Athens Ulysse Nardin Watches The New Grand Deck Flagship Nautical Tourbillon

Welcome on board! This ship is loaded with the most advanced technology and imagination, inspired by the ultra-complicated craftsmanship of sailing. The hand-carved wood grain dial feels like being placed on a giant wheel plywood and feeling the vastness of the sea. The design of the time display is even more original: the high-tech nanowires pull the slider to display the minutes, and the hours are displayed on two coaxial dials. This patented device also contains a spectacular tourbillon, adjusted by another barrel. This incredible work is inherited from the UlysseNardin classic marine astronomical watch series and is displayed in 18K white gold.

UlysseNardin boldly added the elements of the sea and continued to innovate. The ‘Grand Deck’ is the proudest breakthrough. The retrograde minute hand of the watch shows that it is a slider that mimics the lower girder of a sailing boat. This complex technique is visually appealing, and the way it is produced is equally complex. This patented system is connected to a 60-second flying tourbillon, pulled by a super-tough, high-tech nanofiber thread that is thinner than hair. It is impressive that the design of this watch subverts the traditional nautical series and reaches a new level of technology. As a pioneer in the manufacture of high-precision marine timepieces, Athens watches have a long marine history. From the 19th century to the present, they have produced countless high-precision marine instruments, and have made great contributions to human conquest of the ocean. The ‘Grand Deck Grand Tourbillon’ combines new functions and modern technology. It is based on the brand’s continuous pursuit of innovation and superb watchmaking technology for centuries. It is definitely worth having!
start sailing
Proudly traveling above the sea, the ‘Grand Deck Sailing Flag Tourbillon’ redesigned the deck elements and displayed them cleverly on the dial. The traditional minute hand has been replaced by a common sliding rod on the lower girder of a sailing boat. It works like a sling hoisting a sail, using a high-tech nanowire to control the slider and shifting it on the curved scale. Every time the slider passes 60 minutes, it will return to the origin, which takes 3 to 4 seconds. Its speed is controlled by a specially designed automatic return mechanism. The entire process can be appreciated from the back cover of the watch. The diameter of the nanowire used to control the slider is only 0.0357 mm, and it can withstand a traction force of 1.41kg when it is not stretched. This high-tech nanowire is made of Polyethylene Dynee-ma® fiber and is used in sailing equipment. Its hardness is several times higher than that of steel. This material was used for the first time in the manufacture of watches and clocks. The transmission system uses high-tech nanowires to surround a rigging screw: two of them are clearly visible, and the other is fixed on the screw clasp. The patented system placed on the dial is also the brand’s first use. At startup, its operating principle is like a winch lifting a sail on the deck. The four ‘pulleys’ use drive gears, helical tension springs and two lock pins. The dual-window time jump display is driven by two coaxial turntables that rotate in real time. There is a tuning device at 2 o’clock, which can quickly adjust the time.
Sail upwind
The watch is equipped with a UN-630 hand-wound movement and a 60-second flying tourbillon. It contains 469 components and has a frequency of 3 Hz. Although the innovative slider design requires a lot of energy, the watch still offers the best accuracy and has a power reserve of more than 48 hours. The first barrel is used for the timekeeping device; the second barrel provides power for the hour and minute display, which can be adjusted via a special escapement that collects information from the timepiece. The dual barrel design (one for the movement and the other for the time display) prevents this complex structure from affecting the movement of the watch. Behind the movement, the wearer can enjoy the winding and retracting posture of the spring through the hollowed-out barrel, which is both practical and ornamental. When the watch is wound, the clockwork surrounds the center of the barrel; on the contrary, when the power is exhausted, the spring will relax to the edge of the barrel.
All on board!
Presented in a 44mm white gold case, this complex mechanism is water resistant to 100 meters. The dial design of the ‘Grand Deck Tourbillon’ is just like an exquisitely designed luxurious giant wheel. The blue rubber indented screw-down crown and coin-shaped bezel, and the hand-engraved teak-textured dial are extremely delicate, reminiscent of a deck exposed to sunlight. The blue aluminum minute hand slider moves from 3 to 9 o’clock in a semi-transparent blue spinel curved scale; the slider is connected by a high-tech nanowire to four pulleys fixed by blue star screws. The tourbillon with the sign of the anchor of Athens reflected each other. In addition, the bezel details and decorative line design at the top of the dial are extremely delicate, incorporating nautical elements into it. The honor symbol of the Athenian Marine watch series is placed in the center of the international signal flags representing ‘U’ and ‘N’, echoing the brand’s historical design of astronomical clocks for ships.
This complex watch is extremely precious, limited to 18 white gold models worldwide, with a crocodile leather strap and a white gold folding buckle.

Athens Watch New Grand Deck Nautical Flag Tourbillon
Technical Information
Model: 6300-300 / GD, 18 K white gold
Limited: 18 pieces
Movement: UN-630 movement, 21’600 times per hour, tourbillon with unique slider display
Power reserve: about 48 hours
Winding method: manual winding
Functions: Double-window jumping time display, curved minute scale display, 60-second flying tourbillon, hour adjustment device that can be adjusted forward and backward
Case: 18K white gold, coin-shaped bezel
Crown: screw-down crown with rubber notches
Diameter: 44 mm
Water resistance: 100 meters
Dial: hand-carved wood grain dial, blue spinel curved scale in the center of the dial, blue aluminum minute hand slider
Table mirror: anti-glare and wear-resistant sapphire crystal
Case back: Sapphire crystal
Strap: leather strap with folding clasp