Hollow Watch A Window To Observe The Subtle Beauty

Hollow watch symbolizes the watchmaker’s self-confidence in the aesthetics of the movement. The structure of the mechanical watch is completely exposed to the viewer, combining the tough style of mechanical metal and the refined romantic feelings. , As if entering a wonderful micro-world. Hollow watches require watchmakers to carefully polish every detail of the movement. The energy expended is by no means comparable to ordinary watches. Collecting hollow watches requires more than just money, it is a long wait. Next, I will introduce several hollow watches for everyone.
Patek Philippe Complication Chronograph 5180 / 1G-001 White Gold Men’s Watch

 This watch uses an ultra-thin self-winding hollow-out mechanical movement with a thickness of 2.53 millimeters. A 22K gold mini-rotor is mounted on the movement substrate. The complex and beautiful carved patterns show the extraordinary production process of Patek Philippe. The see-through hole uses the brand logo Calatrava cross star pattern to express the brand culture in the details.
Vacheron Constantin Malte 30067 / 000R-8954 skeleton tourbillon watch

 The barrel-shaped case of the Maltese series can be described as the classic image of the brand, and the configuration of the hollow and tourbillon makes this watch a more classic level. The skeletal movement has a moving beauty every second. The Maltese cross of the tourbillon tells you clearly its name-VACHERON CONSTANTIN.
Blancpain Villeret 6633-1500-55B manual winding skeleton watch

 This is one of the most beautiful watches in the eyes of Xiaobian, and it seems to have been on the cover of many watch magazines. Does this represent everyone’s affirmation of this watch? The movement is equipped with a titanium balance wheel, a winding spring and three barrels connected in series, ensuring a power reserve of up to eight days. The 38 mm diameter case is made of white gold with a built-in hollow movement, exquisite decoration and exquisite carving. It is clearly visible through the sapphire crystal mirror and the case back, as if dancing in the air.
Audemars Piguet Millenary Millennium 26354OR.ZZ.D088CR.01 Chalcedony Chalcedony Tourbillon Watch

 The skeletonized movement is matched with a chalcedony motherboard with a diamond-set rose gold outer ring, which is slim and gorgeous. After chamfering, bright surface polishing, straight-line polishing, and matte polishing, it has a soft finish.
Piaget Altiplano G0A37132 skeleton ultra-thin watch

 This watch uses the world’s thinnest mechanical movement, only 2.40 mm thick, and various details are used in the decoration: the main splint is decorated with frosted sun radiation pattern, the gear set is decorated with frosted ring decoration and solar radiation , Engraved with the Earl’s family crest, matte brushed sun radiation decorative decorative bridge and so on. In terms of visual effects, this watch does not seem as gorgeous as the previous ones, but its thin selling point also makes it one of the skeleton watches worthy of remembering by the editors.
 Since the hollowing out and carving processes are all done by hand, there will be slight differences between each watch, which makes each watch unique in the world. Would you like to pay for this unique one?