Diorⅷ Watches

If you know something about Dior’s history, you must know the indissoluble bond between the number ‘8’ and Dior: On October 8, 1946, the Dior Haute Couture Workshop was founded; Dior Fashion Headquarters Located on Avenue Montaign in the 8th arrondissement of Paris; Dior’s first Haute Couture collection is called ‘enhuit’ (French 8) ‘8’ represents a date, an address, a series, and even a collection of glamour, sexy and femininity Kind of people. At this year’s Basel watch exhibition, this number that has been given a lot of meanings, of course, jumped to Dior’s dial.
    The designer fully incorporated the inspiration of ‘New Look’ designed by Mr. Dior in the 1940s and 1950s. As Dior watch president Laurence Nicolas said, ‘Pyramid-cut black high-tech precision ceramics and slender tapered hour markers can all see the shadow of Mr. Dior’s’ slim fit. ‘
    On this watch, ‘8’ is designed as an 8-point time scale in the form of Roman numerals, and it is matched with pyramid-shaped high-tech precision ceramics. The overall elegance is luxurious and fresh. In China, from ancient times to the present, 8 is the same as ‘fa’, which is also loved by the Chinese people, from the number plate with ‘8’, mobile phone number, to the floor of the house, room number, and so on. The luck, auspiciousness and good meaning it contains have the same meaning as Dior.
    From this perspective, Dior’s integration of this lucky number into outstanding works is undoubtedly a gift for watch buyers.