Innovative Epic Pioneer Cartier Presents A New ‘sculpture Time’ Short Film

As a ‘pioneer of creative watchmaking’, Cartier has written the most touching legend in the history of watchmaking. On September 28, 2014, Cartier will present a new short film ‘ShapeYourTime ™’, which interprets masculinity from a unique perspective. In just 90 seconds, the audience will be deeply immersed in the Cartier Time Tunnel: from the initial creation to the contemporary classics to the latest concept watches that show the future of watchmaking. This is a time-honored journey of innovation that goes deep into the mysteries of watchmaking, driven by the operation of gears and machinery.

  The director of the film, Bruno Aveillan, fought Cartier’s short film L’ Odyssée de Cartier in 2012. This time, the brand’s iconic cheetah is the main character again, which reflects the strength, personality and passion represented by cheetah. Whether it’s a wild cheetah or a mechanical cheetah, they have fully demonstrated Cartier’s professional watchmaking skills, as well as the audacity, passion and endless creativity behind it.

  Innovative, creative, powerful, and legendary, this new short film vividly shows Cartier’s vigorous vitality and full of creativity since 1847. As a pioneer in the watchmaking industry, Cartier has never ceased to innovate in the history of more than 160 years, shaping the world of watchmaking as it is seen today.

  As early as the early 20th century, the three Cartier brothers dared to challenge tradition and break stereotypes. In 1904, Louis Cartier created a watch with integrated strap and case for flight pioneer Albert Santos-Dumont, and it was also the first watch in a truly modern sense. The industry has opened up a whole new path. In 1912, Cartier, who was constantly seeking to break through the limits, created the first mysterious clock, known as the ‘miracle in the history of watches and clocks.’ Throughout the brand’s history of innovation and pioneering spirit, Cartier has created many unique and unprecedented watch shapes. From the tonneau watch Tonneau in 1906, to the Tortue turtle watch in 1912, and the rectangular watch Tank in 1917, Cartier cleverly used traditional watchmaking elements to create its own unique style, so Known as ‘master of styling watches’.

  Today, this spirit still leads Cartier. Including nine high-quality watchmaking movements that have won the Geneva Quality Mark, more than 30 workshop-made movements embody Cartier’s exquisite watchmaking craftsmanship, as well as the iconic and unique innovative concept. Exploring new areas, discovering unknowns, challenging the limitations of watchmaking, and motivating forward, Cartier has shaped the future of time through the concept watches of the ID series.

  Cartier Time Journey is an ode to the past, present and future, to all explorers, trailblazers and doers. The new short film ‘Sculpture Time’ is a message to contemporary men: like the founders of the Cartier brand, they are pioneering, visionary, creative, and passionate, affecting the future of the world … The future, just like today and yesterday, The history of contemporary watchmaking will continue to be written, creating a never-ending legend.

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