Earl’s Family Creative Awards Honor Plus

The authoritative “Watch of the Year” award ceremony, under the auspices of Montres Passion, a Swiss French magazine affiliated with the Ringier Group, presented the award to outstanding watch brands to reward them for their watches of the year Creativity and innovation, and brand image. Piaget shines at the award ceremony and wins the ‘Watchmaking Campaign of the Year’ film / digital category award with its Dragon & Phoenix series.

     In 2012, the year of the Chinese Dragon, the Dragon is undoubtedly the highlight that cannot be ignored. In order to show the noble style of the divine beast to the best of his ability, the earl conceived and designed a collection of more than 20 poetic and precious creations, and used this series to strengthen several rare craftsmanship techniques. In the Dragon and Phoenix series, Piaget mobilized more than 40 professionals with great fanfare to give the symbolic dragon and phoenix the vitality that spans myth and reality. Gold is delicately carved or engraved, and the use of champlevé, miniature enamel and grand feu enamel firing methods is more widely used, which reflects the elegant aesthetics of classical arts and crafts dedicated to watchmaking. In order to give this series the unique agility and vitality, the Piaget family and Le Truc conceived and created a new story representing the legend of the dragon and the phoenix. Coupled with the stringed dragons and phoenixes dancing lightly, the blurred animals in the mythological world have given life-like vitality to their watch creations with exhilarating exquisiteness and simplicity.
     The leadership of the Ringier Group pays tribute to the film’s ‘strong storytelling’ and ‘excellent creativity’. The Dragon and Phoenix series is a film worth watching with 3D stereo imaging technology, so that you can fully experience the artistic depth of Piaget’s wonderful world.