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    Extremely Luxurious Patek Philippe 5180/1g White Gold Watch

    Since its establishment in 1839, Patek Philippe has pursued the perfection of watches and clocks. During this period, it launched a large number of classic models and made outstanding contributions to the development of watches and clocks. However, Patek Philippe did not stop there. In keeping with the trend of top-level watches, it constantly introduces new ones. Among them, the super complicated function chronograph series is taken as an example. Each model is the crystallization of the wisdom of Patek Philippe designers and watchmakers. A watch is designed and launched for at least a year and a half , Many years.
     Today, I will accompany you on a luxurious tour of bright platinum. I will introduce the Patek 5180 / 1G men’s mechanical watch for everyone.
    When you see this Patek Philippe 5180 / 1G watch, what is your first impression? I believe everyone must be deeply attracted by the various hollowed out colors. The size of the dial is 39 millimeters. On the charcoal gray dial, various hollow flowers are carved. It is really beautiful. Marvel at the superb craftsmanship of Patek Philippe’s watchmakers. This is not just a watch, it is more A piece of art that has been pondering for a long time is really pleasing to the eye. The case, strap, and buckle are all made of 18k gold, and the sapphire glass mirror shows luxury. The Patek Philippe is also known as the ‘blue blood nobleman in the watch’. The blue hands and pale blue outer ring design in this watch can highlight its characteristics.

     Patek Philippe 5180 / 1G men’s mechanical watch, if you want to ask me what powerful functions, I’m sorry to tell you that it has only 30 meters waterproof function, which can prevent daily water splashing, light rain and so on. However, its function in the field of high-end watches is not limited to this. It is an extremely luxurious full-hollow dial, which is a very high-end function in the industry. Due to the addition of this feature, the watch has a very strong artistic atmosphere, which greatly enhances the wearer’s taste and earns eyeballs when he enters and exits the Hall of Daya, which is the essence of high-end luxury watches. Who will care about its function when it is astonished by its exquisite design and art, luxury and elegance. The outstanding watchmaker of Patek Philippe even boldly uses the design of the minute and hour hands on the time display. When its practical performance is weakened, its process value is more prominent, and this design can also express the wrist The masculine owner of the table is informal. Only the practical value is called a function? Patek Philippe 5180 / 1G lets you understand what it means to be reactive at this time.
     The Patek Philippe 5180 / 1G uses a cal. 240 SQU movement, with a diameter of 27.5 mm and a thickness of 2.53 mm. It has 27 gems. The reason for using gems in the movement is that the movement of the mechanical watch depends on the movement. The various gears are constantly transmitting energy to complete it, so the pressure caused by the high-speed operation and the friction between various parts brings great loss to the movement, and the use of precious stones can reduce the To the friction force, thus extending the life of the movement. And the power reserve of this movement is 48 hours, which can meet the needs of most people’s lives. This movement structure basically belongs to the ultra-thin series, and because it belongs to the ultra-thin, it looks different. This design will require extremely high technicality of the machine. This point is also different from other 5180 / 1G features.

     Patek Philippe is currently the only manufacturer in the world that uses manual refining and can complete all processes independently in the original factory. Patek Philippe is convinced that all the watches made by the watchmakers can be called art treasures, which is also the characteristic of Patek Philippe.
    This 5180 / 1G watch introduced today is extremely exquisite, even in Patek Philippe’s pursuit of unique style is an outstanding masterpiece. In particular, the exquisite craftsmanship of hollow carvings, all kinds of colors appear on the dial, beautiful and graceful; plus the entire watch is constructed of 18k white gold, showing the luxury quality; in addition, it has 30 The daily waterproof function of the meter; therefore, this 5180 / 1G is believed to attract many watch lovers and be fascinated by its beauty.
     Watch details: patek / 2196 /

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    Parmigiani And Luisa Via Roma Haute Couture Store

    The romantic encounter between the top independent Swiss watchmaking brand Parmigiani and Italian luxury ‘ambassador’ Luisa Via Roma, based on the unremitting pursuit of superior quality, the careful use of traditional craftsmanship and fine materials, Join hands to present a special watch from the Tonda Metro Luisa Via Roma collection.

    When Luisa Jaquin opened a small hat boutique on Via Roma in Florence in 1930, it was not expected that this store would become the world’s largest luxury retailer in just a few decades one. With the help of her husband, she expanded her product range to clothing and other businesses; the addition of her grandson Andrea Panconesi also allowed boutiques to begin to have their own eye-catching visual and commercial image. The road to extraordinary success.
    After Andrea Panconesi became CEO, she updated the store name to ‘Luisa Via Roma’, in order to pay tribute to her grandmother, while also positioning the core of the business on the creativity and uniqueness of the product. To achieve this, Luisa Via Roma has teamed up with prestigious partners in various fields to customize limited edition products and display and sell them exclusively. This uniqueness is the key to the success of Luisa Via Roma-the luxury goods it sells have long gone beyond the category of goods and are more close to advocating a way of life; Luisa Via Roma not only provides purchase channels, but also strives for Customers create a unique and exclusive buying experience. Novel and unique.

    Today, Parmigiani has become the main watchmaking partner of Luisa Via Roma with his passion for climbing the peak of craftsmanship, keen artistic appreciation and unremitting pursuit of design. This top independent watchmaking brand from Fleurier, Switzerland adheres to ‘pure original original products’, masters a complete vertical manufacturing system, and is persistent and perfect on the road to excellence. With rare and unique creative ideas, Luisa Via Roma, an equally eclectic and innovative Florence brand, creates an exclusive custom timepiece that perfectly matches its store concept. At the same time, through cooperation with Luisa Via Roma, Parmigiani is also enabling and improving new retail methods and unique distribution networks, providing possibilities for various arts, arousing and inspiring people’s curiosity.
    Parmigiani reinterpreted the Tonda Métro series through the ‘Luisa Via Roma Special’, including the Tonda Métrographe men’s and Tonda Métropolitaine women’s models, and subtly blended the urban style of the series with the charming charm of the fashion industry.

    The aesthetics of these two watches are inspired by herringbone weaving. In this process, the inverted triangle patterns woven from leather are combined with each other to create a regular, coordinated surface with the effect of a raised relief. The herringbone pattern not only reproduces the weaving process, but also evokes inspiration for leather goods and the fashion world. It also echoes the visual symbol of Luisa Via Roma (the logo of the Florence brand is triangular).
    The special Tonda Métro watch features a herringbone woven leather strap with an inverted triangle pattern that extends all the way to the dial, ensuring the watch’s overall appearance is perfectly consistent. Men’s Tonda Métrographe watches are available in dark blue and black. With electroplating and brushed / frosted triangle lines, the dial creates a contrasting effect; Ms. Tonda Métropolitaine uses light, feminine colors-mother-of-pearl and sandblasted milky white, which complement the case design.

    The Tonda Métro Luisa Via Roma special watch is not only a joint offering of two top brands, but also a bridge between the watchmaking industry and the fashion industry. They are linked together through each other’s values, make full use of the power of differentiation, and innovate eclecticly. This innovation not only respects the manufacturing tradition of the watchmaking industry, the ingenuity of integrating into the fashion industry, but it is not stubborn.
    Showcase of Parmigiani in LUISA VIA ROMA
    As part of the special shock release of the Tonda Métro Luisa Via Roma, the Parmigiani Showcase will be set up on the legendary streets of Florence during the PITTI Uomo, which will open on June 16, 2014.
    This display window was designed and created by artist Felice Limosani. This non-traditional propaganda advocate combines his work with artistic metaphors and creative expressions. Each piece tells a story, inspiring the imagination of the audience through powerful messages.

    This time for the release of Parmigiani’s display window and its special watch, he took inspiration from the butterfly’s life, that is, fleeting, but magnificent. With 100 live butterflies, create the “Time flies, butterflies too” window of Parmigiani, which will make it glow with infinite vitality and convey countless metaphors and creativity: from cocoon-breaking to butterflies fluttering , Symbolizing the continuous growth of life; just maintain the window display for a week, meaning the concept of ‘enjoy the present’. ‘Time is like a butterfly. You chase it, but you can’t catch it; if you are still a virgin, it lives beside you.’ We measure time accurately, but we turn a blind eye to the ‘butterfly’ around us. Maybe, there is no time for a timepiece, is the light that flutters and dances?

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    We Are Your Eyes Watch House Takes You To The Basel Watch Fair (Below)

    Continuing our tour of the Basel watch exhibition, first take everyone to take a look at the original German top watch brand Glashütte, which has always been relatively popular.
    Glashütte Original

       This Senator Universal watch is crafted in 44mm red or white gold. It is equipped with the new Calibre 89-02 movement, which has been carefully designed with a highly integrated set of complex functions. You can display the time in two time zones. There are a total of 37 time zones in the time zone ring for users to choose. Each time zone is represented by the airport code designated by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) for the main international airport in the time zone. 24 time zones are offset by 1 hour from Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), the daylight saving time (DST) or standard time (STD) window at 8 o’clock shows a black IATA code, 10 time zones and Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) keeps the offset in units of 30 minutes and displays it with a blue IATA code. The remaining 3 time zones are offset from Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) by 15 or 45 minutes and displays it with a red IATA code. The color code allows the user to tell the offset of the watch from Greenwich Mean Time at a glance.
    Long Kun
       Out of Glashütte we went to take a look at the German brand Lang Kun as well. Lang Kun’s military watch personally thinks it is very good-looking, especially the flying watch, with obvious features, large time scale, large hands, and a large onion-type crown, full of toughness.

       This new BELL-X-1 watch is named after the first aircraft to break through the sound barrier. I really like the matte black surface of the inner and outer rings marked with Arabic numerals, and the hour markers and hands are coated with fluorescent coating. The dial is neat and atmospheric, with high accuracy and good readability! Equipped with Long Kun’s Laco 21 (miyota 821A) automatic winding movement, the price is not 998, not 798, as long as 498 Swiss francs, is there any more cost-effective than this?

       Get a press release from Hamilton before the show, and its unique Ventura adventure series will release the Ventura Elvis 80 watch. There are 5 models in total, 3 models of quartz, and 2 models of its own H-10 movement. Personally, I feel that the shape of this watch is average. It is estimated that I am old and suitable for the trendy avant-garde.

       If I were to buy a watch at Hamilton’s booth right now, I would choose the Khaki Navy Pioneer ship clock series, which is based on the appearance of a marine clock, with a bezel decorated with Paris pins on the side, and an inwardly recessed inner The bezel, linear lugs and round three-dimensional case are full of old-school feel. A total of 3 new watches were launched this time, including two automatic watches with a diameter of 43 mm, steel and gold. And a chronograph model that was added for the first time.

       This time Longines is still focusing on its equestrian style, which cannot be undone. Introduced the Compaq series moon phase watch with a case diameter of 42 and a self-winding mechanical movement L678. The case is available in stainless steel, stainless steel with rose gold bezel, and 18K rose gold. With a black alligator leather strap, stainless steel bracelet or stainless steel rose gold bracelet, all with a triple folding safety buckle. Full calendar, moon phase, 24-hour display, appearance functions are all satisfactory, practical routes.

       I really thought this Longines sphygmomanometer was interesting and creative. Combining classic old-fashioned style with pulsometer scales, it can measure heart rate. Imagine wearing this watch to ask the girl to go out to play, and by the way help the girl measure her heart rate, is there anything better than this?
       The domestically-acclaimed Mido watch has always been well-designed, inexpensive, and suitable for many occasions. This is enough.

       I think this watch looks novel and different from the traditional conservative style of Mido. The two dials display the time and the track-type date display is also quite interesting.
       I expected the radar to focus on its high-tech ceramics this time.

       This time, Radar released its new Haoxing series chocolate brown high-tech ceramic watch. This color is very beautiful. Forgive us that we did not take pictures of the chocolate-colored watch on the scene. There are three watches, namely the chronograph limit, the ordinary diamond limit and the ordinary watch. The stainless steel crown with rose gold PVD coating reminds me of chocolate wrapped in gold paper, which feels delicious.
       Fiyta has developed rapidly in recent years, and has signed a lot of celebrity endorsements. As the first Chinese brand to enter the Basel Watch Fair, it is the pride of our people.

       This limited edition watch of the Twelve Beast Masters of the Fiyta Master Series is more interesting in its creativity. The beast heads are carved in tiny gold tires. Press the 2-point button, the dial will rotate, and the beast head will move one point, which will increase the fun of playing. Freehand depicting oriental culture.
       Take a look at women’s watches.

       The appearance is dignified and noble, but the side of the case has a lace-like or zebra cutout design. You thought she was Xiaojiabiyu, but did not expect it to be a hot OL inside, exciting? There are several styles to choose from depending on the texture of the side and the setting of the diamonds.
       With thin wrists and small and exquisite watches, do men not like to watch?

       The exquisite styling of this Bowman La Vela II model turns a woman’s wrist into an elegant and stylish display platform. The long rectangular case has a fine arc, which usually shines against the rows of diamonds on both sides of the dial. The case is only 16.70 mm wide, 28.40 mm long, and the thickness does not exceed 6.15 mm! The difference between a female guy and Bai Fumei is whether you bring such a watch. (This picture is for men)
       Finally, let’s look at a few tall watches.
       This tourbillon of Blancpain and Carrousel are combined, can you tell clearly?

       Blancpain’s 2322V2 manual-winding mechanical movement, the tourbillon and the carrousel mechanism are each driven by independent barrels, and they are perfectly and perfectly placed vertically in the same movement. In order to realize the use of the same crown (that is, the winding crown), and to wind the two barrels simultaneously, the use of advanced advanced technological innovations, the gears that drive the winding are wrapped around the entire periphery of the movement. This tourbillon Carrousel movement is equipped with two differentials, one specifically for combining information from two complex mechanisms to balance the operating speed of the two; the second differential is used to provide power reserve indication, the Functions are shown on the back of the watch.
    Girard Perregaux
       Except for the three golden bridges and the two golden bridges, I feel that this Girard Perregaux miracle box series is very beautiful, like a tribute to the map masters of all ages, so what is the dial for the map pattern? Gems and other materials mosaic mosaic painting details, the complexity of the process to the extreme, is so wayward!

       The three models are all made of 18k red gold case with a diameter of 40mm. They are equipped with GP03300-0060 automatic winding mechanical movement, each limited to 18. The price is by no means unattainable, just a little over 380,000 …
       In fact, this article is only an introduction, how can a feast of a hundred clocks and feasts be written by one, two or several articles by one person. Fortunately, we have professional reporting topics to provide you with more and more intuitive exhibition reports. Click the URL below.
    For more details, please click the live feature of Basel International Jewellery & Watch Fair:

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    【recommended By Chengxin】 What Kind Of Blue Lover Are You? | Selected Blue Surface Watch

    INFLUX Studio was founded by Laura Lan, a professional mechanical watch critic. It is engaged in professional consultants, lectures, articles and creative solutions in the field of boutiques, clocks and culture. Blue has quietly replaced black as one of the basic colors of the hand surface disk. Among these blues with different shades, what blue belongs to your blue? The blue dial has gradually become a new trend in the use of clock dials in early 2010. It has also opened up another path for the choice of black and white dials in the past. Blue has become a new alternative to black. A variety of different color scales can show shades of blue, and have a richer visual level than black and white. Whether it is matched with dark or light shirts, suits, or outdoor casual wear, it is a more suitable color. The blue used by different brands is actually very different. Even the same brand may match different blues for different series of watches. Different blues give people different feelings and imaginations, and they also have different personalities. We have selected 9 blue-faced models with different names (in alphabetical order), which blue do you belong to? Blue # 118K white gold case diameter 41mm, smoked blue enamel dial, 18K white gold hands and hour markers, equipped with 2953 manual winding self-produced movement, 72-hour power reserve, reference price 295,000 Swiss francs. (Photo: Kyle Kuo) The faceplate of Audemars Piguet Minute Repeater watch is enamel-fired and presents a smoky expression from deep black and blue to deep blue. This rich and deep blue exudes temperament. It is like aristocratic gentleman with rich knowledge and culture and elegant manners. This blue will give people this image related to its fineness close to ultramarine blue (Ultramarinus) with the same saturated depth. Ultramarine is a kind of blue and saturated blue than lapis lazuli. It was not only rare and expensive in the Middle Ages, but only the aristocrats could afford it. It has always been regarded as the color of the royal aristocracy. Impressions are always strongly connected with elegance, nobility, and noble image of the royal family. This ultra-complicated minute repeater watch from Audemars Piguet uses a dark blue very similar to ultramarine blue, which is quite consistent with the complex minute repeater function in terms of status and temperament. Blue # 2 stainless steel case diameter 41 mm, equipped with Breitling 45 automatic movement, date and day display function, 40-hour power reserve, reference price of 27,600 yuan. (Photo: Kyle Kuo) Breitling Aviation Chronometer 8 This bright and saturated blue face plate has a clear and broad visual sense, like a big boy with a smile on his face forever, optimistic and positive, and very cute This blue is also in line with the brand image of Breitling watches traveling the sky. If you want to choose the similar blue that Breitling used on the face of this watch, which is the closest to the cobalt blue in the pigment, it may be precisely because this blue gives a positive optimistic feeling and is bright and comfortable. It is one of the blue colors that people quite prefer. Blue # 3 stainless steel case diameter 42mm, equipped with 36-03 self-winding movement, large date window display, 100-hour power reserve, waterproof 50 meters, reference price is RMB 87,000. (Photo: Kyle Kuo) Glashütte’s original Senator Excellence series is decorated with a sun-finished blue faceted disc. At some angles under the refraction of light, it appears blue with lake blue. Because the color is lighter, it also looks exceptionally visually. Cool and refreshing, a bit like a friendly and easy-going but somewhat restrained man. This slightly turquoise blue is similar to Cerulean blue, which is mostly used to describe the color of the sky or sea water. It is also a blue pigment often used in the art world, but it is not used on the surface of the hand. Not many, Glashütte originally chose such a clean blue as the face color of the parliamentary excellence series, which was surprisingly refreshing. The Blue # 4 stainless steel case has a diameter of 40 mm, is equipped with a 30110 automatic winding movement, and has a 42-hour power reserve. The reference price is RMB 33,800. (Photo: Tony Wang) I do n’t know if it’s because it’s a “Little Prince” special edition. I always think that the dial of this IWC Mark XVIII pilot watch is a little blue and dreamy, a bit innocent and a bit mysterious. It is full of blue and dull, similar to the blue sky full of hope but not yet clear after midnight. Among all blues, there is a mineral blue named after a coppery azurite with glass luster, which is similar to this slightly shiny blue plate of IWC. Blue # 5 stainless steel with red gold case diameter 27mm, equipped with Omega 8520 coaxial automatic winding movement, 50-hour power reserve, 100 meters waterproof, reference price of 59,400 yuan. (Photo: Tony Wang) Omega is a brand that has adopted a large number of blue dials quite early. In the blue models of the Constellation series, Omega uses a rich and varied blue, which is a bit close to the indigo color. Marine blue, according to the engraved surface of the disc, the color of the surface will sometimes appear red, sometimes blue, just like a lover who knows how to add small fun at any time in life at any time. Blue # 6 stainless steel case diameter 42mm, equipped with P.9010 self-winding movement, waterproof 100 meters, reference price of 59,900 yuan. (Photo: Kyle Kuo) In fact, Panerai has launched several blue disc models with slightly different colors. Among them, the blue of the Luminor Marina watch is more special. The blue of the Luminor Marina watch is darker and transparent like blue. Gloss, compared to the clearer or full-colored blue disks on the market, Panerai blue is unpredictable and elusive, like a strong sportsman with a strong self-characteristic personality. The closest to this blue is Prussian blue. This blue, which was named as the color of naval uniforms in Prussia in the past, is actually darker than the blue of Panerai’s Pam1028, which is closer to the non-reflective state of the disk. The colors rendered. The Blue # 718K white gold case has a diameter of 40 mm and is equipped with a 240 Q ultra-thin self-winding movement with a perpetual calendar function. The reference price is RMB 886,800. (Photo: Tony Wang) Although the blue side of Patek Philippe Nautilus will have different fineness under different angles, the overall visual is still a pale blue. It is used on the faceplate marked with various complex functions of the perpetual calendar. Visually, it seems a lot lighter. The blue used by Patek Philippe is close to the steel cyan called Steel blue in English. This blue is known for its color and luster. It is similar to Patek Philippe’s decoration, which is bright and elegant blue. The face is relatively close, and it looks like a handsome young man with good looks. Blue # 8 stainless steel case diameter 43mm, equipped with UN-113 self-winding movement, blue large fire enamel dial, annual calendar function, date and month can be adjusted back and forth, reference price is RMB 103,200. (Photo: Kyle Kuo) Athens Watch is one of the few brands with its own enamel dial factory. In recent years, many watches with enamel dials have also been launched. The dial of this blue calendar is also from its own enamel dial factory. The wavy pattern with the texture of enamel presents a deep, saturated and slightly shiny dark blue as a whole, much like the changing midnight blue, and only the mysterious and unpredictable midnight blue is suitable to describe this. Only the enamel is burned out. Unique deep blue, if this is an old-fashioned blue, will anyone raise their hands to admit it? Blue # 9 stainless steel case diameter 40mm, equipped with 1326 self-winding movement, Dai blue dial, power reserve of about 48 hours, reference price of RMB 87,000. (Photo: Kyle Kuo) Vacheron Constantin called this special dull blue a daisy blue, which was first used on two watches of the Wulu-type series automatic winding and full calendar. Vacheron Constantin’s unique daisy blue face color is actually quite close to a deep blue and purple, named ochre blue. Men who meet the color feeling of this retro, stable and elegant image may be rigorous and not good. Let’s pursue perfection. ▼ Join Lola’s Circle of Friends ▼ Search for daxiedeluola Lola’s WeChat, enter Lola’s circle of friends, and have the opportunity to join the Lola’s friends group.