Elegant Style: The New Portofino Series From Iwc

For more than a quarter of a century, the Portofino watch family has always played an important role in the Schaffhausen IWC series. This series of watches is not only an entry to explore the unique watch art of IWC, but also a classic symbol of elegance. Just like the beautiful port town of Portofino, it is a portrayal of the beautiful life in the 1960s. The simplest Portofino watches show the beauty of the world.
The picturesque harbour town is the inspiration for the Schaffhausen IWC Portofino watch series, hence the name. In 1984, the first Portofino watch made its grand debut, which is the crystallization of pocket watch and watch design and technology. This watch is not only perfect and difficult to counterfeit, but also a subtle blend of minimalist style and rare beauty. In other words, it is a watch that brings a better life.
The original Portofino watch has a diameter of 46 mm. It is not only equipped with a moon phase display (model 5251), but also equipped with a slim 9521 pocket watch movement, which often makes it the focus of attention. In addition, its simple and neat design shows a calm and calm temperament. The unique style of the watch is based on the classic IWC classic men’s watch that was popular in the 1950s, and then continues its success legend in the name of Portofino. Since 1984, Schaffhausen IWC has continued to make Portofino models, and each modification is extremely low-key and restrained. Like the Portofino manual-winding watch introduced in 1993, its style has always been very distinctive. The spatial success of this watch series proves that introverted style and classic style watches outperform the ephemeral fashion trend and will always be popular.

Schaffhausen IWC introduced the new Portofino series, which consists of four models, each with a distinctive personality.
The Cypress Portofino hand-wound eight-day power reserve watch (model 5101) pays tribute to a fine tradition dating back 25 years.
The Terraporta dual time zone watch (model 3610) has a low-key 24-hour display on the upper part of the dial, which accurately reminds travelers of the time of departure.

累计 The watch with cumulative chronograph function is an indispensable member of the Portofino watch family. The Portofino chronograph (model 3910) subtly combines sports style and classic temperament.
I created the Portofino Automatic (model 3565) for those who love elegant sports watches. Each function display and control part is carefully considered and carefully integrated into this dynamic chronograph watch.