Introduction To Rolex Submariner 16610

Estimated price: 4000-6000 USD
Commission price: USD 5880 (about RMB 40142)
【Year 2003】
Overall description: case diameter 40 mm, thickness 13 mm, total length about 180 mm. Model 16610V, launched in 2003 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the ‘Submarine’ series, sold on December 6, 2003, good condition, central seconds, automatic winding function, waterproof function, stainless steel oyster three-piece case , Polished and frosted, screw-in case back, triple waterproof crown with protective device, one-way rotating green bezel, sapphire crystal, ‘goldfish eye’ date zoom window, black dial, luminous material filled hands Time-of-day marking, minute and seconds scale on the outer circle of the dial, stainless steel folding Rolex buckle, with original box (currently expired), brochure, tag and two bracelets
Movement configuration: 3135 movement, rhodium-plated, fish scale pattern polished decoration, 31 rubies, linear lever escapement, single metal balance wheel with hot and cold isochronism and accurate 5 orientation correction, shock absorbing device, self-compensation without card Du Bois style balance spring, fine adjustment screws, stop-seconds device, dial, case and movement are all signed.
评论 [Review]
The Rolex Submariner was launched in 1953, and its water-resistant depth gradually increased from the original 100 meters to 300 meters today. This 16610V & ldquo; Green Circle & rdquo; was launched by Rolex to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the & # 39; Submarine & rdquo; series. Rolex launched a new generation of ‘Green Circle’ 116610LV this year. The overall ‘Green’ is more thorough, bringing the gold dial that Rolex has not used for a long time back to our field of vision, and let us really see a new The noun & ldquo; green gold & rdquo ;.
The new price is said to be less than 50,000 yuan after the discount, and the 2003 ‘commemorative model’, in the early 40,000 yuan price performance is still tough. It is said that Rolex has begun to use the ‘secret’ blue Parachrom hairspring in the ‘Green Circle’ of this period, which may be one of the important reasons for the price of this watch to be chased all the way up.