, Tudor’s position is gradually rising. The actual value of models such as the red and blue circle GMT and the green circle axe needle has exceeded the watches of the same level. My wife asked me a few days ago and said why do you want the Tudor watch, I said I have never played it. It is a metaphor to say that Tudor Xunqi is ‘Little Ditona’, but according to the current momentum and operation of Tudor, some tables will not be allowed, and the market is really in line with Rolex’s increase.

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    Enamel Art Amy Long Héritier Heritage Collection Real Shooting Appreciation

    At the Baselworld 2015, Emilion launched the Héritier heritage series of mechanical men’s watches. The Fair Lady is a new model of Emilon’s quartz movement this year, while the Lehman series is a perfect interpretation of female mechanical watches. Emilion’s new collection of men’s watches blends sport with classics, while the Héritier heritage collection simplifies the tradition of classic dress watches.

     For the past few centuries, enamel dials have represented a unique and sophisticated advanced technology. When Amy Long used white enamel as the dial, it meant that this watch was destined to have a quiet and elegant relationship.

     Today, in the development and design of the new heritage series, brand designers continue to carry forward this traditional art, using simple and elegant staggered combinations of slender nail scales and Roman nail scales to make the perfect combination of complex technology and simple style.

     The diameter of 40mm is just right on the wrist.

     Dial with hour, minute, second and three-point date window fully automatic movement.

     In order to develop the comfort even better, the brand’s unique time airfoil has a new continuation in this section, the wings slightly converge, and it is more comfortable to wear.

    【Technical Parameters】
    Model: 08.1128.G.
    Movement: automatic mechanical movement
    Functions: hours, minutes, seconds, calendar display
    Case: stainless steel case
    Dial: white enamel dial
    Table mirror: sapphire crystal,
    Strap: stainless steel band
    Diameter: 30mm
    Waterproof: 30 meters waterproof

     The Baselworld Watch & Jewellery Expo 2015 will present us with a unique visual feast. This time the Breitling brand will bring us many new products at the exhibition. Let us look forward to the report from the front of the watch home. Team brings back more exciting content.
    For more details, please click Watch House 2015 Basel Live Show Feature:

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    Panarai Launches Two New Luminor Marina Blue Dial Watches

    Recently, Panerai launched two new LuminorMarina watches-PAM1028 and PAM1058. The new watches are equipped with a dark blue dial and a frosted sunburst finish, creating subtle flashes and changing effects by capturing and diffusing light, just as the sun shines on waves. The appearance of the new watch is very beautiful, technically it is basically a reinterpretation of the PAM977 and PAM978 silver dial watches.

    Panerai LuminorMarina 44mm PAM1058

       The first is PAM1058, with a diameter of 44 mm. It is equipped with a stainless steel case and bracelet, and a frosted sunray blue dial. The dial adheres to the authentic Panerai style, with large luminous Arabic numerals and small blue steel hands (set in the small seconds at 9 o’clock). The case and dial have a classic and clear design, and the links of the metal bracelet are inspired by the shape of the crown guard. In addition, the watch is provided with a second chain that can be easily replaced.

    Panerai LuminorMarina 42mm PAM1028 watch

       Then there is PAM1028. PAM1028 and PAM1058 are very similar except for the size. The diameter of the case of PAM1028 is 2 mm smaller, which is more delicate. At the same time, PAM1058 has a water resistance of 300 meters, while PAM1028 is 100 meters. Both new watches are equipped with Panerai’s self-made P.9010 self-winding movement. The sapphire crystal on the case back allows you to see the movement beautifully. It is reported that Panerai’s new LuminorMarina blue dial watch is priced at 60,600 yuan for 44mm PAM1058 and 59,900 yuan for 42mm PAM1028. (Photo / text watch home Xu Chaoyang)