Concise And Retro Beauty Tasting Piaget Traditional Series Ultra-thin Watch

Over the years, Piaget has continuously perfected its manufacturing equipment while inheriting traditional craftsmanship and watchmaking secrets. These are the essence of Piaget watches. In Piaget’s R & D workshop, watchmaking engineers, watchmakers and designers continue to research and carefully design all the appearance parts of the watch. The case of the Piaget watch is meticulously crafted to echo the perfect movement that is contained within it. Making the case requires more than sixty surface finishing and decoration procedures, each of which is carried out with great care and meticulousness.

  When it comes to Piaget, people often think of Piaget’s watches and jewellery. Never before has a brand merged these two industries so perfectly. Piaget’s traditional series of watches, timeless round shape, coupled with stunning slim style, through the infinite time and space without changing the classic. Today, the Watch House brings you a Piaget traditional series watch, the official model is: G0A34150.

  This watch is 25 mm in diameter. 18K rose gold case set with 36 round diamonds (approx. 0.7 carats). The dial is lined with 131 round diamonds (approximately 0.5 carats) with 12 brown garnet hour markers (approximately 0.1 carats). The lines are concise and retro, equipped with Piaget’s thinnest mechanical movement, and the 18k rose gold bracelet is more delicate, soft and comfortable. Piaget regains traditional craftsmanship to make this watch, which is famous for its cable decoration welded to the links.

  The thickness of the case is 4.8 millimeters, which is more slender from the side. Most women do n’t like a thick case, and it feels bulky and uncontrollable. This ultra-thin case just meets their pursuit of lightness. . The crown is also made of 18k rose gold, and the edges are geared for a comfortable feel. The satin-finished crown is engraved with the letter ‘P’ to represent its noble brand identity.

  The 18k rose gold bracelet of Piaget watches is like a fine piece of art. Each chain link must be polished and sanded alternately by hand, showing elegance and refinement. Any structure of the bracelet is carefully crafted to achieve a soft and smooth, comfortable wearing effect. Each bracelet seems to be ‘tailored’ to fit the lines of the wrist perfectly.

  The minimalist silhouette of the watch reflects the classic luxury charm, and the gorgeous diamonds set on the bezel exude a bright light, demonstrating luxury style. Piaget’s diamonds meet the highest standards in color, weight and purity.

  The integrated buckle is simple and convenient, safe and reliable. The buckle is engraved with the letter ‘P’ as a decoration, and the subtleties show the meticulousness and exquisiteness of the brand’s watchmaking.

  The dial is the most gorgeous part of the watch. It is lined with 131 round diamonds and weighs about 0.5 carats. Diamond setting is a delicate and rigorous work, which has high requirements on technology, and the design of gem setting is a very important link, which can highlight the lines of the work and make it rich in layers. The drill disc is like a honeycomb, compact and regular. The hour scale is displayed in brown garnet, contrasting in color, revealing elegance in luxury.

  The watch features a compact design and brushed metal. It is equipped with a Piaget 430P ultra-thin manual winding mechanical movement, which is derived from the legendary Piaget 9P movement. It is only 2.1 mm thick and has a power reserve of about 43 hours. This movement offers a variety of possibilities for different shapes and is the blueprint for the world’s thinnest 600P rectangular tourbillon movement. The movement is extremely slim, with hour and center hands, the movement is decorated with a traditional circular Geneva wave pattern, the main splint is decorated with a ring-shaped corrugated finish, the bridge is chamfered, and the blue steel screws on the bridge reflect Piaget watchmaking brand strives for perfection.

  Summary: The first impression of the design of this Piaget watch is elegance and luxury. The ultra-thin case with superb ultra-thin movement, in general, this is a watch with excellent appearance and practicality. It is a very good choice for women who seek both beauty and comfort. . This watch is currently discontinued, and interested friends can consult the local Piaget watch store. The current domestic price of this watch is 440,800 yuan.