Heavy! Chanel Invests In Independent Watch Brand Fp.Journe!

According to montres-de-luxe, French high fashion brand Chanel Chanel has recently acquired a 20% stake in the famous independent watch brand FP.Journe. FP Journe @ ACM FP.Journe (commonly known as ‘June’ in Chinese) was founded by Mr. FP.Journe in 1999. FP.Journe is not the Swiss we imagined. He is from France. At the age of 14, he studied at a French watchmaking school, and after graduating in 1976, he entered his uncle’s watch repair workshop. In the 8 years of the studio, because the platform is very good (after all, uncles), FP.Journe has the opportunity to contact a large number of guests to bring antique clocks for maintenance, repair, appreciation, especially such types as Breguet, George Daniels The work of leading watchmaking figures has laid a very important foundation for his 40-year watchmaking career. Because of the unique aesthetic design and strong independent research and development capabilities of the movement, it is undoubtedly one of the most successful independent watchmaking brands in the past 19 years, with an annual output of about 1,000 pieces. The FP.Journe tourbillon @ ACMFP.Journe brand will introduce external investment, and there have been related rumors. After all, running a watch brand requires not only strong financial support, but also professional business talent. And it is not the first time that Chanel, a well-known French high fashion brand, is involved in watches. In 1987, Chanel first introduced watch works. Even in 1998, it invested in the new watch brand Bell & Ross and held a controlling stake in 2002. FP.Journe HH watches @Hodinkee and Chanel’s acquisition of shares in independent watch brand FP.Journe is not without any clue. Last year, FP.Journe announced the release of Chronomètre watches, which were launched with Holland & Holland, an old British outdoor sports brand. To put it simply, it is to remove the small second hand that was originally at the seven o’clock position and replace it with a new dial. The change of the dial is the most special. To this end Holland & Holland found two barrels produced in 1868 and 1882, melted and re-forged it into Damascus steel, and made the dial because of the difference in chemical composition. Different steels will show different patterns after reheating, twisting and forging. Damascus steel is usually black and silver, but this time FP.Journe is made brown, and the dial looks like coffee with milk. Holland & Holland has smelted two barrels to make 66 such special dials, so the watch is also limited to 66 pieces, with a 39mm steel case, priced at about RMB 300,000. Here Holland & Holland is actually the company that Chanel acquired in 1996. FP.Journe Resonance Watch @ACM 香奈儿 acquired the shares of independent watch brand FP.Journe, and now watch friends have expressed concern, after all, external capital forces have entered. However, according to the previous situation, the future of FP.Journe may not be as ‘commercial’ as everyone fears. First of all, Chanel itself is a privately held company, and there is no urgent demand for short-term returns from listed companies. Second, the Wertheimer brothers, Chanel’s current controllers, are known for their respect and non-intervention in the investee. Bell & Ross was acquired for 16 years, and its brand style has not changed. In the end, the FP.Journe brand only sold 20% of the shares and still retained absolute control. Of course, Chanel’s acquisition of shares in independent watch brand FP.Journe will definitely promote deep cooperation between the two brands. It is worth looking forward to that Chanel is likely to absorb the strong R & D and production capabilities of FP.Journe and launch more brand-specific products. Prior to this, Chanel’s basic regular movements were outsourced from ETA and Sellita, and the high-end tourbillon models came from the Audemars Piguet APRP Advanced Movement Studio for Richard Mille.