I Didn’t Specifically Hold The Tag Heya

The popularity of low-priced, high-specification diving watches has risen all the way in the past two years. Ceramic rings and water-resistant depths of more than 300 meters have previously been the symbol of high specifications. They can now be bought for about 10,000 yuan. This situation It will also cause some cousins ​​to be plagued by the price comparison. The original budget could be tens of thousands, and after seeing many new products from low-end and mid-end brands, they became confused for a while. It seems that the same situation will continue to intensify this year, and the battlefield may extend outward from the diving watch. Various high-end materials and technologies in the past may now start at affordable prices that were unimaginable before. Years will be rewarded as a result. This is the development of industrial technology. It was the most expensive when it first came out, but with the increase in production, the popularization of related knowledge, and the initial R & D and equipment costs gradually recovered, the price of this technology will become cheaper and cheaper until it becomes Standard specifications that everyone can afford. This is the case, but for the cousin who started at the most expensive time, it is embarrassing. People around you comfort you ‘buy early and enjoy early, before it is cheap enough for everyone to use it, you have already taken the lead It took me a few more years ‘, but the high-end watches that I bought for a lot of money at the beginning, and now I have a bad street, no emotion in my heart is deceiving. This is true for consumers, as well as for watch factories. For the brands that first introduced some new technology, when this technology that once allowed them to walk and take the wind is no longer rare, then how to maintain their own advantages in the future will become To their biggest problem. The first option is to continue to refine the technology and do something that low-end brands that also use this technology cannot do-for example, the same ceramic ring, Rolex and OMEGA hollowed out the scale numbers and plated them inside Tricks such as platinum and liquid metal are not learned from other cheap diving watches. The second option is to open a new battlefield and continue to look for other high-tech. Everyone uses PVD to make DLC, and DLC is not very powerful. There are ceramics, carbon fiber, and sapphire crystal. Anyway, the function of mechanical watches is back to the previous one. The century has already been developed almost. If you only pay attention to dazzling skills, the solution will always come up. Do you think this situation is healthy? I don’t think it can be called healthy, but many industries have been creating demand rather than satisfying it, so it is understandable to take this path, but in the meantime, there are still a few that we can do better and let the future Things that don’t seem so stupid when you think about it are worth noting. First of all, you need to hone your eyesight and learn to judge good and bad. Also, the quality of the bezel made of ceramics is absolutely different from that of low-end brands. It’s better than some cheap ceramic circles, and instead of the beautiful text written on the superstitious product manuals, it is better to learn to understand the real connection between price and value. Then again, the brand itself is not honest enough. When new technology comes out, it must be more expensive, but is it really that expensive? It’s hard to say in the middle. A watch factory that spent money on research and development and bought equipment. In the early stage, there is absolutely a cost to be recovered. It is a bit expensive to sell, but do n’t blow the bubble too much. Sell as much as you want. Otherwise, a few years later. He broke his own foot when broken. Isograph of carbon hairspring is not easy to make, Hollow carbon hairspring needs to be burned first, Then, amorphous carbon is poured into it, It feels more troublesome than silicon hairsprings. For example, this year’s TAG Heuer is quite sincere. Their newly developed carbon hairspring Isograph is based on the past, it’s expensive for two or three years. In addition to the earliest tourbillon, new technologies were popularized into ordinary movements at once. For example, the Autaria watch with a ceramic ring and copper price in mainland China was priced at 31,500 yuan. It is also said that TAG Heuer has not produced much for user experience, and it has been promoted to the main watch series for more than a year. In my opinion, testing the maturity of new technologies can’t just be handed to consumers at the top of the pyramid. The masses can afford them, and then participate together, which is more conducive to brand development. Do not ask for powder, just talk about the public number of the watch