Inspiring Details Panerai Luminor 1950 Series Selection Guide

In the last episode, we mainly introduced the selection guide for Panerai’s Radiomi series watches, but I believe that 90% of the fans are still more interested in Luminor with crown protection. In the series, everyone agrees that only those who have a bridge are called Panerai. This feature has become Panerai’s DNA, so many people have not seen the watch, and they are already excited to see this bridge. Since the Luminor family is relatively large, in this episode, we will first introduce some accessible models in the Luminor 1950 series for you to choose from.

   As we all know, the two major families of Panerai are Radiomir and Luminor, but we only think that the difference between the two is only the difference between the crown and the bridge, which is very wrong. In fact, the evolution from Radiomir to Luminor has also gone through a very long time. a process. In fact, in 1950, Luminor completely completed the evolution from Radiomir. At that time, the Luminor model was unique because of its crown bridge. The linear lugs became straight ears and were integrally cast with the case, which improved the overall strength of the watch, and the appearance continued the Radiomir 1940 model. The cushion-shaped case and the flat, wide bezel, especially the back, the transition between the straight lugs and the pillow-shaped case makes the overall texture of the case very layered, which is why so many people are obsessed with 1950 This is the origin of the modern Luminor 1950 series.

historic version

   Similarly, Panerai still divides the Luminor 1950 series into historical and modern versions. I will first talk about the historical version. The historical version has 44 mm and 47 mm diameters. To be honest, I do n’t recommend this series. The 47 mm size, because this series uses straight lugs, so if a friend with a thinner wrist wears it, the lugs will burst out of your wrist and look very abrupt (this is why I like Radiomir). Although the 44 mm size can fit a wider range of people, the 44 mm models of this series are all more complicated chronograph models, so from the approachable point of view, we still look for 47 mm models.
   This series of 47 mm watches has a total of 4 models are 372, 422, 423 and this year’s left-handed 557, all movements are Panerai’s own P3000 movement. I recommend 422 of these 4 models. The reason is very simple. In addition to the 1950 points for the Luminor family, there are also Base and Marina points. The difference between the two is that Marina’s 9 o’clock is the small second hand and Base is the number 9. I have always been inclined to Marina, because I think it is quite comfortable to see the beloved watch through the small second hand, and the 372 is only two large hands, but if some friends have a 372 resin sheet (resin watch (Mirror) I have a cold, so it’s okay to choose it. The important thing is that I like it, but what I want to remind is that the resin sheet is really not scratch resistant.

   The latest 557 is exactly the right-hand version of 372, which is also a resin table mirror. Although the left-handed watch has a personality, it is a niche. As for 422 and 423, we know from the naming that they are twin brothers. One can be displayed on the dial and the other is on the movement. Regarding where the can be displayed, I believe most people should like to be on the movement. In this way, it will not disturb the traditional style of Panerai dials, but it will also be low-key and restrained. You can also surprise you when you take off the watch. This red gold needle can not only make the huge box splint full instantly, but also It can also raise the level of sullenness of this watch to another level.

Modern version
   Let’s take a look at the modern version. The biggest feature of the modern version is that the number 9 and the small second hand will be together, but I personally think it will be more elegant alone. All the watches in this version except the tape size are 47 mm, the rest are all 44mm, so if you ca n’t find a suitable watch in the historical version, you must come here to check it out. We still follow the principle of approachability. I recommend 3 watches in this version, which are 312, 351, and 392, which may be In order to echo the purpose of Hyundai, all versions of this version are automatic movements, of which the three models are all equipped with Panerai’s latest P9000 three-day power reserve movement.
   Since the movements are the same, let’s start with the appearance. Let’s look at the 312 and 351. The two watches are all 44 mm in size. The dial layout is also the most traditional classic combination of Panerai. The only difference is 312 is made of stainless steel and 351 is made of titanium alloy. Which kind of material is really a tangled thing to buy. The stainless steel material is very bright and very polished, but the quality is heavy and the material is very common. Titanium alloy is a new type of watchmaking material. It is light-weight and scratch-resistant and reflects Panerai’s latest technical strength. However, because the characteristics of titanium are not suitable for polishing, 351 looks very low-key and not very noticeable.
   Finally, after my careful consideration, I finally found a solution. If you buy 351, you can buy a 388 with it, because 388 is the Radiomir version of 312, so you have steel and titanium, and Luminor. There is Radiomir, if you are worried that these two 388 and 312 movements are the same, there is another solution, is to buy a 312, and then buy a 346, 346 belongs to the Radiomir family, not only titanium alloy material, but also It’s still the 8th chain, and the movement is the famous P2002. Although the price will be a lot more expensive, it will get more.
   After tangling 312 and 351, let’s take a look at 392 again. To be honest, the dial layout of 392 is my favorite. The small seconds dial and calendar without the interruption of the number 9 are simple and refreshing, but also very practical. However, the only disadvantage of this watch is that it is a bit small, only 42 mm. You should know that 42 mm was an authentic large watch a few years ago, and now the size of 42 mm has become the size of a female watch in Panerai. Every man who loves Panerai has noticed that Panerai is not only for you, but also for the majority of women. When you choose a watch for your wife and girlfriend, you must pay attention to this 392.
   In this episode, we mainly introduce the most fascinating Luminor 1950 series. In the next episode, we will introduce the last and most earthly Luminor series of Panerai, so stay tuned … (text / picture watch home Mao Zhuang)