Golden Light Shine Tasting Breguet 3357ba/12/986 Watch

Many brands have been abandoned and fragmented by the tide of history. But there is always a brand that stands upright in many waves. This is Breguet. Breguet has a lot of superiority that other brands cannot match. Originated from France’s pure blood, it stands out in the watch industry. Official model: 3357BA / 12/986

 In the watch industry, Breguet’s uniqueness makes it the best watch brand, but also a brand that is not recognized by many people. In the charm of the watch itself, Breguet has conquered the world with its unique charm. Many watch enthusiasts and experts have won a lot of professional awards and recognition. Let us take a look at this watch together, the official model: G3357BA12986

 On the side, this watch is a very good choice for many watch enthusiasts, but it seems a bit difficult to control for junior enthusiasts. The complicated dial makes many fantasy.

 The crown is in line with Breguet’s usual characteristics. It adopts the design of LOGO, which not only shows the quality, but also gives you a sense of security brought by the brand. The unique charm makes it last forever.

 The strap is made of light brown crocodile leather. The light coloring process requires many layers to cover, and the moist feeling is very strong. It is very comfortable to wear, and the leather is breathable, as is the strap of this watch.

 There is a mysterious feeling on the side without the crown, as if I always want to see what is happening in the dial. This thickness is full of Breguet’s wisdom for the movement creation. It’s eye-catching.

 The buckle uses a folding buckle design, which looks more beautiful. The elegant Breguet handles the folding buckle very carefully, and the use of the coin pattern highlights its noble quality.

 The lugs of this watch are relatively straight, so that the charm of its large dial can be manifested, and the relatively short lugs make people feel delicate and more comfortable in terms of wearing.

 Why is this a Breguet watch worth buying, because this watch meets all Breguet characteristics, from the coin pattern to the fisheye needle, to the use of the tourbillon in the dial, are full of Breguet elements.

 The penetrating design adopts the style of Breguet more than 30 years ago, and the meticulous hand-carving process makes this watch full of luxury. Perhaps only Breguet can maintain this tradition.

Summary: This watch is made of precious metal materials, and its luxury craftsmanship is not lost to any other luxury brand. Today, with the acceleration of consumer concept innovation, it is a very wise choice to be able to choose a retro Breguet watch. Because Breguet keeps improving while keeping improving. Official model: 3357BA / 12/986; Reference price: 802,300 yuan
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