Do Not Forget Your Heart! Toyota And Blancpain Are Number One In The World And The Purest Persistence!

The word ‘don’t forget the beginning of heart’ originally came from the Tang Dynasty Bai Juyi’s ‘Painting of the First Life of Maitreya’: ‘So you don’t forget the beginning of your heart, but you will always do it.’ In the end, he will definitely realize his original wish. For entrepreneurs, what is the ‘initial intention’ of entrepreneurship? This has been a controversial topic. Some people start a business to make a fortune, some to make a living, some to dream, some start a business just to do one thing, and so on. At the beginning of entrepreneurship, I believe that entrepreneurs have their own ‘initial intentions’. Unfortunately, the temptations and setbacks encountered on the road to entrepreneurship are also different. It is very difficult to adhere to the ‘initial intentions’. Things. In the automotive industry, Toyota is currently the world’s largest car brand. If you must find a car to represent Toyota, the first thing I think of is Corolla. The reason is also very simple, because Corolla is currently the single model with the highest cumulative sales on the planet, and even entered the Guinness Book of Records. Globally, for the time being, no opponent who can truly challenge this model has been found. Since the debut of the Guangzhou Auto Show last year, the new generation of Corolla with TNGA architecture has been receiving much attention. On August 9 this year, the new generation of Corolla will be officially listed. In addition to a more conceptual and sporty appearance, what surprises the new TNGA architecture can bring to us is also full of expectations. On the already-listed Yize and Asian Dragons of FAW Toyota, we have seen that TNGA-based models have a higher level of safety and control, which also makes models like Asian Dragons currently in the terminal market. ‘Come and sell one’ status quo. Corolla is the third model of TNGA listed by FAW Toyota. All cars are equipped with 8 airbags and TSS intelligent safety system as standard. In terms of safety, it still maintains the same level of leadership. In terms of powertrain, there are 1.2T turbo and 1.8L hybrids to choose from, and the price will also be staggered. It is worth mentioning that the new generation of Corolla will be equipped with a four-wheel independent suspension as standard, which is a major upgrade, and the comfort and handling will be significantly improved. As a global car model, as its slogan says ‘fill the world with love’, Corolla has never accelerated more than 100 kilometers with others, nor has it compared with other people’s wheelbase than space. Instead, it insists on keeping its own products. Do it. From the point of view of the powertrain, whether it is a 1.2T turbocharger or a 1.8L hybrid, it is a very economical and fuel-efficient choice, especially for the hybrid power system. In actual experience, the fuel consumption per 100 kilometers is less than 5L, which can really be achieved. One tank of oil is more than 1,000 kilometers. In terms of daily maintenance and second-hand car residual value rate, Corolla’s stable quality and failure rate are also very low in the same level. Coupled with Toyota’s own brand power, the performance of the second-hand car market is very strong, which should be regarded as A virtuous circle. In my opinion, Corolla is a family car that adheres to the ‘initial heart’, and some people on the Internet like to call it ‘grocery shopping cart’. Economy, fuel economy, sufficient space, stability and reliability, and super value preservation are all his labels. Maybe you will find a better model than Corolla from some dimensions, but you can continue to perfect the needs of the family to improve and meet the ‘hard needs’ of the vast majority of families, which is the only rule that Corolla models can dominate for many years. If Corolla’s success is based on insight into the ‘initial intention’ of family cars, she insists on it. Then, as the oldest watch brand in the world at present, Blancpain, what are they insisting on? If you want to see the purest watches, you must not miss the classic collection of Blancpain. In fact, about the classic series, many top watch brands with a long history, such as Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, Breguet, etc. have similar series. This series basically has one thing in common: a simple dial, a three-pin design, and a crocodile leather strap. This is what I think is the ‘purest watch’, or the original look of a watch. Blancpain’s classic series 6651 is the watch I prefer. The classic three large needle design, the hollow willow needle, the end of the second hand and the brand’s classic ‘JB’ letters. The white big fire enamel is the highest craft of enamel. On behalf of, the white is rich in texture, and the white gold Roman letters use claw setting technology. Although there is no luminous function, this is the purest beauty and the purest watch. In terms of movement, the self-produced Cal.1151 movement can provide a power reserve of 100 hours, and it is also at the absolute leading level among the top watches. Through the back, the golden pendulum is recognizable at a glance. Although it is significantly more high-profile than the 18K gold pendulum that is “intentionally made gray” with the same door now, it is a watch brand with a brand history of nearly 300 years. Pure craftsmanship that should be upheld. Blancpain is currently the longest surviving watch brand in his history. In his history, he has always insisted on making mechanical watches, so that we can now experience the top-level watchmaking crafts full of history. This pure insistence and Toyota’s ‘origin’ of making Corolla actually have ‘the same magic.’ When Blancpain was affectionately called ‘Tiandi Conscience’ by watch-players, a new generation of Corolla will be officially listed on August 9th, and the ‘Tiandi Conscience Car’ that can truly meet the needs of global household consumers is coming !! (Text / Qiu Xiaozheng)