Girard-perregaux Becomes Member Of The Jury Of The Geneva Haute Horlogerie Awards

The annual ‘Geneva Haute Horlogerie Awards’ (GPHG for short) is known as the ‘Oscar’ of the fine watchmaking industry, and can be called the highest honor creator in the industry. The 14th Geneva Watch Awards will be held on October 31, 2014 at the Grand Theatre in Geneva.

   This year’s GPHG has more than 300 brands and watchmakers competing to compete for the 12 most prestigious, authoritative and influential awards in the global fine watch industry. With the promotion and development of the fine watchmaking industry, GPHG’s requirements for the review team have become more stringent. This year’s 24 members of the jury are composed of collectors, retailers, experts and professional media from various fields in the world. Among them, with its supreme status and superb craftsmanship in the Swiss watchmaking industry, Swiss watchmakers GP Girard Perregaux was also turned into an expert judge by the biggest winner of the 2013 – Golden Pointer Award, providing a wider range of expertise and independent thinking for the GPHG awards selection process.

GP Girard Perregaux Fine Watchmaking Constant Power Escapement Won 2013 GPHG Gold Hand Awards

   Looking back at the ‘Geneva Haute Horlogerie Awards’ in 2013, GP Girard-Perregaux won the Aiguille d’ Or award for its watchmaking industry’s highest constant gold escapement. The Constant Escapement watch is hailed as ‘the greatest invention after the tourbillon’ and represents the highest achievement in watch accuracy to date. It surpasses the tourbillon, homogenizes multiple oscillators with a differential, surpasses two resonance effect oscillators, surpasses an oscillator installed in a vacuum environment, and may also surpass a high-vibration movement. GP Girard Perregaux’s constant-power escapement is the first watch that truly achieves direct control over the quality of the heart beat.

   All escapements revolve around a core ultimate goal, which is precision. For a movement, there are too many interlocking factors that affect the performance of precision. It simply transmits power from the barrel to the pendulum. In terms of wheel stability, the constant power device has been an important key used to assist in adjusting the escapement transmission power since ancient times. The mainspring is the power source of a movement. The torque when the mainspring is fully tightened is different from that when it is half-tight or nearly loose. Therefore, the power performance of the entire movement is transmitted to the escapement according to the drive train Dynamic conditions have changed drastically, and this dynamic instability has been one of the difficulties in watchmaking for the past five hundred years.

   The so-called constant power escapement is mainly used to solve the problem of uneven energy output. When the watch is fully chained, the power output performs better, but when the power is gradually weakened, its torque to the wheel train will be Decrease, so that all the connected gear trains from the barrel to the next will become weaker in operating performance, which will also cause the balance amplitude to decrease. No matter how the escapement structure has changed in the past, the body has not deviated from tradition. Only Girard-Perregaux’s constant dynamic escapement has broken the established model and concept, which is definitely a big step in the watch industry.

Girard Perregaux esmirada three golden bridge tourbillon pocket watch celebrates 125th anniversary of Paris World Expo

   History is strikingly similar. 125 years ago, on September 29, 1889, Girard-Perregaux was also awarded the supreme honor of the time-the World Expo Gold Medal for its remarkable achievements in the tourbillon escapement. The reason why the three-gold bridge tourbillon pocket watch named ‘Esmirada’ was not only the breakthrough three-gold bridge structure gave the tourbillon artistic beauty, but also the three-gold bridge tourbillon No one can match the accuracy of a pocket watch, and even for a long time no record can be broken.

   Time has passed quietly for 125 years, history goes up and down, and tide turns. GP Girard Perregaux’s innovation has never stopped.