Enlightenment From Seagulls ‘victory’ Omega

The annual Swiss International Basel Watch & Jewellery Show is the world’s top event. On March 10, the Intellectual Property Committee of the Organizing Committee made a ruling on the infringement of the trademark infringement of Omega Switzerland by China Seagull Watch, and found that the logo used by Seagull Watch at this exhibition did not infringe the Omega registered trademark.
This time, the ‘base’ presented by Omega was two trademarks registered by the company: ‘OMEGACO-AXIAL’ and ‘CO-AXIAL3’, and complained to Seagull for infringement of the term ‘CO-AXIAL’. However, the Seagull Group believes that ‘CO-AXIAL’ is a modified adjective describing the technology of the product and the structure of the tourbillon movement. It is a description of the product, so it has nothing to do with the trademark, and has issued via the Internet, encyclopedia, English dictionary, etc. Query results for that word.
Erhaigull’s victory in this case is very significant for Chinese companies. In recent years, intellectual property has become a huge ‘barrier’ for Chinese companies to ‘go out to sea.’ In particular, many companies have succumbed to intellectual property lawsuits, not only paying huge compensations, but more importantly, huge losses. market share.
Not only at overseas exhibitions, but also at some domestic exhibitions, cases of infringement of intellectual property rights have attracted more and more attention, especially as in the Canton Fair, the industry and commerce departments have received increasing complaints of trademark infringement cases year by year. . Compared with foreign intellectual property rights holders, domestic companies generally have a weak awareness of intellectual property protection. The phenomenon of arbitrary authorization, inadequate authorization, and passive anti-counterfeiting is more serious. Even if they have been accused of infringement, they will often adopt the ‘ostrich policy’ and miss the maintenance Good time for your own rights. This time the ‘Seagull’ has undoubtedly given us a good demonstration. Only by actively responding to the lawsuit can we protect our rights and interests.
At the same time, we should also see that some companies have infringed on the intellectual property rights of others under ‘unconscious’ circumstances. When their own companies invested a lot of human, material and financial resources to develop products, and then put them into production, they found that The patent for the product is already in the hands of others. In fact, there are relevant searches at all stages of the R & D and production process. In this way, you can know whether your research and development has infringed on the intellectual property rights of others in the first time, and avoid affecting your own corporate image and corporate development.
The financial crisis has shown us that if we only rely on the advantages of labor prices, we can get good profits for a while, but this is very fragile. Only by owning core intellectual property rights can we withstand the ups and downs of the market. Only by relying on our own intellectual property rights to expand and strengthen our enterprises can we be invincible in market competition.