Five Classic Watches For Gentlemen

Since the day of birth, watches have an inextricable relationship with gentlemen. Different watches show different tastes, hobbies and appreciation of gentlemen. The watch itself also looks like a gentleman, with excellent qualities that coincide with the gentlemen. (Bottom left) Breguet Tradition 18K rose gold watch, manual winding movement, power reserve display above and below the surface, sapphire glass case back
(Upper right) Breguet Classique 18K yellow gold watch with automatic movement, white-enamel enamel on the furnace and carved Breguet Arabic numerals and invisible signature
(Bottom right) Breguet CLASSIQUE 7137 watch, ultra-thin self-winding movement, hand-engraved silver-plated gold dial
The true gentleman is restrained and elegant. Just like the big fire enamel, the surface looks undisturbed and bland, and if you play it carefully, you will find that it emits a lustrous luster, which is the result of numerous firings under precise control. Experts define the big fire enamel as an art that requires skill and ingenuity, a game of color and temperature, and a strict double requirement of art and craftsmanship.
Blancpain 18K rose gold pocket watch, big fire enamel dial and hour scale, hand-engraved case back splint
Blancpain 18K Rose Gold Pocket Watch Patek Philippe Aquanaut Collection
Karazhuohua Doji is a symbol of the highest quality. Never follow the trend in order to maintain respect for tradition, innovation in technology, inheritance of technology, and maintain true independence.
Patek Philippe Aquanaut series Ref. 5167 rose gold oversized style; Patek Philippe ‘Calatrava cross’ pattern decoration series Ref. 205.9083 rose gold cufflinks.
Platinum Perpetual Calendar
Hours, minutes, tourbillon, large calendar window display, hour, minute, minute, four hammers, ask the Westminster church bell to tell the time, a small watch contains so much content, it is reasonable to be expensive As it should be. Four hammers and three questions are the most difficult ones in the questionnaire, and the bell of Westminster Church is the highest standard to test the clock of three questions.
Parmigiani Toric Westminster Perpetual Calendar platinum watch, PF256 movement, Hermès custom alligator strap with polished buckle.
Blancpain Hand-Engraved Dial Limited Gold Watch
The warm rose gold case surrounds the sculpted silver-gray dial, which is lined with classic Roman time scales. The simple functions set off the exquisite hand-carved, elegant temperament without too much decoration.
Blancpain hand-engraved dial limited gold watch with hand-engraved writing pen, limited to 70 sets.
Chteau Latour’s oak barrels are perfectly mellow
TeChteau Latour’s oak barrels have a perfect mellow wine red color, giving top wines a rich body of wine. The watch will use more than 200 years of oak barrels as watchmaking materials, injecting the soul and life of winemaking into watch design. The reason why it is mellow must be accumulated over time. Let every minute be based on 200 years of history, not everyone can do it.
(Left) Reflect XL Chteau Latour men’s watch, oak dial from Chteau Latour 2005 wine barrel, each unique oak texture, limited to 100
图 中 (pictured) Parmigiani Tonda 42 Automatic White Gold automatic watch, hour, minute, six o’clock position with chronograph small seconds, calendar window, Hermès custom alligator strap with fine polished polished buckle
(Picture right) DeWitte 18K rose gold watch