Bmc Racing Team Leader Van Albert Wins His First ‘five Classics’ Championship In Paris-roubaix

At the ‘Paris-Roubaix’ Classic Tournament held in France, Greg Van Avermeat sprinted to win the championship and won the first ‘Five Classics’ championship in his career.

Dusty turn

   After winning the gold medal at the Rio de Janeiro Olympics, BMC Racing team leader Van Albert continued to challenge his opponents and defend his kingship.

Van Albertt holding the championship trophy
   Peter Sagan is his first rival. He led the UCI World Points Ranking for 54 consecutive weeks. Now in the Paris-Roubaix, Van Albert has won the championship trophy with his outstanding performance.

Belgian star stage exciting exciting sprint

   Sprint drivers pay attention to strategy and strength. During the race, the driver must seize every opportunity and go all out to surpass the opponent. Therefore, the pressure that players face during the final sprint can be imagined.

Van Albert stands on the podium

   For the upcoming Tour de Italy (just before this summer’s Tour de France), this victory is undoubtedly a good start.