Hubo Launched 12 Male Boxer Watches

Hublot began its partnership with the World Boxing Council (WBC) with a series of 12 unique watches, each dedicated to one of the world’s greatest boxers: Lennox Lewis (Lenox-Lewis), Julio Cesar Chavez, Mike Tyson, Sugar Ray Leonard, George Foreman Herman), Marvelous Marvin Hagler, Tommy Harns, Roberto Duran, Oscar de la Hoya, Oscar de la Hoya Asia), Evander Holyfield (Evand-Hollyfield), Jeff Fenech (Jeff Fenech) and Larry Holmes (Larry Holmes).
    The watches were auctioned before a special event planned from June to September this year, which will bring together these legendary boxers to compete in the same stage and raise funds for the charity work of the federation.
Hublot and WBC launch 12 boxer watches
    The proceeds of the watch auction will be donated to the charity work of the World Boxing Council, and the winner of the auction will attend the September event with the boxers represented by the watches they photographed. Hublot and WBC launch 12 boxer watches
    Hublot was born in 1980. It is the first Swiss top watch brand to combine precious metals and natural rubber as raw materials. Its birth, whether in terms of watchmaking materials or the unique aesthetic concepts interpreted by watches, is in the watch industry. All have set off a revolution. In 2004, Jean-Claude Beaver, one of the few legendary figures who could engrave the name in the history of Swiss watchmaking, took over Hublot, and used the Big Bang series that subverted the watchmaking industry to make Hublot sing all the way, at the same time Also announced the arrival of the revival era of Hublot.