Hamilton Military Watch Theme Tour Toughly Debuted In Zhengzhou Jinbo University

The first stop of the national tour of the theme of ‘Mutually Dare To Do’ Hamilton, from May 3 to 12 at Zhengzhou Dashang Xinmarte Jinbo Store, Khaki pilot, Khaki navy pioneer, etc The tough watch is all unveiled. There, you can find the ‘elaborate’ watch, and also ignite the ‘dare to do’ heart.

 ‘Dare to act carefully’ is a brand new watch concept brought to consumers by HAMITLON, a famous watch brand with a history of more than 120 years. And as your partner — Hamilton watches, the same is true, the use of top Swiss craftsmanship to create accurate and reliable watches, using American watch culture to express boldness and freedom.

This distinctive watch concept is derived from Hamilton’s legendary watchmaking history. During World War II, Hamilton ceased civilian production and made all-out military watches. It produced more than one million sea, air, and air force timepieces, assembled US forces and other Allied forces, and achieved outstanding achievements. -Navy E Awards ‘.

The ‘fine’ of military watches

 During the Second World War, when electronics were underdeveloped, timers were vital equipment for the military. For example, the navigation work of the naval fleet is susceptible to interference and monitoring by radio. It needs to rely on precise marine astronomical timers (ship clocks) and mechanical instruments such as sextants to perform calculations according to astronomical phenomena. The accuracy of the timers is directly related to the operations of the fleet Capability and security. Hamilton has manufactured nearly 10,000 ‘zero error’ marine astronomical clocks that have withstood many harsh marine environments such as bumps, temperature changes, and strong magnetic fields. The same is true of military watches for other purposes, which show extreme precision and durability under limited manufacturing budgets. These outstanding qualities have continued to this day and have become the basic principles of Hamilton watchmaking.

The Dare of Military Watches

 Military equipment has no fancy appearance, everything is designed to be practical and durable, the lines are rough and tough, and the dial is simple and clear. Under the simple appearance, there is great courage and responsibility hidden in it. With reliable equipment, you can go forward. Today’s Hamilton watches give you exactly this feeling. The high-tech materials and modern watchmaking technology interpret the tough masculine inherited from military watches into a personality and atmospheric design style. Refusing to symbolize and dare to be different is the spiritual pursuit of urban elites, and also the reason for choosing Hamilton.

 ‘Dare’ is not a temporary impulse. It requires a persistent belief. It also requires ‘fine’ mental preparation and self-improvement. The Hamilton watch combines precision and reliable craftsmanship with the courage to design freely. Put it on and take the first step of your ‘careful courage’.

 Aviation military watch design, 42mm stainless steel case, tough and masculine, equipped with H31 Hamilton self-calibration, power reserve up to 60 hours, allowing the watch to run even after weekends in complete idle conditions, is busy and efficient Urban elite intimate partner.