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    Exquisite Femininity And Femininity Jacques De D’elegance 8 Watch

    Elegant 8 (Lady 8) contains the essence of jewellery craftsmanship, sometimes simple and pure, sometimes gorgeously decorated, with exquisite curves to show the softness, elegance and exquisiteness that Jaquet Droz cherishes. The rhyme is a model. The LaChaux-de-Fonds workshop is dedicated to creating exquisite scenes and realizing real craftsmanship. This year, Jaquet Droz has reached its peak, equipped with a breathtaking automatic doll scene for Lady 8-a blooming lotus.

      The Elegant 8-Flower watch combines all the techniques of Jaquet Droz. The two rings overlap to form Jaquet Droz’s iconic number 8. The 8 symbolizes harmony, completeness and endlessness. . A butterfly with wings spread is displayed on the ring below, and two styles are available: the first butterfly is decorated with translucent red enamel hand-painted carved butterfly wings with a guilloché surface; the second is embellished with precious stones, the butterfly Inlaid with sapphire and snowflake-encrusted diamonds. The ring above shows a lotus flower covered with a sapphire crystal dome mirror. The lotus symbolizes Ning He Jing Yuan and elegant poetry, and is regarded as a sacred and pure flower in many Asian cultures. The lotus on the dial is meticulously crafted to the best of every detail: each petal is carefully sculpted to give the petals a perfect satin effect on the back, or one by one with enamel.

      This event installation displays mysterious and implied flower buds or full blooms, not just pure natural wonders full of poetry. Just press the button and the lotus will bloom slowly, revealing the diamond flower heart. With this timepiece, Jaquet Droz also realized a new technological innovation: the watch mechanism and the Lotus doll device were simultaneously embedded in a 35 mm diameter case of the same size, and the two did not interfere with each other. The case is also exquisitely crafted, regardless of size selection or inlaid embellishment, each watch’s brilliant-cut or baguette-cut diamonds are meticulous.

      Elegant 8-Flower (Lady8Flower) watch series launched two models, each limited to 28 pieces. Through these two watches, Jaquet Droz shares with customers the magical secrets, that is, the excellent craftsmanship inherited from generation to generation, advancing with the times, and the charm of blooming flowers.

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    Iwc’s 150th Anniversary Fine Watch Touring Tour Unveiled In Wuxi And Zhang Junning Decoding Legend Of Fine Watchmaking

    December 8, 2018, Wuxi-In 2018, the Swiss watchmaker Schaffhausen IWC celebrates its 150th anniversary, a brand new anniversary series and 29 special edition timepieces. A half-century journey of glory. Today, the 150th anniversary of IWC’s grand watchmaking tour grandly unveiled at the Hang Lung Plaza in Wuxi, reappearing the original era of the brand with a striking ‘Super Time Machine’, implying the brand’s innovation history from 1868. The famous actor Zhang Junning appeared in Wuxi and invited the watch enthusiasts to decode the legend of high-end watchmaking and taste the timeless charm of IWC.

    Zhang Junning wears the 36th ‘150th Anniversary’ Special Edition of the IWC Express Vinci Moon Phase Automatic Watch (Model: IW459309)

    Decoding the Beauty of Time with ‘Time Goddess’ Zhang Junning

        With both academic and beautiful faces, Zhang Junning’s calm elegance seems to be born with him. She is obsessed with the multi-faceted nature of the performing arts, and she is not afraid of the huge challenges brought by the comfort circle. Whether it is to switch between different characters, or in front of any challenge, Zhang Junning can show that unique charm. Hard and soft, she is the ‘Wanguo’ woman in the actor, carefully sculpting her strength with immortal time, and showing everyone the fearless beauty.

       Just like IWC’s century-long focus on high-end watchmaking craftsmanship, Zhang Junning has a dazzling aura, but looks at life with diligence. The precipitation of time makes her more eye-catching, just like the IWC IWC wearing on her wrist that day expresses Wenxiyue. The 36th ‘150th Anniversary’ special edition of the automatic watch, showing nobility and elegance between brilliance, showing the beauty of independence and self-confidence, attracting the majority of watch enthusiasts to pursue the exquisite craftsmanship of IWC and the eternity of the brand charm.

    IWC’s 150 Fine Watch Touring Tour unveiled at Wuxi Hang Lung Plaza

    Industrial aesthetics showroom reappears the brand’s 150-year glory journey

       In 1868, Mr. Florentine Ariosto Jones crossed the ocean from Boston in the United States to the Swiss town of Schaffhausen, combining the traditional Swiss craftsmanship with the advanced process system in the United States. The idea created IWC (International Watch Company).

       To commemorate this journey, the exhibition hall incorporates industrial metal elements into the design, with a strong industrial atmosphere and retro texture, as if pulling time back to the original era of the brand. The most remarkable is the ‘Super Time Machine’ displayed in the center of the exhibition hall, inspired by the legendary Pallweber pocket watch in the history of IWC. The digital display shows the word ‘1868’ to pay tribute to the brand’s founding year.

    IWC’s 150 Fine Watch Touring Tour unveiled at Wuxi Hang Lung Plaza

    150th anniversary special edition series pays tribute to legend

       The new IWC 150th Anniversary Special Edition series is reinterpreted with a unified aesthetic element, which is extraordinary. It covers the best collections of the Portuguese, Portofino, Pilot’s Watch and Da Vinci collections, as well as the new “Pallweber” special edition timepieces. The white or blue lacquered dial is a common feature of the entire series, inspired by the enamel dial of the historic Pallweber pocket watch. All models are engraved with the ‘150Years’ (150th anniversary) logo.

        Inscribe classics, pay tribute to legends. IWC’s 150th Anniversary Tour of Fine Watchmaking looks forward to your arrival!
    IWC 150th Anniversary Tour of Fine Watchmaking-Wuxi Station
    Time: December 6, 2018-December 16
    Venue: North Atrium, Level 1, Hang Lung Plaza, No. 139 Renmin Middle Road, Chong’an District, Wuxi City

    IWC expresses 36th ‘150th anniversary’ special edition
    Model: IW459309
    36 mm diameter, white dial, lacquered finish, blue hands, moon phase profit and loss display at ’12 o’clock’ The case and mobile lugs are completely set with 206 flawless diamonds, totaling 2.26 carats. Limited edition of 50 pieces.
    Price: 234,000 RMB

    IWC Special Edition 150th Anniversary “Pallweber”
    Model: IW505002
    45 mm diameter, 18K red gold case, blue seconds hand, black alligator leather strap by Santoni. The sophisticated white lacquered dial inherits classic elements and pays tribute to Mr. F.A. Jones, the founder of IWC. The digital display window is marked with ‘Hours’ and ‘Minutes’. IWC’s 94200 self-made calibre can provide a high power reserve of 60 hours. Limited to 250 pieces.
    Price: 277,000 RMB

    150th Anniversary Special Edition of IWC Portugal Series Constant Power Tourbillon Watch
    Model: IW590202
    Diameter 46 mm, platinum case, white dial, lacquered finish, blue hands. It is equipped with IWC-manufactured 94805 manual-winding movement with 96-hour power reserve. For the first time, it is equipped with a constant-power tourbillon and a single moon phase profit and loss display. It only needs to be corrected for one day after 577.5 years. Limited to 15 pieces.
    Price: 1,867,000 RMB

    150th Anniversary Special Edition of IWC Large Pilot Calendar
    Model: IW502708
    Diameter 46.2 mm, stainless steel case, blue dial, lacquered hands, rhodium-plated hands, IWC-manufactured 52850 movement with Pellaton winding system with zero-wear ceramic parts, and double barrel Achieved a power reserve function for 7 days. Through the sapphire glass case back, the exquisite structure of the movement is clearly visible. Limited to 100 pieces.
    Price: 149,000 RMB

    150th Anniversary Special Edition of IWC Portofino Manual Wind Moon Phase Watch
    Model: IW516407
    45 mm diameter, 18K red gold case, blue dial, lacquered finish. The hands and the moon and the moon show the stars and stars are also gold-plated. White embossed scales and numbers, transparent sapphire glass back. IWC-manufactured 59800 calibre with full chain can provide 8-day power reserve, the engraved 18K gold anniversary logo is engraved on the movement. Limited to 150 pieces.
    Price: 174,000 RMB

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    Tag Heuer Calella Tourbillon Chronograph: Tête De Vipère Certified

    TAGHeuerCarrera Tourbillon Chronograph is the first chronograph to receive the ‘TêtedeVipère’ emblem for excellence and uniqueness, specifically for the 55th anniversary of the TAGHeuerCarrera Designed for celebration, limited edition of 80 pieces.

     This TAGHeuerCarrera tourbillon chronograph has a contemporary design and is equipped with two of the most well-known complex devices in traditional watchmaking: a tourbillon that eliminates the effects of differences in rotational speed and is beautiful at first sight; A timing device developed and manufactured by the TAGHeuer watch factory.

     The watch has a dark blue ceramic case with a bezel and ceramic lugs. Through the sapphire crystal case back, the ‘Têtede Vipère’ emblem printed on the bridge is clearly visible.

     Since 1897, the French Besançon Observatory has been certifying the excellence of a watch with the Têtede Vipère emblem. In addition to being a mark of quality and precision, this certification also symbolizes the watch’s superb technical standards.

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    Casio Launches Christmas Lovers Limited Watch

    Christmas is a great opportunity to slim down your wallet! Casio will release a limited-edition watch series ‘X’mas Lover’s Collection 2008’. With G-SHOCK and Baby-G, two pairs of watches ‘Love Cupid’ and ‘Personal Love’ will be released. Ingeniously integrated into the design.
        The white and gold embellishment of the watch body brings out the image of beautiful white snow landing on a romantic winter night, plus the classic angel and demon totem design imprinted on the back of the watch, and it also has world time, stopwatch function, alarm … , Tailored to the noble and elegant Cupid packaging; from inside to outside, the perfect interpretation of Christmas’s unique atmosphere of love, and spend a good time with lovers all over the world!

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    Diorⅷ Watches

    If you know something about Dior’s history, you must know the indissoluble bond between the number ‘8’ and Dior: On October 8, 1946, the Dior Haute Couture Workshop was founded; Dior Fashion Headquarters Located on Avenue Montaign in the 8th arrondissement of Paris; Dior’s first Haute Couture collection is called ‘enhuit’ (French 8) ‘8’ represents a date, an address, a series, and even a collection of glamour, sexy and femininity Kind of people. At this year’s Basel watch exhibition, this number that has been given a lot of meanings, of course, jumped to Dior’s dial.
        The designer fully incorporated the inspiration of ‘New Look’ designed by Mr. Dior in the 1940s and 1950s. As Dior watch president Laurence Nicolas said, ‘Pyramid-cut black high-tech precision ceramics and slender tapered hour markers can all see the shadow of Mr. Dior’s’ slim fit. ‘
        On this watch, ‘8’ is designed as an 8-point time scale in the form of Roman numerals, and it is matched with pyramid-shaped high-tech precision ceramics. The overall elegance is luxurious and fresh. In China, from ancient times to the present, 8 is the same as ‘fa’, which is also loved by the Chinese people, from the number plate with ‘8’, mobile phone number, to the floor of the house, room number, and so on. The luck, auspiciousness and good meaning it contains have the same meaning as Dior.
        From this perspective, Dior’s integration of this lucky number into outstanding works is undoubtedly a gift for watch buyers.