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    Elegant Gorgeous Time At The Wrist

    When quality withstands time, it becomes a classic; when history assumes the mission of inheritance, it becomes a culture. Chanel’s Mademoiselle Privé series watches are like the gift of time praised by the time, giving each woman an elegant time placed on her wrist.
    Graceful time on your wrist
    Pure craftsmanship at your fingertips
    Enamel, condensing the gorgeous colors of time, is both craft and art. Pure craftsmanship at your fingertips
    中 Among all the decorative skills of watches, enamel not only has a long history, complicated production technology, a small number, beautifully fired, but also has a high degree of artistry and shows strong creativity. And getting a rare enamel watch has always been the top dream of senior watch collectors.
    In order to decorate, many watches are inlaid with gemstones, carved patterns and concave shapes on the surface, but among many processes, micro-painted enamel is the most admirable, for no other reason: to successfully create a micro-paint The enamel watch has a very high scrap rate. Second, there are fewer and fewer masters engaged in micro-painting enamel. The so-called master here is not only familiar with the complicated chemical changes behind the enamel, but also has superb painting techniques, so a beautiful big fire micro-painted enamel watch is no less than a master-level painting.
    The Coromandel oriental screen dial watch in the Chanel ‘Mademoiselle Privé’ series uses the traditional Geneva technique to present the Chinese ebony screen pattern in Chanel’s apartment in the form of miniature painting enamel on the enamel dial. It is the famous Swiss female independent enamel artist Anita Porchet who personally manipulates this series. Each of the 10 models in this series has different patterns.
    Anita Porchet needs to manually engrav the required decoration on the dial’s metal tires when making the dial. This is to make the entire decorative pattern after the enamel firing process more exquisite, beautiful and three-dimensional. Because of this, each piece becomes more and more unique. After the production of the bottom tire was completed, the extremely difficult micro-painting technique (Miniature) was used. On a blue reflective dark black enamel chassis, a brush made of mink hair is dipped in enamel paint, each painting is completed with the help of a microscope, and the layers are painted and fired. The subtle layering gradually appeared, and finally a beautiful and harmonious gongbi painting appeared. In the manufacture of each dial, the patient’s patience, rigorous procedures, and her intuition for beauty are indispensable. It takes about three weeks to complete such a delicate miniature painting of the dial.
    After completing the work of painting the enamel dial of the big fire, it does not mean that the entire watch making process is over. Ms. Chanel once said: ‘Diamonds are women’s best friends.’ Because of this, only in diamonds With the blessing, the women’s exclusive enamel watch appears to be more active. The case, crown and buckle of the Coromandel oriental screen dial watch are all based on another classic craftsmanship-snowflake inlay. Snowflake inlay is a way to arrange gems of different sizes in a casual way. Adjacent stones are closely fitted together, completely covering the metal, leaving no gaps. Gems reflect natural and complex light, like snowflakes in the sun, hence the name. Only the most experienced master gem setting experts know this technique. Each jewellery watch in the collection ranges from 480 to 650 diamonds on the bezel. ‘Mademoiselle Privé’ Coromandel Oriental Screen Dial Watch
    18K white gold case diameter 37.5mm, the case, crown and buckle are set with a total of 857 diamonds. Daming fire micro-painted enamel dial, self-winding mechanical movement, 42-hour power reserve, water-resistant to 30 meters.
    Art treasures exclusively for Ms. Wu
    In addition to the functionality and practicality of watches, the art and culture behind them are the two most important wealth of watch brands. The outstanding high-quality watches can reflect not only craftsmanship and technology, but also deeper artistic values ​​and cultural connotations. Just like the four watches in the Mademoiselle Privé collection with the theme of Comète Camellia (camellia and comet), it is a combination of superb craftsmanship of top watchmaking and top jewellery. It uses originality and creativity to bring the poetry of Chanel to her cherish A reinterpretation of inspiration. Its beauty not only flows outward, but also directly touches the soul.
    Camellia mother-of-pearl camellia dial watch Camellia is the favorite flower of Gabriel Chanel. On the onyx dial, the petals of this gently blooming camellia are carved from 10 pieces of mother-of-pearl of different sizes. Its exquisite appearance can not help but marvel at the superb craftsmanship of the craftsman.
    The Camellia Rotating Camellia Dial Watch is also inspired by Camellia. This watch uses a black-coated sapphire crystal dial, especially the titanium camellia at 5 o’clock, which is set with 11 white diamonds and 16 black Drill. As part of the dial decoration, this camellia also functions as a second hand, rotating once every 60 seconds. It is a special mechanical module developed for Chanel by the Swiss ‘eccentric second hand’ expert Dubois-Dépraz, which is linked with the movement. On this mechanical module that rotates once in 60 seconds, the rotating camellias pattern makes the overall design more lively. Two completely hollow leaf-shaped hands add time rhythm to this elegant and detailed picture.
    Camellia Rotating Camellia Dial Watch
    18K white gold case, 37.5 mm in diameter, 10.7 mm thick, set with 60 brilliant-cut diamonds (1 carat). Black satin strap with pin buckle set with 80 brilliant-cut diamonds (0.4 ct). Built-in CHANEL 12-WS automatic winding movement, power reserve 42 hours, waterproof 30 meters.
    Camellia mother-of-pearl camellia dial watch
    18K white gold case, 37.5 mm diameter, 8.6 mm thick, set with 60 brilliant-cut diamonds (1 carat). The onyx dial is decorated with mother-of-pearl camellia, set with 7 diamond hour markers. Black satin strap, high-precision quartz movement, waterproof to 30 meters.
    Comète Rotating Comet Dial Watch
    Stinging in Chanel’s dictionary, the stars imply eternal value. The use of stars as decorative themes in watches is a manifestation of ‘the greatest value in the smallest volume.’ As photographer Cecil Beaton wrote in The Mirror of Fashion: Chanel ‘has a talent for simplicity, and her designs are dazzling.’ This watch with a rotating comet dial is exactly the same as the previously mentioned rotating camellia dial watch, and it also uses a 5 o’clock rotating decorative seconds hand design. Against the backdrop of a deep black dial, whether it is camellia or comet, the simple atmosphere is interesting.
    Comète Rotating Comet Dial Watch
    18K white gold case with a diameter of 37.5mm and a thickness of 10.7mm, set with 60 brilliant-cut diamonds (1 carat). Black-coated sapphire crystal dial, 5-point titanium comet, set with 31 brilliant-cut diamonds, and rotates once every 60 seconds. Egg-faced onyx crown, black satin strap, pin buckle set with 80 brilliant-cut diamonds (0.4 ct). Built-in CHANEL 12-WS automatic winding movement, power reserve 42 hours, waterproof 30 meters.

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    G-shock 2015 Love The Sea And The Earth Whale Dolphin Series

    G-SHOCK is committed to supporting marine conservation. In order to share the concept of caring for the ocean and the earth with more consumers, ‘LOVE THE SEA AND THE EARTH’ ‘Series 2015’ limited edition models. In order to allow G-SHOCK fans around the world to collect Japanese-limited products, 8 G-SHOCK STORE flagship stores overseas are limited to special sales!

    GWX-8902K-7 full table expanded view

       The whole watch is designed with a white whale. The dial and printed words embellish the azure blue symbolizing the ocean. The central cold light button, buckle, strap and cold light illumination are all printed with whale patterns. The strap is also printed with international cetacean education and research The ICERC logo and the English characters ‘ALL AS ONE’ and ‘Love The Sea And The Earth’ are branded at the same time, telling that the family of four seas, human beings and all things live on the earth, should make every effort to maintain the ecology of the earth, and The back cover is specially engraved with the peaceful coexistence of human, natural environment and animals. The watch has many functions such as impact-resistant structure, water resistance of 200 meters, six rounds of radio wave reception, tide chart, moon phase information, solar power, etc., with special packaging, it has a unique collection value!
    GWX-8902K-7 special packaging
       ※ GWX-8902K-7 is expected to be listed on June 27th (Sat.), 2015. It is only available in G-SHOCK STORE, TAIPEI limited edition!