Continuing The Traditional Essence Of Railway Timepieces: Ball Watch Trainmaster Cleveland Night Express

The creation of BALL Watch unified the time of American Railways. In order to praise the brand’s past glorious deeds, the brand used a 8-day kinetic energy storage antique table clock produced around 1930 as the model and launched A series of classic models of Trainmaster Cleveland Express. This year, BALL Watch launched a new Trainmaster Cleveland Night Express model, continuing the traditional essence of the brand’s railway timepieces.
   Cleveland Express used to be the bridge of the New York Central Railroad to connect the busiest city in the United States-New York and Cleveland in the bustling central area at the time, which was the birthplace of BALL Watch. At the beginning of the last century, Cleveland Express traveled to these two great cities many times a day for 50 years.
   Trainmaster Cleveland Night Express manual winding watch, model NM3038D-LL2J-WH, stainless steel case, diameter 44 mm, hours, minutes, small seconds, BALL RR2102 manual winding mechanical movement, waterproof 30 meters, shock resistance through 5,000Gs Impact test, anti-glare sapphire crystal glass, sapphire crystal glass see-through case back, high-quality alligator leather belt with standard pin buckle.
   In the exquisite and slim Trainmaster Cleveland Night Express model, the case is equipped with a Swiss manual winding mechanical movement. Its outstanding accuracy is connected with BALL Watch’s pursuit of precision. The Arabic numerals on the dial reveal the classic essence of an antique table clock. The minute scale is engraved around the dial. The small seconds dial at the six o’clock position contains the most exquisite craftsmanship. The hour scale uses BALL Watch’s self-luminous miniature gas lamp, which takes its unparalleled night reading performance.
   The trainmaster Cleveland Night Express hand-wound watch has 14 self-illuminating miniature gas lights inlaid on the hands and the surface, which is convenient for reading at night.
   The dial features a sunray pattern that reflects dazzling light at any angle. Its simple and elegant design exactly contrasts with the metal numbers, and the Arabic numerals with a thickness of 0.4 mm create a three-dimensional effect on the dial. Although the craftsman encountered many difficulties in the process of metal cutting and grinding, with superb technology and the pursuit of perfection, we were finally able to overcome all difficulties. At six o’clock, the dial is decorated with a small seconds dial, which contains the most exquisite craftsmanship.
   The Trainmaster Cleveland Night Express manual winding watch has a sapphire crystal see-through case back, which allows you to admire the BALL RR2102 manual winding mechanical movement.
   The manually wound BALL RR2102 movement can be seen through the sapphire crystal see-through case back, allowing watch enthusiasts to appreciate the movement’s operation. Inspired by the earliest Ball pocket watches, this model is equipped with an oversized locking crown for easy adjustment of smaller hours and minutes, while also exuding an irresistible retro taste.
   The Trainmaster Cleveland Night Express is paired with a premium alligator leather strap, embodying the traditional essence of BALL Watch railway timepieces. This exquisite watch displays chic and sophisticated charm, without a doubt becoming the latest accessory indispensable for fashionable men, and pays tribute to the earliest Trainmaster series in 1952. Today, BALL Watch continues to follow the established route of the brand, once again being identified as the leader in the history of watchmaking and modern adventure timepieces.