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    Zhenlishi: 150 Years Of History, Enjoy The Joy Of Chinese Birthday

    For Zenith, 2015 is an important year, because the brand will celebrate the 150th birthday under the shining of the star. Taking this opportunity, let us review the history of the brand together, explore the profound changes and brilliant achievements it has created during these long years, and keep in mind that without the skills and talents of skilled craftsmen, and without the innovative spirit cherished by watchmakers, Zenith Time will not be able to achieve today’s brilliant achievements.

     Zenith: Always look ahead.
       In 1865, only 22 years old, Georges Favre-Jacot founded the world’s first industrial watchmaking factory. His goal is to integrate all the processes of watchmaking under the same roof to integrate all watchmaking processes. At the same time, Georges Favor-Jacott also revolutionized the introduction of a new system that makes any type of movement interchangeable.

     Explore new territory …
       Since 1870, in order to sell watches, Georges Favor-Jacott has left his footprint in every corner of the world. Since 1900, he has sent his nephew and son-in-law Jämes Favre to explore new markets in order to study the profitability and development potential of the brand. Through unremitting efforts, Zenith successfully built one of the earliest retail networks in the watch industry. Soon after, the watch factory also signed commercial contracts with a number of railways and airlines to promote the brand’s reputation worldwide.

     A true friend, still before and after
       For 150 years, Zenith has been with the brave and fearless explorers, and climbed the peak of human limit with these brave warriors. Zenith soared in the sky with Louis Blériot, traveled and prayed with Mahatma Gandhi, and felt trembling passion with Felix Baumgartner Sailing on the sea with the Spindrift racing team, singing on the stage with the Rolling Stones, and feeling speed and passion on the track with antique car drivers. Pioneering with the Warriors, this has long been engraved in the watch factory’s genes.

     Pioneering spirit
       Only on the journey of continuous victory can we develop a stubborn and bold fighting spirit. Zenith’s innovation and pioneering spirit accompanied it to conquer new fields after another. Whether it is the vast land, the vast sky or the ocean, Zenith has accompanied many heroes of the era and witnessed numerous technological innovations in the 20th century.

     Precision timing: perfection
       From the beginning, Zenith has been continuously pursuing the road of precision, and regards such activities as a platform for pursuing excellence, challenging the limits and discovering its potential. From 1903 to 1968, Zenith has won many well-known awards for its excellent movement manufacturing technology, applied for more than 300 patents, and produced more than 600 legendary movements.

     Watches from Zenith
       From beginning to end, Zenith has been committed to creating reliable and sophisticated timepieces, and has demonstrated its extraordinary strength in this regard. The Academy Prestige Columbus Hurricane watch and its gyroscope automatic timing module are undoubtedly a model in recent years. This component is also known as the ‘gravity control’ module, which keeps the speed regulation mechanism horizontal to ensure accurate timing no matter how the watch is tilted. The movement used in the watch is equipped with a unique sesame chain transmission system, which can offset the impact caused by the gradual decrease of the barrel’s power.

     Big changes in the small world …
       On January 10, 1969, Zenith officially launched the El Primero star-speed automatic movement. It is the world’s first integrated column wheel automatic chronograph movement, with a high vibration frequency of 36,000 vibrations per hour, with an accuracy of 1/10 seconds. El Primero’s star-speed movement quickly became a legend in the history of watches and clocks, and today it is still the king of precision timekeeping. This movement has been constantly evolving with the times. It has won numerous awards by adding a variety of complex functions and high-precision mechanical mechanisms.

    Elegance and the art of watchmaking
       Zenith has always been at the forefront of the times. Since the beginning of the 20th century, the watch factory has cooperated with artists of the Art Nouveau many times. The brand is also heavily influenced by the decorative arts and co-creates timepieces, advertisements and brand images with multiple artists. Zenith uses a ladies’ watch to compose a magnificent love story. This relationship is beautiful, and it can only show its sincerity and timelessness through a new ‘show of love’ again and again. The Star 33mm watch is undoubtedly the best proof of this sincere emotion.
    In the next 150 years, keep moving!
       Although 150 years marks a period worth celebrating, the watch factory does not always indulge in past achievements. Zenith will also create a more brilliant legend. Under the shining of the star, the brand will continue to inherit the spirit of boldness and innovation, continue to open up new areas, write a new chapter, and meet new challenges.