Female Charm Andering Time

Omega Celebrity Ambassador Zhang Ziyi and Supermodel Cuckoo are wearing Omega classic women’s watches at the scene, showing unique feminine charm

 Omega ‘montre agrafe’ pin watch, showing Art Deco design style

 Omega ‘Tubogas’ Gas Pipe Watch, 18K Red Gold

Omega ‘Flower’ flower concealed dial female watch, made of 18K yellow gold, designed by the famous designer Jean Haux of Artbijoux in Geneva

 Omega ‘Tank’ Tank Stealth Dial Watch, 18K Yellow Gold Bracelet Resembles Tank Tracks

Breguet’s ‘Naples’, Omega’s ‘Constellation’, Cartier’s ‘Tank’ … whenever we speak of these famous classic women’s watches, they can often be clearly distinguished with only one glance. These classic women’s watches, just like the pearl in the long river of time, are still beautiful after years of baptism.

A few days ago, with the grand opening of Omega’s southwestern flagship store in Vientiane City, Chengdu, Omega brought more than 130 museum watch collections, bringing a classic women’s watch exhibition “female charm through time” to Southwest consumers The unique female watch style that Omega has led since the end of the 19th century.

This year is the 118th year that Omega has entered the Chinese market. As the brand’s most well-known and well-known classic women’s watch styles, the new Omega Constellation series models have appeared in Chengdu at the same time. Omega brand celebrity ambassador Zhang Ziyi and supermodel Cuckoo also came to the scene to cut ribbons for new stores and new products with Omega Global President Okehua and Omega China Vice President Yang Ye.

Omega exhibited several classic women’s watches in its century-old watchmaking history: the ‘Montre agrafe’ pin watch in the Art Deco style in 1929, the female watch with the concealed dial in 1955, and the ‘Tank’ invisible watch in 1957 Watches … A series of works not only tell the evolution of Omega Women’s Watches from pocket watches, wall charts, and pendants to watches, but also show Omega’s innovative design and spark collisions with jewelry masters and artists.

However, no matter what the trend, simplicity and practicality has always been a good idea for ordinary consumers. As Okehua, the global president of Omega, said, simple, classic design and more emphasis on durability are important elements of a female watch. Omega’s constellation series, which has been selling well for more than 60 years, precisely uses this simple and classic design and good quality assurance to fully meet the needs of modern women for watches.

Constellation Series



米 Omega added a golden star-flare logo to its Centenary Centenary dial, and equipped with an automatic chronometer movement, the first constellation watch was launched.


米 Omega released the Constellation Manhattan Watch. In order to ensure the water resistance of the watch, the dial shape was added with four ‘claw’ designs for the first time.

the year 1995

米 Omega began working with celebrity ambassadors, and the joining of Cindy Crawford made the constellation series a well-known ‘Cindy Crawford’s choice’.

Year 2009

米 Omega upgraded the entire Constellation watch series. Improve the design of ‘claw support’, place the constellation star emblem at 6 o’clock on the dial, the dial has more colors and materials to choose from, and all models are waterproof to 100 meters.

year 2013

全新 Omega Constellation series new models released, ‘Claw’ using 18K gold, women’s watches are available in two sizes of 27 mm and 31 mm. This model measures 31 mm. The ‘paw’ of the watch and the hour, minute and second hands are made of the same precious metal, which perfectly echoes the design.