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    Richard Mille Sponsors The First Zunsheng Shenghui Elegant Classic Car Show Selection Event

    From October 18th to 20th, 21 charming and legendary antique cars were parked on the large lawn of Shanghai Bundyuan 1 (former British Consulate). This is Zunchi Shenghui The grand event of the first elegant classic car show, and the top tourbillon watch brand Richard Mille, as the main sponsor of the classic Le Mans racing event, strongly supported this event and exhibited Richard Mill for the first time in China.

    As an event that attracted the attention of collectors and enthusiasts of antique cars around the world, it was held in China for the first time, and a large number of classic cars with great historical significance and collection value were introduced from all over the world for public display and selection. This classic car show is of international standards. The models displayed include a number of classic models, including a 1925 Renault luxury custom convertible, a Cadillac limousine in 1929, and a Bentley Mark VI soft in 1951. A convertible top, a Ferrari 308 GTB produced in 1975, and a model of domestic luxury cars, the Hongqi CA773 sedan produced in 1972, and many other elegant classic cars. A special Porsche 917KH sports car was also exhibited this time. This legendary sports car won the World Automobile Championship for two consecutive years in 1970 and 1971. In the same year, it also set the fastest record in the Le Mans 24 Hours Endurance Race, and continues to this day. Still valid.

     Richard Mille launched the first watch in 2001, with its inherently impressive extraordinary temperament and the courage to break the tradition, destined to lead a new direction in the field of fine watchmaking. Since its inception, this young brand has been committed to showing its innovation to the world, constantly applying the most cutting-edge technology materials and the most innovative designs, and even affecting the development of the entire high-end watch industry. Various technical materials and top technology in the racing world are important sources of inspiration for Richard Mille. Therefore, Richard Mille will of course become the main sponsor of Le Mans classics, the first elegant classic car show of the world-famous classic luxury car, and the next year’s Chantilly Art and Elegant Richard Mille.

    Mr. Iain Tyrell, founder of Tyrell Engineering, a classic car repair expert from the racing family, also highly praised the event: ‘I would like to express my sincere thanks to the event organizer and all staff members and congratulate the success of the event. They are so outstanding! Zunchi Shenghui will surely develop into one of the classic vintage car events on the world stage. I am very glad to participate in it. ‘

     In the morning of October 19, nearly 12 classic cars held a grand parade around the landmark of the Bund in Shanghai. The classic car brands participating in the parade include Porsche, Ferrari, Ford, Lincoln, and Rolls Royce. As the team slowly marched along the Huangpu River, overlooking the landmark of Shanghai, Lujiazui, accompanied by the classic European architecture on the Bund, it was portrayed to the public. A rare spectacle.

     On the last day of the event, the award ceremony of classic car elegance was held, and the event of the first elegant classic car show of Zunchi Shenghui really entered a climax. The 1925 Renault luxury custom convertible won the best vintage car award at the show.