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    To The Simple Age Tasting Nomos Metro Series Watch

    NOMOS is a well-known German high-end watch brand. The overall design style of the brand bids farewell to the complicated craftsmanship, and it is extremely simple to do its best. ‘Not luxury, pursuing the essence of time art’ is the design tenet of NOMOS. Because of this, NOMOS is sought after and loved by many young people with modern artistic temperament.

    Simple times to pure

    的 The aesthetic design of this NOMOS METRO series watch is reminiscent of sophisticated measuring instruments. It shows the passage of time in the most modern way, elegant and delicate, and full of youthful vitality, with a very modern metropolis. The size is slightly larger than the multi-award winning regular version: the Metro 38 date watch. The improved dial is more refined and outstanding, and its charm is still extraordinary. (Model: 1102)

    Watch real shot

    This NOMOS METRO series watch will be simple to the end, with a diameter of 38.5 mm, a thickness of 7.8 mm, and a moderate size and thickness. The dial is made of white electroplated silver, and the hour markers at 3, 9 and 12 o’clock are blue. The retro classic design of the small three-handed, the hour and minute hands are oxidized black, a small second dial at 6 o’clock, and the hands are red.

    The NOMOS brand logo of the watch is set at 12 o’clock, and the representative font of NOMOS makes this minimalist watch reveal a unique look.

    In addition to the classic small seconds at 6 o’clock, there is also a date display window. The time is clearly displayed and the wearer will not miss any important dates.

    From the side of the watch, this NOMOS METRO series watch has smooth curves and exquisite workmanship. The crown is engraved with the NOMOS brand logo, which highlights the urban temperament.

    Lugs real shot

    The strap is black Holvin premium Cordova horse leather, smooth and thick, with the brand logo engraved on the inside, and with a quick release design.

    This NOMOS METRO series 1102 watch is equipped with DUW 4101 manual winding movement, equipped with NOMOS self-made escapement system, the maximum power reserve can reach 42 hours. Although it is a minimalist design, the details of the movement are extremely fine, with a lot of traditional decorative details, such as the Glashütte stripes on the surface of the rhodium-plated movement, the NOMOS fish scale large steel wheels and the winding gear Glashütte sunburst and so on.

    Summary: The simple dial and the elegant time-marked hands have created a non-simple watch. NOMOS will perfectly show the minimalist aesthetics. This watch is very suitable for young people to choose, if it happens to be your style, you can pay more attention. Reference price: ¥ 20900

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    Earl’s Family Creative Awards Honor Plus

    The authoritative “Watch of the Year” award ceremony, under the auspices of Montres Passion, a Swiss French magazine affiliated with the Ringier Group, presented the award to outstanding watch brands to reward them for their watches of the year Creativity and innovation, and brand image. Piaget shines at the award ceremony and wins the ‘Watchmaking Campaign of the Year’ film / digital category award with its Dragon & Phoenix series.

         In 2012, the year of the Chinese Dragon, the Dragon is undoubtedly the highlight that cannot be ignored. In order to show the noble style of the divine beast to the best of his ability, the earl conceived and designed a collection of more than 20 poetic and precious creations, and used this series to strengthen several rare craftsmanship techniques. In the Dragon and Phoenix series, Piaget mobilized more than 40 professionals with great fanfare to give the symbolic dragon and phoenix the vitality that spans myth and reality. Gold is delicately carved or engraved, and the use of champlevé, miniature enamel and grand feu enamel firing methods is more widely used, which reflects the elegant aesthetics of classical arts and crafts dedicated to watchmaking. In order to give this series the unique agility and vitality, the Piaget family and Le Truc conceived and created a new story representing the legend of the dragon and the phoenix. Coupled with the stringed dragons and phoenixes dancing lightly, the blurred animals in the mythological world have given life-like vitality to their watch creations with exhilarating exquisiteness and simplicity.
         The leadership of the Ringier Group pays tribute to the film’s ‘strong storytelling’ and ‘excellent creativity’. The Dragon and Phoenix series is a film worth watching with 3D stereo imaging technology, so that you can fully experience the artistic depth of Piaget’s wonderful world.

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    The New Upstart In Hublot’s Top Watches

    HUBLOT stands for ‘Porthole of a Ship’ in French. As the first brand in history to use natural rubber wristbands with precious metals as watchmaking materials, Hublot has pioneered the luxury watch industry. . Today, this second watch from the top of Geneva Lake in Switzerland in cooperation with Dalian Jinhua is about to open. This is also Hublot’s 58th store in the world. Hublot, a bold combination of Swiss traditional watchmaking and 21st century innovative watchmaking technology, and a low-key luxury Jinhua watch boutique, both convey the brand concept of ‘fused art’.

    Hublot “Art of fusion”
    Because of Hublot’s unique brand personality and comfortable wearing experience, it is widely sought after by members of the royal family around the world, especially in Europe, and is known as the ‘King’s Watch’. This can be seen on the wrists of Spanish King Juan Carlos and Crown Prince Albert II of Monaco. Brand ambassadors who have joined the Hublot family around the world are even more star-studded. They represent the true legends in their respective eras and fields-the ‘king of the ball’ in football, Maradona, and Jet Li in martial arts and film. Premier League giants Manchester United, basketball legend Wade, track and field ‘Lightning Trapeze’ Bolt, skiing Olympic champions Maria, Bird Miller and Dario Kologna, F1 have Egypt The Dalton Senna family, and Facundo Pierres of the polo world … they wrote the splendor of Hublot with their own legends. Adhering to the ‘fusion of heart and core’, each wearer is a unique source of energy for Hublot.
    In addition to the bold fusion and innovation of materials, Hublot has a significant impact on the independent research and development of the movement. The 330-unit UNICO movement is equipped with timing and flyback functions. Unlike any other chronograph movement, UNICO places parts on the front of the movement, so that you can enjoy the movement of the movement from the hollow dial. The escapement on the back of the movement is carried by a unique independent platform, the fixing screws can be easily removed, and the initials of the watch owner can be engraved on special requirements. At the same time, the patented double-adjustment balance wheel of the UNICO movement strengthens the precision performance of the watch, and the horizontal synchronous clutch chronograph seconds and minutes hands ensure stable vibration frequency.
    Top watches are also stylish
    Top watches not only represent luxury and status, they are also a symbol of fashion and cutting-edge. While Hublot inherits traditional craftsmanship, it also keeps pace with the times and continuously introduces outstanding watches that lead the fashion trend.
    Classic fusion ultra-thin hollow
    The classic fusion ultra-thin skeleton watch launched by Hublot this year is a stunning presentation of the fusion of traditional and modern concepts. It fully shows the iconic design of Hublot’s control of the classic ultra-thin appearance and maintains the brand’s dynamic and stylish characteristics. Perfect balance.

    Hublot Big Bang
    Rose Gold Fruit Rose
    Hublot Tutti Frutti fruit series, full of flavor and color. These Big Bang watches, including ‘Lemon’, ‘Apple’, ‘Rose’, ‘Purple’, ‘Orange’ and ‘Blue’, will be available this year and will feature a steel case with mother-of-pearl dial. Each comes with an exquisite and alligator alligator leather strap, which is lined with rubber to make it more supple and comfortable.
    经典 ‘Classic Fusion Jinlong’ limited edition watch
    The second exclusive store of Hublot is also the second exclusive store opened in cooperation with Dalian Jinhua. This year coincides with the 20th anniversary of the establishment of Dalian Jinhua Watch & Jewellery Co., Ltd. On this occasion, Hublot also launched the ‘Classic Fusion Jinlong’ limited edition watch for Jinhua’s 20th anniversary celebration.
    The new ‘Classic Fusion Jinlong’ has a diameter of 45 mm. In ancient China, there is a supremely venerated dragon-shaped relief leaping above the black dial of Hublot. The black ceramic bezel highlights low-key luxury. The back of 1992-2012 and the words Jinhua imply the 20th anniversary of Jinhua Watches. This is also the first time that Hublot has specially customized a limited edition watch for a Chinese partner, which perfectly reflects the sincere partnership between Hublot and Jinhua Watches. This watch is limited to 50 pieces and is only available in Dalian.